This charging time is the result of the Fire 7 not embracing new technologies. It's actually pretty short for a tablet and if you're playing a more intensive game - like Minecraft, for example - then you'll likely get through that battery a little faster. One tablet replaces the other on Amazon's online store too, meaning that once the new model is available, that's the version you'll likely buy. Amazon has a range of cases and covers and it's always advisable to kit this out if you're putting this tablet into the hands of a child. Discuss: Amazon Kindle Fire 7 - 9th generation - tablet - 7" Sign in to comment. While the hardware could be faster, the design could be more exciting and the battery life longer, that would detract from the amazing bargain that the Fire 7 is. If, like me, you prefer pixels to blend into each other, I would suggest spending a bit more and going for one of the Fire HD tablets instead. What's important is that it's bright enough, vibrant and responsive to the touch. If you want an ad-free experience you need to add £10 to each corresponding model. Because of its plastic construction, it’s also very light and can be comfortably held in one hand for reading. Charging the tablet fully takes roughly two hours with the included power brick. This makes it Amazon’s smallest tablet and among the dinkiest we’ve reviewed. Drawing a line under that, the performance of the Fire 7 does vary depending on how you fill it up. If you're looking at buying the Apple device only to play basic games and watching TV then you have to ask what you're spending your money on. Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. We’ll always tell you what we find. The HD in the name indicates that it has a slightly higher resolution display and it's also bigger. It is faster, better designed and will outlast the Fire 7, but it's a whole lot more expensive too. Put the updated Fire 7 next to its predecessor and you’ll be hard pressed to tell them apart. There’s a Blue Shade mode that reduces the blue light for using the tablet at night without disturbing your sleep. Watching videos on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video does a decent enough job, though. While previous versions of the Fire 7 had Alexa, this is the first to go hands-free, meaning you don’t need to press a button to bring Alexa to life. Instead, just say “Alexa” in the same way you would with an Echo or Echo Dot. But the other side of the Fire's operating system is Fire for Kids. It still has a Micro-USB charging socket - as do Amazon's Kindle devices - and there seems to be a reluctance to move on to USB-C. We're assuming that it's to keep costs down, as the faster-charging and easier-to-connect socket would likely push the price up. There are two cameras on the Fire 7: one on the front, which caps out at 720p video, and another on the back, which is 2 megapixels. Books, TV shows or audiobooks. Using pinch-to-zoom to get a closer look at the page then ends up with a rather blurry experience due to that low resolution. We've also found that you can get some battery drop in the background, such as over night when you're not doing anything, so you might want to turn it off rather than leave it on standby. You’ll notice lag when gaming, too, but basic things like browsing and email are a lot smoother. With its slim 16:9 display, it’s a lot narrower than the 7.9-inch iPad Mini and it was small enough to slip into the pocket of one of my larger coats. It has a large bezel surrounding the display and it still feels plasticky with a back that flexes if you press on it. The Amazon Fire HD 8 is a natural alternative to the Fire 7. It's not only entertainment and games - there's also support for email, documents and a browser, so the Fire 7 can do a range of other tasks, but we can't help feeling that you might be better doing that on a phone. As before, the cheapest model comes with 8GB of storage and Special Offers, which delivers ads to your lockscreen, for £50. It's easy to recommend for anyone looking for a tablet for kids - it will survive the rough and tumble of kids, meet entertainment requirements and provide a nice safe space to play. We’ll always tell you what we find. Compare it to a typical Android phone and you'll find the Fire 7 to be pretty slow to load apps and navigate. We've used Fire 7 tablets for a number of years and having seen how well they have survived in the hands of children, there's certainly some truth in Amazon's claim that these are strong. Considering this tablet costs a penny under £50 (and one cent under $50 in the States), this should hardly come as a surprise, but you might be shocked at just how budget this slate feels the first time you pick it up. It's easy to recommend for anyone looking for a tablet for kids - as it will survive the rough and tumble of kids, meet entertainment requirements, and provide a nice safe space to play too.Read full verdict. If you’re a Prime subscriber who wants a cheap way to access that goodness, this is a good choice. If you want a tablet for the basics and aren’t willing to spend a penny than possible then the Fire 7 should get the job done. Free shipping on orders of $35+ from Target. England and Wales company registration number 5237480. Learn More. While we've not stress tested these tablets, on previous versions we've found some battery performance decay over a couple of years. The Apple iPad mini has also been refreshed in 2019 and that leads to a fantastic 7.9-inch tablet, the smallest that Apple offers. One feature the Fire 7 has over other Android tablets is deep integration of Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. While previous versions of the Fire 7 had Alexa, this is the first to go hands-free, meaning you don’t need to press a button to bring Alexa to life. Having lived with Fire 7 tablets for a number of years, it's also evident that after a few years of use things can naturally slow down. There’s a lag and judder when opening apps that you don’t get with pricier tablets. If you want a cheap slate to watch movies on long flights or give to the kids without worrying about it getting damaged, this is a strong pick. These mainly comprise book suggestions, which are fine and can be disabled by paying an extra £10/$15. It now comes in a variety of colours, which each appear slightly more mature than the previous incarnation - where we had vibrant reds and yellows. In that sense, it performs perfectly well. Neither are very good and, to be completely honest, I would be all for ditching the cameras completely (or at least the rear one) if it allowed Amazon to add a bit more RAM. ), it will probably survive - and if it doesn't then it's cheap to replace. There are also adverts (or Special Offers, as Amazon likes to call them) on the lock screen. As the name suggests, the Amazon Fire 7 has a 7-inch display. If you only use it for, say, half an hour of reading every day, you’ll probably get a week between charges. There's a single speaker on the side of the tablet which is adequate, but there's also a 3.5mm headphone socket in addition to Bluetooth wireless connectivity, so you have choices for connecting headphones. There's a hefty bezel around the display and this does make the tablet look rather dated, but it does give you somewhere to grip without putting your fingers all over the picture. The 7-inch IPS (In Plane Switching) panel is colourful and bright, but the low 1024 x 600 resolution is very obvious and it makes everything from watching films to browsing the web a bit of a chore. However, if you’re someone with a bunch of micro USB cables lying around, you probably won’t find it so much of a nuisance. Instead, just say “Alexa” in the same way you would with an, If you’re a Prime subscriber who wants a cheap way to access that goodness, this is a good choice. Android remains the basis of the OS, but there’s no visible mention of this and there’s no support for popular services like YouTube, Gmail or the Google Play Store. The fact that Amazon builds in a comprehensive mode designed specifically for younger users tells you a lot about where Amazon thinks the Fire tablet will end up. The Fire tablet's plastic back is tactile and withstands scrapes, easily wiping clean - although there's no official waterproofing rating on these Amazon devices. Yes, the iPad mini is better in every way than the Fire 7 tablet - but it's also six times the price, so that's what you really need to consider when you come to buying a small-format tablet.