I am convinced that we will work together very well... [May you rot in hell, office rat, may everything you do turn to crap! At a certain age came the question "Why?". - Of course I do. Helping an old lady cross the road is still good. Only I'll still pay you back in Moscow. With us a journey is always faster and more pleasant because Auto Radio always has your music... news and traffic reports. O chyom eshchyo govoryat muzhchiny субтитры. - What happened? We'd be lying here now, 4 dead bodies, and she peacefully walked home! Was it a bad restaurant? Maybe I'll help her cross, but she does not need that at all. I've been sleeping for the last 30 minutes. Everything is fine! Village Beldyazhki (***). They came a little earlier. Though she perfectly well understands that this is exactly what she is coming over for. Hey! Well, imagine, you were seen exiting McDonalds with someone else's kid! We cannot be together anymore. - I need to go that way! Lyosha, wanna know how it would really go? To help me figure out my inner world. And she falls in love with him at first sight, when he knocks on her door... - You wouldn't have a water boiler? Kids are having fun in the playroom.". - What was I supposed to do? Nazis.". What use is a road, if you can't help a granny cross it? What Men Talk about - English subtitles - О чём говорят мужчины, Collaborate with others to annotate & explain the things you love, MOVIE COMPANY "STRELA" and MOVIE COMPANY "ORGANIC FILMS", Script LEONID BARATS SERGEY PETREIKOV and ROSTISLAV HAIT, Chief Production Designer MAVLODOD FAROTASSHOEV, Also Featuring ANDREY MAKAREVICH VASSILY UTKIN OLEG MENSHIKOV ALEKSEI KORTNEV. Listen, I probably will not be able to go... - Dad, Huck peed on the carpet! Or maybe I'm just used to how things are? I agree there is no point in saying "yes.". ", "Two girls, a separate apartment, let's hang out, have some drinks...". Are you not scared there might be a bare electrical wire down there? But we remember that he is a faithful husband. My dad once brought me 4 bottles of Fanta from abroad. - Excuse me...? After that you can stay over, but I would prefer that you leave.". This one will be scarier than "Faust" of Goethe. "Vengriya." No, but that's what it's like there, I think. But I look at you all right now... You are all so sweet. Субтитры к фильму О чём говорят мужчины / O chyom govoryat muzhchiny: Добавлено: 02.06.2011 11:49: Дополнительная информация: Похожие страницы: # Нет, еще о работе, о деньгах, о машинах, о футболе, но в основном, все-таки, о женщинах. ", "Maybe I will go to a football match with friends. As usually he was trying to make a deal with Him. Если у вас есть вопросы, свяжитесь с нами любым удобным способом: О чем говорят мужчины? - The setting, I tell you, is like in the Louvre... - Have you even been there? No, no, no, a white one... Let it be white. Maybe they cheated that is why they have been so happy all these years. You did something good for one woman, but it's bad for another. Sasha, you are a moron and an ***, only what does that change? It's always like that. - Lyosha. - No, Sasha. - No more strength... - I thought so. Sure! - Most famous artist of the XX century. That's from when I was in the hospital for two weeks. It was such a beautiful dream. - "Because.". I've tried streaming and torrents and I'm still stuck. Happy 1st day of winter!". What men talk about? And you just went. Big deal. - Probably not. I'll give you all the money once we get there... What do you mean no? ", In the very last one you say: "Can't you be a decent person and reply at least once?". - I can show you my passport. Empty road. What the heck? I desperately believe in those warmest lands.