Author:  Brothers Grimm. 87 pages in length.

Thanks. Below is a selection of short and full-length dramas that speak TO students, not at them. 11 characters. 2M, 1F.


Just be sure to credit the author and our website ( (10 credits). A Christmas or New Year Playscript.

Beauty and the Beast.

The Little Bunnies Go Shopping. The Empty Box. Moral Value:  Humility, 60. Author:  Jacob and Whilhelm Grimm, 87.

I really appreciate this article.

The Big Dance 9 characters. 14 characters. 14 pages in length.

149. Walter Wykes. 17 characters. 30. Boss Boudicca and her Fearsome Friends 99.

165. 65 pages long. Going Home

Author: Brothers Grimm. What screenwriter Kim Krizan and writer/director Richard Linklater capture perfectly is the idea of zero expectations. Author: Brothers Grimm Moral Value: Keep a Promise.

6 characters. 139. The screenplay is also one of the best drama script examples to study character.

4 characters.

Reeling from her sister's death, Beth suddenly finds herself journeying through a world suspiciously resembling the film. Try some of the following websites through Google: “ManyBooks” “Project Gutenberg” “Simply Scripts” “Classic Reader” “Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts” “The Online Books Page”. Approximately 5-10 minutes running time.

And it’s easy to see why from reading the script that’s probably one of the best drama scripts of all time. In this case, a posh, black concert pianist and his white working-class driver. 27 characters.

A comedic adaptation of George Orwell’s story by written by Andy Pavey.

But when the epidemic entangles Lizzie's fate with those of the Forgotten, they all must band together... All I Really Need to Know I Learned From Being a Zombie. 131. Flexible casting. Moral Value:  Love, Generosity.

3 characters. 9 characters. The Ugly Duckling. 5 characters. Moral: Invest time in improving your own abilities. A lighthearted drama about loss written by Trevor Suthers. Nevada Johnson And The Meaning Of Life Director Sam Mendes had the ambitious idea to make the film appear as a “one-shot,” putting even more pressure on co-writer, Krysty Wilson-Cairns, to create seamless transitioning in the screenplay. One Good Turn Deserves Another:  2 or more characters . Approximately 45-50 minutes running time.

Drama: 4M 2W: Who Killed Harry Hooter : Gene Kato: Whodunnit? Couth

Hope you guys can help me. Author: Unknown, 41.

A comedy about a dysfunctional family written by Corrina Bryant.

Author:  Jataka Story, 68. 2 characters. 3 characters. 4 characters. The Blind Men and the Elephant. 3 characters.

Author: Chinese Folktale, 79. A dark comedy about Death for teens written by Jack Helbig.

The fifth of our free drama scripts is this inevitable Bogart/Bergman classic from 1942.

6 characters. 21 pages in length. Peggy, the Pint Sized Pirate is a fun one for younger kids. For another example, look no further than the great 2008 movie—Two Lovers, starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Joaquin Phoenix—that was based on a short story by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. 6 characters; 3F, 2M, 1 Either; 26 pages in length. While James Cameron is mostly praised for his work as a director, there is plenty to learn from this original script—in particular from the way he seamlessly interweaves a powerful love story with a true-life tragedy.

Approximately 1-5 minutes running time.

These scripts may be used for FREE but PLEASE do NOT repost the TEXT of any script online in any way. Moral Value:  Respect for nature, Gratitude, Moral Value:  Respect for others and nature, Gratitude.

A comedy adventure for teens by Evan Baughfman. Script about lying.

I would like to involve a class of 20. Thank you.

The dancing princesses is an awesome play for that. 10 characters. Approximately 45-60 minutes running time. 14 characters. Roll of the Dice 11 characters.

The Tree and the Woodcutter. Don´t listen to other people’s gossip.

Moral Value:  Experience, Love, Wisdom. ), Thou Roguish, Boil-Brained, Coxcomb

Comedic modern adaptation of Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe.

3 characters + crowd. 195. 4 characters. The Spook In My Tent 5  characters. i have necessity of a story for farewell party,till 11 february for ssc part 2 please help me if you can do…….

Drill-down by length, subject matter and other categories. i need to write a play on family and education can you help. 6 characters. A supernatural mystery for teens and adults written by Aaron Sampson. 3 characters. 3 characters. Author:  Brothers Grimm.

4 characters. Approximately 15-20 minutes running time. 183.

Please Help!! Approximately 30-40 minutes running time.

Thank you so much, Here is one about Martin Luther King Jr

A dark thriller for teens and adults written by Corrina Bryant. Robin Hood and the Wedding of Doom I want a drama on moral values. Esmeralda Coronado Juarez  y  Jorge Valente Zacarias Soto.

13 characters.

4F, 3M; 20 pages long. When reading the screenplay, observe the arc of each lead character, including the aliens.

Beauty Kweens Using interviews with witnesses, first responders, and the investigators pursuing the case, a theatre ensemble brings the story of the strange event to life... As the yellow fever epidemic ravages the streets of 1816 New Orleans, no one thinks of the orphans known as the Forgotten--except for Lizzie Landry. 21 characters.

Children love our plays! Author: Brothers GrimmMoral Value:  Respect. Autor:  Miss Xochitl, 88. (3 Credits). 17 Characters.

