This not only helped control her blood pressure, but also her sleeping disorder. From her television debut on Pee-wee’s Playhouse as Reba “the Mail Lady” in 1986 to Chicago P.D as Sharon Goodwin, she has established herself as a veteran. As the actress updates regularly on her social media, never has she mentioned her kids or husband. We Are Giving Away Our Readers Free Gifts Every Week. She raised her career for her outstanding performance on the NBC series, Law& Order. Having a black ethnic background, she recalls sending her childhood in a majority-white neighborhood in Detroit. Further, she is famous for her award-winning performance as Lieutenant Anita Van Buren on the NBC police procedural drama series Law & Order from 1993 to 2010. S. Epatha Merkerson was born in Saginaw, Michigan in the United States of America. Her achievements include; an Emmy Award, Golden Globe Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. This was when she realized she must do something aggressively for her weight loss. Get More Updates In News, Entertainment, Net Worth, and Wikis In eCelebrity Spy. After a decade in marriage, their relationship could not work out. She was awarded the Regulus Award from the Cancer Care organization due to her awareness works on lung cancer. This has dramatically lowered her A1C to 6.2 percent. She began to rise after she landed the lead role in the one-woman play, Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill. This was a police procedural drama whereby she played the recurring role of Anita Van Buren. As of now, she weighs about 65kg. S. Epatha Merkerson's salary from these series has definitely helped increase her total net worth. Fans love S. Epatha Merkerson as hospital administrator “Sharon Goodwin” on NBC’s Chicago Med and as “Lt. As far as health updates are concerned, she has achieved a considerable weight loss. She was raised in Detroit whereby the majority of residents there are white. She and her four older siblings grew up in a Euro-American neighborhood in Detroit. In 2006, she ended her 12 years of marriage by divorcing her husband. Article by, All right reserved. S. Epatha Merkerson has been nominated and won many awards like Golden Globe and Emmy Awards. Later, she grasped the power to lower her risk of mounting the diabetes-related difficulties that her family members had experienced. In 2006, the actress and her husband divorced. She also starred in Lincoln as Lydia Hamilton Smith and Chicago Med as Sharon Goodwin. Sharon Epatha Merkerson was born in Saginaw, Michigan, in 1952. While S. Epatha Merkerson's onscreen character, Lieutenant Anita Van Buren, suffered from cervical cancer, off-screen she was suffering from diabetes. We are not sure whether she got married to another husband or whether she has children. S. Epatha Merkerson Weight Loss Not only for the career she has, but Merkerson is also popular for her never giving up attitude and incredible battle with overweight. Toussaint Louverture Jones Jr. (divorced). Her health was gradually improving until another unhealthy habit chipped in. At the end of that period, she was the longest-serving cast member. American television, film, and stage actress. She also pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theatre at Wayne State University. American actress S. Epatha Merkerson has a fantastic career. Her mother, singlehandedly, raised her after her parents separated when she was five. Miss Epatha graduated from Cooley High School. She then attended Eastern Michigan University as a dance major but later transferred to Indiana University Bloomington. She is the recipient of numerous high-profile accolades along with four honorary doctorate degrees. While she was a smoker for about twenty-three years, she quit smoking after a health scare in the 1990s. Her middle name Epatha comes from a teacher who inspired Merkerson's father to stay in school. S. Epatha Merkerson’s net worth currently stands at $5 million. S. Epatha Merkerson’s educational achievements are worth noting. As for now, Miss Epatha is single. Nevertheless, her portrayal of a mother whose son was paralyzed in a drug-related crime in the first season of Law & Order is one of her best performances till the date. S. Epatha started her television career in 1988 from The Cosby Show. She fought with the addiction and finally succeeded. But many in the public may be unaware of Merkerson’s private struggle. After 40-pound weight loss, she got her A1C down to 6.2 percent and lowered her blood pressure. Her other acting credit includes Loose Cannons, Jacob’s ladder, James Cameron’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day, She’s Gotta Have It, and “Navy Seals.”