Like, maybe there's a cosmic rule like that? So why the dramas writers seem to drive the viewers into thinking Tae Yi and Park Sun Young are 2 different people and focus on this weird incest romance ? So far, the drama hooks me and it is really great! Array(); Tae-yi asks why he cries so often if he has alexithymia, so Jin-gyum explains that his mother helped him, then cuts off further discussion of her. Sahara Sep 24 2020 7:28 pm Do-yeon is definitely a better match for Jin-gyum, since she’s known him for years and is age-appropriate, not to mention she’s not a possible alternate-world version of his freaking mom . However, several hints during Tae Yi birthday (date, wants to hear Jin Gyeom sing, ask him to eat porkbelly and soju) make me think that Tae Yi is really Jin Gyeom's mom. Cant wait for the next episodes. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. This explains y PJG to be reborn as YTY(PSY)'s son in 1992, as the author of the prophecy book he knows, that only he himself can stop time travel. i ship jin gyeom with do yeon.
Or did she use the device that makes her look younger, like other time travellers? Jean Dags May 05 2020 8:46 am

This love is deeper than your typical romance that eventually fades over time. She asks if he thinks of his mother whenever he sees her,and Jin-gyum says yes, but only based on appearance. You see, there is called "forbidden door of time" which I think is the world where those counterparts who don't want to stop time travel came from. So jin gyeom and tae yi have same blood.

Dont fall for the synopsis. But I still can’t figure out what purpose she serves in the story. And surely recommend! ). Maybe if that happen, it will help Tae Yi to understand Jin Gyeom's feeling toward her. | Privacy Policy | Contact,, "Alice" takes over the SBS Fridays & Saturdays 22:00 time slot previously occupied by ". Why this drama give's me goosebumps and make me annoyed while see that scene ??

Pinku Oct 05 2020 11:15 am

Sina Sep 20 2020 11:08 am omg it just started and i'm only 2 eps in but it's already SUPER amazing!

i just hope PJG will know that yoo min hyuk is his father. I’m sure that we’re heading towards a big final showdown between Min-hyuk and Jin-gyum, bad and good, father and son… I just hope that Min-hyuk can be enticed to the right side because I’d love to see them fighting together to save the future. ALL Of them are the same, a endless loop was created due to changing the timeline. Tae-yi tells Jin-gyum that she became a physicist because her birth mother left her at the orphanage and disappeared.

h Sep 23 2020 1:21 am Why he is so handsome in this drama and i found him charming not like in chicago typrewriter.

So its true, taeyi and jg mom the same person. Sam Oct 04 2020 1:36 pm In my opinion, indeed YTY is seeing PJG romantically but PJG is seeing YTY as his mother. Fan Sep 08 2020 12:22 pm The show talked about the butterfly effect so even a slight change like his interactions with people should have created a new reality. repost Sep 20 2020 12:16 pm Just one hope, Yoo Min hyuk, pls don't die. Thanks for your excellent recap, as always, LollyPip. hey writer! My father.”.

chanchibi Sep 26 2020 1:30 am Joy Sep 21 2020 9:03 am For me Tae Yi (present) and Jin Gyeom mother is the same person. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page That would be a perfect way to insert romance into the story rather than mother son confusing love relationship.

I have watched all the episodes to the recent ones over and over again to see ur point of view but no... PJG shows emotion around Tae Yi esp when he smiled during her bday and he changed which Do yeon attested to not because she looks like his mom but because he has come to accept the fact that she is not his mother and he knows his mother is a time traveler from what he is investigating. Just a hunch of feeling though. at least 2020 Taeyi know something at this point but nah, if he didnt wanna let her know, dont ask for help? But worse is a feelings will develop between them and thats not good. We don’t get lucky enough to see this kinda drama often! So how possible tae yi become younger in 2050. Having seen Jin-gyum with his mother again, I’m less concerned about any romantic weirdness with him and 2020 Tae-yi, because it’s clear that his emotional response to her is prompted by his lingering guilt and grief for his mom.

Subway: Three main subway stations in Cheongdam-dong are Cheongdam station, Apgujeong Rodeo station, and Gangnam-gu Office Station. This would be great to put on Netflix, hint hint. Truly, couldn't accept the facts shown in preview of epi13. and I think professor seok o won where he met Sun Young in 2010 he is also a time traveler from 2020 he returned to 2010 met with Sun Young to tell her that she will die that day, and informs that 2020 at Prof Tae Yi university There will be a car accident in which his own son in that car accident.. and her son will go back to 2010 to stop Sun Young's murder .. this is in my opinion .. sorry if it is not quite right.

G3 Oct 17 2020 10:48 am even if the present tae-yi isn’t aware of his own son but still jingyeom is her son and they are blood related. Seriously????? I don't even understand what's happening, I had lost interest because of Taeyi's feeling towards Jingyeom. I was shipping Tae yi and Jin gyeom when I first saw the cast of this drama but she’s his mom so it’s really weird that people still want them in a romantic relationship. The only bad point for is is the relationship between the lead and his mother. But according to the girl in Alice ,Oh Shi Young , the 2020 Tae Yi is the past self of the Tae Yi from 2050. Will someone please stop time travel? Are there no one else available on earth that they had to make JG pursue his mom lookalike romance wise?

Oops I meant 2010, the night of her death. They are time travellers right?

Jin Gyeom obviously sees her as his mother but Tae Yi thinks otherwise. The power returns, and when Shi-young communicates that she didn’t turn it back on, Min-hyuk gets himself and Hye-soo out of there.

Waiting for how it is going to turn up.

Bmen Sep 05 2020 9:59 am

That's what the reason that GJ always encounters with Profesor OW many times?

FB.init({ We just saw the first episode.

TT. why he at the place where the prof was tied?

TT, Ongssii Sep 03 2020 10:43 am

Havemercy Oct 20 2020 8:04 pm

It is known as an upmarket shopping area, with the main shopping street dubbed 'Cheongdam Fashion Street'. Bmen Sep 26 2020 6:03 am So there’s no different person from other dimension. Right now, the only drama that caught my interest are Alice and Flower Of Evil.

Tbh sometimes idk what to feel anymore whenever they spend sweet time together. Then, everything can be explained well where there are actually a huge age gap between Jin Gyeom mom and the college Tae Yi rather than to be seems in a same different group of age. Detective Go hyeon seok has another identity...How did he get access to the book of prophecy reading it besides the kidnapped professor...I think he knows what's going on...I think he might even know who killed yoon tae yi. Jin-gyum asks how Se-hoon knows his mother, but Se-hoon snarls at him to ask her herself, and he laughs uproariously to hear that she died. He don't even tell her whats happening. No to TY and JG romance. nobi Sep 16 2020 11:41 am That's it, I really hope that everything will fall into the right place. So, congrats to the entire crew involved in this world-class drama !