Approximately 30-45 minutes running time. 10 characters or more. 1F; 3M; 6 Either; Flexible casting; 13 pages in length. 2M, 1F; Flexible casting; 15 pages in length. What do you think of our list of best drama scripts to read? please give me a play….7..12 year old.

168. Author:  Jataka Legend, 85. List of 75 children’s books to use in drama class. A sweet comedy about getting older written by Corrina Bryant.

A hilarious, one-act play for teens and adults written by Cameron Corcoran. Approximately 40 minutes running time. Need a play for 4-5 boys and 2 girls grades Prep – 9 about war, poor people or the great depression.

have you read The good man and hisson byAesop Fable, I think could be agood option for you.

73. Author: Brothers Grimm, 67. The Stone Soup. Approximately 5-10 minutes running time. A Spanish Golden Age comedy (with classroom materials) written by August Mergelman. A funny, warm comedy for teens and adults written by Corrina Bryant. 14+ characters; 5M, 4F; 5 Either; 39 pages in length.

11F, 10M, 7 Either; 35 pages long. I need to start working on it. 6 characters, all female. Author: Brothers Grimm, 52. Sylvia Woodcock, Please send me that script we have 8 members in a group to perform play in classroom, I want a English drama script with moral for grade 5. hi,I also need a shot play for ages 10 to 13 secondary school audience. Pandora´s Box. I am looking for a skit that is 10 minutes long for our 4-H group.

An Imaginary Friend

This site is completely awesome. Rumpelstilskin.

2M, 1F, 1 Either; 12 pages long.

Moral:  We all have the potential to be like an eagle, but we have to believe that we can. Flexible cast; 43 pages in length. It is better to respect everybody.

12+ characters. A space comedy for teens written by Patti Veconi. The scripts feature large casts and vary in style and content, but share an architecture in which roles are evenly apportioned. 6 and more characters.

Author:  K I D S I N C O. 190. Script about lying. Moral Value: Autonomy. I really need a stage play script for kids any suggestions? 51.

Visit THEATRE LINKS directory.

Project Humans Your email address will not be published. Approximately 10 minutes running time. Approximately 5-10 minutes running time. Surviving Braces 6F, 5M, 2+ Either; 13 pages in length.

I have some great scripts at How about the Hysterical History of the Trojan War or MadScripts!

Here is the entire play set up on the pages so that individual monologues are easy to print out and cut apart into individual monologues. 2F.

Hansel and Gretel. Moral Value:  Tolerance .


15 characters. Author: Taken from the books by Don Juan Manuel, 4 characters. Can i ask ur help for making me a script for 10 minutes play and about 10-14 characters?

The Prophecy of Calysae

15 characters. the main characters are male and the second ones could be female. Comedy Robin Hood melodrama script. 8 pages in length.

please help me with a drama script of 20 mins play about how can creative industries,a vehicle for sustainable development.

3 characters.

4 characters. Approximately 15 minutes running time.

Anti-Values:  Betrayal and Greedy.

Approximately 5-10 minutes running time. Author:  Budhist Legend.

94. Approximately ten minutes running time. A comedy for teens about social anxiety written by Scott Mullen.

A science fair comedy for teens by playwright, Elizabeth Rapoza. Los Tres Cochinitos.

The genesis of this drama script was unusual in that writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson came up with the title before he even knew what the story was going to be about. Just click on the 'READ FOR FREE' button for any title.

Read Me I’m looking for a free 20 minute script with a dark undertone… Any ideas?
Although a prison drama, the plot has been studied from a theological perspective and The Shawshank Redemption is a great example for those interested in incorporating symbolism into a screenplay.

7 pages in length.

Approximately 10 minutes running time. 12 characters.

8 pages in length. Author:  Beatrix Potter, 34.Chicken Little. Dream Train Author:   Hans Christian Andersen, 5 characters. There is a clear connection between the mysterious creatures and the humans who are studying them, both intellectually and emotionally.

They are 11-13yrs old. Author:   Hans Christian Andersen. Peter and The Wolf.

Author:  Aesop Fable, 89. 2F, 2M.

Author:  Joseph Jacobs.

3 characters.

Author:  Russian Folktale. A River in Savannah (3 Credits). Approximately 10-20 minutes running time. Approximately 10-15 minutes running time. 197. 15 characters.

We the Volunteers are there to read the lines and the Veterans give it their all – it is recorded and sent around to other blind Veterans in the charity. 117.

Author:  Oscar Wilde.

A short drama about homelessness written by Bruce Karp. A comedy for children and teens written by Carlos Perez.

Author: Popular Folktale. Animal Farm (10 credits), The Tempest 187. Approximately 10 minutes running time.

15+ characters.

Approximately 10-15 minutes running time. Required fields are marked *.

Does anyone know a good 20-40min comedy that would be good for a Year 10 class of 10 girls? A comedy set in 1930’s Italy written by Steve Gold.

El Telefono Celular de Dios. Need solutions for your season? Probably because Peter Farrelly is one of the co-writers, but also because the heart of the script is the men’s “odd couple”-style friendship.

A classical drama for teens and adults written by Cameron Corcoran.

A comedy for teens (with classroom materials) written by August Mergelman.


A hilarious and heartfelt play for teens written by Richard Broadhurst.

10 characters; 1M, 1F, 8 Either; 14 pages in length. 7 pages long. Moral Value.

Approximately ten minutes running time.