. S. Epatha Merkerson married her husband Toussaint Louverture Jones Jr. in 1994. S. Epatha Merkerson Bio - Law & Order Star. Her weight loss has given her a new shape, and she is recovering her health back. One of her most well-known roles was in the 2012 drama, Lincoln, where she played the role of Lydia Smith. S. Epatha Merkerson is a renowned American television, film and stage actress. As far as health updates are concerned, she has achieved a considerable weight loss. S. Epatha Merkerson weight problem has been there since she was in her mid-40s. This has been a significant boost to her career, fame, and net worth. After snuffing out her smoking habit, she had gained over 40 pounds. In an interview from 2016, the talented actress revealed that she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes thirteen years ago. This is on a campaign to create awareness for Type 2 Diabetes. TV Presenter, Epatha Merkerson net worth is $5 million. In addition to her degree, S. Epatha is also a recipient of honorary doctorate degrees from Wayne State University, University of Maryland, Montclair State University, and the University of Pittsburgh. While S. Epatha Merkerson's onscreen character, Lieutenant Anita Van Buren, suffered from cervical cancer, off-screen she was suffering from diabetes. After snuffing out her smoking habit, she had gained over 40 pounds. She changed her eating habits which resulted in Merkerson's 40 pounds weight loss. And fans of the actress are always eager to know more about the person who portrayed their favorite characters. She graduated from here in 1976. There is no information about the reason behind the separation, and the couple did not have any children. She went to a size 14. There are no records of children from their 12 years of marriage. She also lost one of her friends due to lung cancer, which helped her learn more about the result of smoking. She went on to join Eastern Michigan University. She is currently working with Merck, the American Diabetes Association. She has kept most of her life away from the world, and among the few pieces of information that is available is her marriage to her then-husband Toussaint L. Jones. Toussaint Louverture Jones, Jr (Divorced). In an interview from 2016, the talented actress revealed that she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes thirteen years ago. S. Epatha Merkerson is a famous American television star know from the series “Law and Order.” She was married to Toussaint Louverture Jones Jr. S. Epatha Merkerson weight problem has been there since she was in her mid-40s. So far, she has achieved a 40-pound weight loss. She was raised by her single mother after her parents separated when she was just five. And recently in 2017, she received the distinction from the University of Pittsburgh. Her net worth enhanced after she appeared in the HBO film Lackawanna Blues. However, she was in denial and couldn’t receive the importance of diet and exercise. Read on to know who her husband is, her children and her current net worth figure. Here is everything about S. Epatha Merkerson weight loss journey, net worth, husband, children, age, and height. Just like on television, the beautiful actress also earned recognition from her movie roles. The star actress discloses that she was seriously addicted to … Moreover, the Montclair State University gave her a similar distinction in 2013. S. Epatha Merkerson has starred in Law & Order and Chicago Med. In 2012, she hosted the Find Our Missing series on TV One. Although Miss Epatha isn’t a real-life mother, she has played the character of a mother in several films and tv shows. She appeared in 17 seasons and 395 episodes of that series from the year 1993 to 2010. S. Epatha Merkerson is a victim of divorce as her parents separated when she was only five years of age. She immediately entered into a workout routine, a change of diet, and closely working with her doctor. Later on, in May 2009, she was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Wayne State University. Merkerson married Toussaint L. Jones in 1994 and lived their lives in private. The weight loss houston guard looked up at the low metal ceiling, his brows twisted. According to some trusted wiki sources, the two had dated from 1975. Her mother worked for the United States Postal Service. American actress S. Epatha Merkerson has been involved in the acting industry for almost three decades. Miss Epatha has a decent height of 5 feet 6 inches. She has starred in many independent movies but also was a part of high-budget films like the Terminators series. Her performances all along have been extraordinarily outstanding. In 1976, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts' degree in theatre from Wayne State University. And as a part of these projects, S. Epatha Merkerson's net worth must have heavily benefitted from the salary and additional earnings she earned. There are many disciples who s epatha merkerson weight loss have practiced this kind of magical work, and this kind of merit is not a sacred sect of the sect of the sect but also other sects so it is not a matter for you. Sharon Epatha Merkerson, professionally known as S. Epatha Merkerson, was born in Saginaw, Michigan, on November 28, 1952. From 2015, she played as Sharon Goodwin in the popular NBC medical drama, Chicago Med. She drastically gained much weight. She had to go through many physical, mental, and emotional transformation after her diagnosis. She has portrayed many different characters in movies and television series and is regarded as one of the most successful African American actresses in the industry. S.Epatha Merkerson with her ex-husband Toussaint Louverture Jones Jr. As a well-known actress, S. Epatha Merkerson's life has been a topic of interest for thousands of people.