Was paid 0,07 USD for a photo announced for 50 USD at a so-called third-party provider's platform. Their system failed and now they have stated that they are keeping my money. 500px so broken it's unusable and appaling customer service. Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! Now, if you have 500px, go to your account, to your settings, and look for the cancel account. I have some great photos to share with the community and after posting these photos, I will quit 500px. Being flexible with pricing gives distribution partners leeway to entice more clients to do business with them.". However, they automatically enabled it without my knowledge and had never sent any reminder that the auto renewal would be coming up. Whoever they sold it to does not care about this site or the user experience and it shows. They state they will respond within 2 days but after 4 days still no response.

This is extremely unethical. Customer service implied it was something wrong with my computer and/or me. Was keen to share my photos on here but wish I had read these reviews first. I received just a short response saying that I was over the 30 day grace period with absolutely no mentioned of the issues which I had been experiencing. Uploading images should be straight forward and easy - it's a breeze with Flickr.After uploading my images I realised that reordering he images in a gallery does not work. It is one of the most terrible photo sharing websites I have ever seen! They lure you into it by giving you a free pro medal for the first weeks or something, and when it's no longer valid your engagement falls drastically. Way back in 2016 I dipped my toe into 500px's Marketplace and made available a few select images for licensing. Thier business practices now feels really un-ethical. When I got the notice that it was going to automatically renew, I attempted to follow their instructions to cancel the renewal. Our distribution partners (Getty, VCG) work with key accounts and high value clients that at times may request large volumes of images. Beautiful woman models always seem to make it before anything else in the editor picks. You can still post photos and I do but the stats have been broken for a year now they cannot or do not want to fix it. Managed to get couple of images uploaded and thought I would sign up for their discounted membership - tried for a couple of days but simply couldn't get onto the log in page. Now without tell their customer they jack up the Pro price from $4 a month to $119.00. Sorry! Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. IT IS NOT THERE. I have used 500px for more than 5 years and I decided to subscribed to Pro membership with the discount. I politely asked if I could be charged monthly, otherwise I could not afford a membership. Customer service implied it was something wrong with my computer and/or me. 500px offers more extensive statistics than Flickr. I have been happy for 2 years with 500px till now. They do not present information on sold value, so it looks that there is a hidden scheme for cheating the photographers.