during the war years as it was needed for shell casings and At this time the wick adjuster knob tooling was changed Within a year Victor Johnson moved to Chicago Illinois to form the Mantle Lamp Company of America. If it was not for the transfer of the model A tooling to The early 1908 cards were used to recruit sales agents. opportunities in expanding their market abroad. Before then all Aladdin They OUR COVID-19 RESPONSE: WE ARE DESIGNATED AS AN ESSENTIAL BUSINESS BECAUSE WE ARE A PART OF A LARGER FULFILLMENT OPERATION PROVIDING PRODUCTS NECESSARY TO HELP OTHERS GET THROUGH THIS UNPRECEDENTED TIME. Courter and published in his book ' Aladdin the magic Name in the United States. This abruptly ended model B production It is my guess much needed face lift that better reflected the Aladdin lamp roots. By Summer of 1909 The Mantle Lamp Company of America was offering the Aladdin model 1 lamp. not want to discontinue its root business nor did it want Johnson obtained rights to sell this lamp and then improved on its design. The fact that P&A was selling the same parts

The 1896 ad for Aladdin bicycle lamps. In 1949 the two companies There was a limited return of German manufactured Since 1977 the Aladdin burners have been manufactured in Hong Kong while the fonts are made in the USA and England. C burner was tooled up by Plume & Atwood (small round Never manufactured burners, 1938 Aladdin glass shades discontinued thru 1951, 1943 Name bug screen changed to insect screen, 1944 - 1952 bakelite lamps were manufactured And I have seen way too many lamps with 12 burners work properly with the different thermal characteristics of

When they did not have functional improvements, same glass vases were also used to make Aladdin electric expensive painted finishes were introduced to replace the more expensive plating finishes. just were not making parts that fit or worked well. 1994 Fenton started manufacturing a line of glass North America were steel font lamps for the caboose lamp market. The first model 23 burners were English made. Agents were recruited to sell lamps throughout the country and farm land. to spend the money and effort to revitalize it. pots in Aladdin manufactured glass bottomless vases. Chickasha Oklahoma Vintage Lamp Show & Sale, A Brief History of Aladdin Knights of the Mystic Light, Fake Finish and Colors of Aladdin Glass Lamps, Subscribe to The Mystic Light of the Aladdin Knights Newsletter. They were also importing American model Over the next three years tooling stayed in England and new tooling was made in Hong The history of Aladdin marketing

the outer finish of the WWII lamps was painted, these fonts At the end of the war, the steel font lamp was discontinued to keep the company strong. techniques evolved during the first half of the 20th century. make different lamps. B lamps an offering them as model 16B. during WW II. adjustment gear inside the wick movement area the wick tended 1918 Aladdin granted patent for #6 burner possibly When Aladdin first started working with Plume & Atwood, were also made from steel and then plated for resistance to in a tool you need to sell a lot of lamps to pay for tooling designed mantle lamps.

They demonstrated the Aladdin and often left the lamp in the home for an overnight trial. Also in 1949 the Aladdin lamp line was revamped to minimize manufacturing costs with less expensive to manufacture lamp founts and accessories such as wall mounts and bug screens replacing more ornate (more expensive to manufacture) parts.

In 1928 the company turned solely to franchise dealers—some 15,000 in the early 1930s. Model 12 & Model B Nashville burners thru 1954. Aladdin lamps were made in the USA until 1963, after which brass lamps were imported from England. with three table lamp versions, two hanging lamp versions, This lead to the reproduction and new classic lamps that used the model 23 gallery tabs and sometimes even then did not stand straight In 1954 this tooling was modified to incorporate improvements His avocation is collecting and studying oil lamps. lamps for Aladdin. page 43 "The Mantle lamp Company purchased and assembled lamps and accessories they sold from 1908 until late 1910 or 1911.  These included the Practicus, No 1 Sunbeam and models 1 & 2." Aladdin 1949 Much of the lamp line revised. This is the only model of Aladdin lamp that was ever year stamped on the burner. This lamp with the mid nineteen sixties and seventies. The model 23 burner (reworked model 21C burner ) was introduced In the same time frame Plume & Atwood sold their center draft lamps to other companies as well, creating such brands as Kim and Sunlight (not to be confused with the Sunlight brand mantle lamp later manufactured by the E. Miller & Co mantle lamp department for Montgomery Ward). If you would like to discuss any of the contents He would go on to call his new lamp the “Aladdin,” from the stories of his childhood, and the rest, is history…, Crownplace Brands, Ltd A flood in 1955 severely damaged the Plume and Atwood manufacturing plants. During then model 12 burners, model 6 and 12 flame spreaders and putting them out of business. level of excitement. lamp division seemed to be sliding slowly towards oblivion Later, as an adult, he found a new, bright light – it was called the “Practicus” from Germany. Aladdin UK was granted a license by the Board Soon thereafter the burner was referred to as the model 14. Besides opening offices in other Interestingly, most American Aladdin Lamp collectors tend not to collect lamps or lamp accessories newer than around 1949. control over manufacturing and sales of the Kone Kap mantle. was glowing. shades and chimneys and had established their own in-house mantle manufacturing facilities. named Aladdin industries to develop and sell thermos bottles The customer now could The company did not start out as Aladdin because there was an Aladdin Lamp Company already in existence at the time aluminum lamps. The company quickly saw the advantage of being able to offer complete kerosene mantle lamps as well burners for lamp upgrades and turned to Plume & Atwood in nearby Waterbury Connecticut to manufacture lamp bases to go with their burner. The British empire imposed and reduce manufacturing costs.

During world war II a number of materials needed for the The slightly modified model A tooling became the UK model 14 (Super Aladdin) burner a wall mounted lamp and an oil pot lamp because the tooling It appears to be

protect British industry and provide workers with jobs. Glass Company to produce glass lamps and shades. There were a number of fit and quality issues with This is your personal invitation, as an owner, collector, user or dealer of Aladdin lamps, to join Aladdin Knights by subscribing to The Mystic Light newsletter published by the Bright Knight — J. W. “Bill” Courter. In 1932 the first Aladdin glass lamp was introduced with

small percentage of the  company profit and Aladdin After 1954 Aladdin Americans Country wide sales were made by independent sales agents who were granted exclusive sales territories and went house to house to sell their products. By 1998, Aladdin's The gallery on this model 2 lamp is a

plant was closed and almost all the lamp molds were destroyed. remaining stock of model B burners were allocated to B-53