Have you ever felt like you may be agoraphobic? Pour chacun des groupes d'énoncés suivants, cochez ce qui décrit le mieux votre état. In the past week, did you suffer from the fear of having a panic attack (anticipatory anxiety or “fear of being afraid?”), In the past week, did you worry about suffering harm from your. Agoraphobia Test.

I am experiencing difficulty in different domains of my life (.e.g.

Agoraphobia test Step 0 of Previous question. It is intended for fun only so do not treat the result too seriously :).

It is available in both clinician-administered and self-rating formats. If you are in need of immediate assistance, please dial 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1 (800) 273-8255.

Remember though that this quiz is just for fun! (Arachnophobia), How to sleep after seeing a spider? This fear can be practically observed when using public transportation or even among the crowd. These situations are avoided or can only visit in the presence of a companion. If you suffer from any of the symptoms described above, we recommend that you take this test. Fear and anxiety that become agoraphobia typically stem from an actual public incident. The PAS is a measure of the severity of illness in patients with panic disorder (with or without agoraphobia).

When a person experiences one or multiple panic attacks, they may begin to fear another attack and the situations that could trigger it. This process is called systematic desensitization, or exposure and response prevention.

The fear may either arise during the event or before it’s occurred. Contact a minister, spiritual leader or someone else in your faith community.

And recovery is possible.

16 - 30 L'agoraphobie est un problème important pour vous. Mind Diagnostics, sponsors, partners, and advertisers disclaim any liability, loss, or risk incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from the use and application of these screens. They may also face the situation alone, but suffer severe anxiety throughout it. Or, if you can do so safely, take the person to the nearest hospital emergency room. Agoraphobia test – Safety behaviour. Escalators, shops, theatres etc). Lisez ensuite l'interprétation de vos résultats.

These situations always provoke fear and anxiety. This agoraphobia test will screen the symptoms of agoraphobia in you.

I experience anxiety or fear of being in line or crowd. When fear and avoidance of public situations lasts for six months or longer, it can be considered agoraphobia. This test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever.

The Agoraphobia Test is based on the diagnostic criteria of Agoraphobia.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) 1 in 5 adults experience mental illness and 20% of those are considered serious. 11. Feeling agitated: This agitation affects the body by altering its functioning. Safety behaviour is behaviour that calms someone down when experiencing anxiety and fear. If you are in need of immediate assistance, please dial 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1 (800) 273-8255. Take the free online Agoraphobia Test to check whether you’ve got this anxiety disorder. © 2020 Mind Diagnostics, All Rights Reserved, Send results to a friend, family member or therapist, Find therapists in your area (US Zip codes only), Enclosed public spaces (movie theaters, elevators, etc. Mind Diagnostics, sponsors, … Il y a peu de chance que vous trouviez une solution à vos anxiétés sans consultation et psychothérapie.

By participating you acknowledge that the screen is not a diagnostic instrument and is only to be used by you if you are 18 years or older. Taking a self-administered Agoraphobia Test is one of the quickest and easiest ways to determine if you are experiencing symptoms of Agoraphobia. She has been writing about online behavior, mental health and psychology issues since 2012.
If this sounds like something you may be dealing with take this quiz and see how agoraphobic you are. This agoraphobia test is not to be seen as a final diagnosis. 0 - 2 Vous n'avez pas de difficultés du type agoraphobique. Mental health professionals such as licensed therapist can help in a range of ways including: Treatment for mental health issues, and psychotherapy (sometimes known as 'talk therapy') in particular, frequently helps people to feel better, manage, and even get rid of their symptoms. Agoraphobia often stems from panic attacks. At the end of the quiz we will give you the result.

If so, or if you think that you may hurt yourself or attempt suicide, call 911 or your local emergency number immediately. In agoraphobia person experience the following: ●       Extreme fear and avoidance of situations, events or places where escape is not possible in the face of danger, ●       It can be fear of open spaces, public transportations, enclosed places, being in a crowd or going outside of the home. common, and treatable.

