He had a strong influence on his father’s reign. A decisive battle was fought in Gilead, in the wood of Ephraim. "Entry for 'ABSALOM (2)'". Joab, one of David's generals, took three javelins and thrust them into Absalom's heart. Question: "Who was Absalom in the Bible?" 1915. Joab, accustomed to avenging himself, took this opportunity to even the score with Absalom. "If only I were the judge of the land! The natural avenger of such an outrage would be Tamars full brother Absalom. The song alludes to Absalom's feelings of solemnity and abandonment of love and hope. Ahithophel, who had been David's chief counsellor, deserted him and joined Absalom, whose chief counsellor he now became. Amnon fell in love with Tamar, raped her, then rejected her in disgrace. He had one daughter and three sons, all of whom died at an early age (2 Samuel 14:27; 2 Samuel 18:18).

In all probability it is the tomb of Alexander Jannæus (Conder, in Hastings' Dict.

He was buried in a great pit in the forest, and the conquerors threw stones over his grave, an old proof of bitter hostility. An ancient monument in the Kidron Valley near the Old City of Jerusalem, known as the Tomb of Absalom or Absalom's Pillar and traditionally identified as the monument of the biblical narrative, is now dated by modern archeologists to the first century AD. [2 Sam 13:37][Joshua 12:5][Joshua 13:2] It was not until three years later that Absalom was fully reinstated in his father's favour and finally returned to Jerusalem. Little is known of Absalom's family life, but the biblical narrative states that he had three sons and one daughter, whose name was Tamar and is described as a beautiful woman. ", Popular legend states that the eye of Absalom was of immense size, signifying his insatiable greed (Niddah, 24b). "By his long hair the Nazirite entangled the people to rebel against his father, and by it he himself became entangled, to fall a victim to his pursuers" (Mishnah Soṭah, i. This gave David critical time to prepare his own troops for the battle. He allowed selfishness to rule him, instead of God's law. 100 Bible Verses about Absalom. Carleton E. Watkins (American, 1829-1916). As he went, he said: “O my son Absalom! She served as queen mother for Asa, until he deposed her for idolatry. (Apocrypha) (Codex Vaticanus, Abessalomos and Abessalom; Codex Alexandrinus, Absalomos, the King James Version Absalon): Bibliography Information The first public act of his life was the blood-revenge he executed against Amnon, David's eldest son, who had basely wronged Absalom's sister Tamar.

103b), "he has no share in the life to come".

Salem Media Group. Indeed, "hell itself opened beneath him, and David, his father, cried seven times: 'My son! A footnote in the New King James Version reads "Literally, "Jewish Yad Avshalom revealed as a Christian shrine from Byzantine era", "A Kuttner Above the Rest (But Wait, There's Moore! Article Images Copyright © 2020 Getty Images unless otherwise indicated. According to R. Meir (Sanh. It existed in the days of Josephus ("Antiquities" vii. These episodes raise disturbing questions. While at Jerusalem, Absalom built support for himself by speaking to those who came to King David for justice, saying, "See, your claims are good and right; but there is no one deputed by the king to hear you", perhaps reflecting flaws in the judicial system of the united monarchy. He also maintained a splendid retinue, ( 2 Samuel 15:1 ) and was admired for his personal beauty. He made gestures of flattery by kissing those who bowed before him instead of accepting supplication. Absalom, the third son of King David by his wife Maacah, seemed to have everything going for him, but like other tragic figures in the Bible, he attempted to take what was not his. When he tried to oppose God's plan and unseat the rightful king, destruction came upon him. However, he took the precaution of instructing a servant, Hushai, to infiltrate Absalom's court and subvert it. Alarmed for the consequences of the act, Absalom fled to his grandfather at Geshur, and there abode for three years ( 2 Samuel 3:3 ; 13:23-38 ). while bewailing his death, praying at the same time for his redemption from the seventh section of Gehenna, to which he was consigned" (Soṭah, 10b). The two armies clashed at Ephraim, in a large oak forest. father of peace; i.e., "peaceful" David's son by Maacah ( 2 Samuel 3:3; Compare 1 Kings 1:6).He was noted for his personal beauty and for the extra-ordinary profusion of the hair of his head ( 2 Samuel 14:25 2 Samuel 14:26).The first public act of his life was the blood-revenge he executed against Amnon, David's eldest son, who had basely wronged Absalom's sister Tamar. Then ten of Joab's armor-bearers circled Absalom and killed him. David withdrew to the city (Mahanaim)[2 Sam 19:32] in mourning, until Joab roused him from "the extravagance of his grief" [3] and called on him to fulfill his duty to his people. General Editor. The death of Absalom, hanging from a tree by his hair (14th-century German miniature). He was so far successful that by his advice, which was preferred to that of Ahithophel, Absalom delayed to march an army against his father, who thus gained time to prepare for the defence. Proud member [2] All Israel and Judah flocked to him, and David, attended only by the Cherethites and Pelethites and his former bodyguard, which had followed him from Gath, found it expedient to flee. Absalom's story is one of pride and greed, about a man who tried to overthrow the plan of God. 10, § 3). Absalom eventually rebelled against his father and was killed during the Battle of Ephraim's Wood. Absalom had a sister, Tamar, who was violated by her half-brother Amnon. [6] In a 2013 conference, Professor Gabriel Barkay suggested that it could be the tomb of Herod Agrippa, the grandson of Herod the Great, based in part on the similarity to Herod's newly discovered tomb at Herodium. [2 Sam 13–14] (see Joab). Compare Exodus 32:32 ; Romans 9:3 ). The garage folk band David's Doldrums references Absalom in their song, "My Name Is Absalom". My son, my son Absalom! David's grief showed the depth of a father’s love over the loss of a son as well as regret for his own personal failures which led to many family and national tragedies. • Absalom and Achitophel (1681) is a landmark poetic political satire by John Dryden, using the Biblical story as a metaphor for the politics of the poet's own time. [1], Although he had no sons 2 Chronicles 11:20 says that Absalom had another daughter or granddaughter named Maacah, who later became the favorite wife of Rehoboam.