If your test result indicates that you might have agoraphobia, consult with a qualified mental healthcare professional for final diagnosis and treatment. Difficulty concentrating: Concentration gets disturbed in case of anxiety, as the agitation, and restlessness causes the lack of focus and person ends up in the inability to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Call 911 or your local emergency number immediately.

You are encouraged to share your results with a physician or healthcare provider.
However, it’s a multi-layered condition. This agoraphobia test is unique in its own way, as it was developed on the basis of an experienced clinical psychologist interview with the patients of agoraphobia. It can take lots of forms, including individual, group, couples and family sessions.

This Agoraphobia Test cannot be used in a professional setting and for diagnostic purposes. Then, relaxation tactics are used in each setting to gradually teach the person to manage their anxiety. Vous êtes grandement limité dans vos activités par vos craintes et une consultation s'impose. Agoraphobia: test your agoraphobia here. Exposure therapy requires active prevention of anxiety over time, and the person being treated must continually face anxiety-provoking situations. Find out if you have Agoraphobia.


We champion the narrative of being proactive about looking after the mind. 10.

Faites ce petit test qui vous prendra environ 15 minutes et vous en aurez une bonne idée.

For example, did you know that over 80% of people treated for depression materially improve? Vous vous demandez si vous avez un problème de phobie ou d'agoraphobie?

If you feel that you are suffering from a mental illness, and particularly if those issues are preventing you from living life to the full or feeling yourself, you may want to consider professional help which can make an enormous difference.

In fact, it can be advantageous from a treatment perspective to identify and deal with issues early and before they have a major impact on your life.

And to be clear, you don't need to be going through a crisis in order to justify getting help. It is likely that safety behaviour or safety objects reduce the amount and severity of Agoraphobia symptoms, and consequently also the Agoraphobia test results. This agoraphobia test is unique in its own way, as it was developed on the basis of an experienced clinical psychologist interview with the patients of agoraphobia. Self-exposure can be a useful and productive treatment method for agoraphobia.

6 - 15 Vous avez des difficultés de type agoraphobique et d'anxiété, mais vous conservez un certain contrôle. Do a search to find all therapists in your area. I fear to be in open spaces and left alone, 4. Plus, online agoraphobia psychotherapy treatment is a practical and effective solution for people in remote areas far from mental health professionals. Trouble falling or staying asleep: Person surrounded by anxiety and is prone to anxiety symptoms, it gets difficult for them to get sound sleep. A key sign of agoraphobia is a fear of one or more of these situations: Agoraphobia symptoms may include the fear that a panic attack will embarrass you in public, be life-threatening, or cause you to lose control. Fatigue: This is another symptom of anxiety, which is because of overactivity and restlessness that person feels fatigued.

You can share it with your friends :). quizony.com Â© . A panic disorder may accompany agoraphobia. It contains 5 sub-scales: panic attacks, agoraphobic avoidance, anticipatory anxiety, disability, and functional avoidance (health concerns). This Agoraphobia Test will help in screening the agoraphobia, and the directions for further help will be indicated in case of requirement. The test is, of course, anonymous and free (see our privacy policy). Sorte de "peur d'avoir peur", les concerné.e.s craignent certains endroits en particulier : Les bains de foule, les milieux fermés ; If this sounds like something you may be dealing with take this quiz and see how agoraphobic you are. 5. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is a thoroughly tested and greatly effective technique in agoraphobia treatment. It involves the person imagining or physically engaging in situations that trigger agoraphobia-related anxiety.

Please check the situation(s) you avoided or in which you developed panic attacks or a feeling of discomfort when you are not accompanied: How important were the avoided situations?


Evaluate the statements and select the option that you feel best reflects the way you have felt for the past two weeks.

The person experiencing anxiety starts getting shaky, dry mouth, sweaty palms and a racing heart. Mind Diagnostics is on a mission to destigmatize mental health issues and help people find the support they need. Vous vous demandez si vous avez un problème de phobie ou d'agoraphobie?