So putting Ye on the ballot won't affect anything. Justin Apash, Rocky assured us that he would completely support our party platform. Jesse Smith (Idaho) -> no link At here birth her parents were from foreign That makes them no different than the Alliance Party of South Carolina, the Natural Law Party of Michigan, the Reform Party of Florida, the American Delta Party of Delaware that chose to nominate Richardson for VP nominee at their own discretion to serve their own motivations. Also will Roque De La Fuente be able to debate Biden if he can get him out of his basement and the bats of of the bell free. I suppose anyone could make suggestions to the SOS. I only raised one case of Watts v. United States that was the case of 1870. How sad that Rocky De La Fuente was willing to sell his soul for a ballot line. They are dedicated to doing NOTHING; ie. Eugene Puryear Dean, the American Independent Party candidate for Assembly, 79th district, in 2014, got 38.1% of the vote in November. It should be the Democrats once again but they could still end up with a decent score. In the 19h Century there were one more remaining Territory that had remaining territory that where not part of the States of North Dakota and South Dakota. Will there be a VPOTUS debate in California? It would be interesting to see their ranked votes there. The website just mentions the total number of electoral votes that Rocky De La Fuente has won which is 196 electoral votes from 15 states including California. I call for the Great California 2020 Debate. Your email address will not be published. Since California birth certificates are truthful. If I’m not mistaken Tom Hoefling is a Republican candidate as well. The American Independent Party, which is ballot-qualified in California and has its own presidential primary in March 2020, has asked the Secretary of State to list nine presidential candidates on its ballot. That was the remainder of the Territory of Dakota that was known as “Lost Dakota” which was added to later by Act of Congress to Montana. The term “natural born” is not used, however.” Get the presidential candidate on as many ballots as possible however once they are on the ballot do triage campaigning. FEC is/will be collecting Prez/VP candidate data from States in order to do Federal Elections, 2020 in 2021. What changed between then and now that the party no longer supports him? The newsletter is published by and copyright by Richard Winger, American Independent Party Submits List of Presidential Primary Candidates. the. the AIP is an empty party…people think they are registering as an independent, if they really had as many members (active) as they show, they would be much more visible….20 people voted?? To have a chance, an independent candidate must run a fusion campaign (being on the ballot of multiple parties like Const. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. NOOOOO caucuses, primaries and conventions. 1789-2020 USA naturalized citizens – BY GENERAL, SPECIAL GROUP/INDIVIDUAL LAWS. I am rather curious about the reported response of Darcy G. Richardson. The last day Dr. Don Grundmann was a member of the National Committee of the American Independent Party was on 2 September 2008. “It is the AIP position that while foreign tourists (or illegal immigrants) are IN US jurisdiction, they are not UNDER it, so the children born in the US of such parents do not in fact enjoy “birthright citizenship.” (The California AIP is the last remnant of the AIP/ “Wallace Parties” established to support his 1968 run for President.). Your email address will not be published. While the AIP might have a different view of what the decision means, that’s irrelevant until you convince a court of competent jurisdiction to agree with you. Under Canadian Law since I was born after 1 January 1947, I am also a Canadian Citizen. He was never naturalized as a United States Citizen. Don Blankenship, Constitution Party. Kanye West is apparently having something of a mental breakdown and Jared Kushner, the President’s son-in-law, is taking advantage of this manic episode. Banks appeared as the vice-presidential candidate on the Peace and Freedom ticket in California. No court has ever interpreted the law like you somehow do. Someone who is naturalized can not be a “natural born citizen.”, It then jumps to a conclusion that a person who is a citizen at birth, and therefore not naturalized is a “natural born citizen”. — often in connection with 1783 USA-Brit Peace Treaty – property rights. He tells us Ye's popular with voters in the 18-25 demographic, and even though he acknowledges he won't win CA ... he's hoping for a strong third place. If you want to struck a nerve with people outside of this circle then Kanye West is the way to go. NOOO such thing as dual citizenship — one more invention by legal MORONS. ; protect The Establishment. In order to become the President or Vice President of the United States, a person must be a natural-born citizen. There's more of the former in California, so this move clearly has Biden in mind. It’s hard to imagine anyone but Trump winning. I don’t know what the deadline is for finalizing who gets on the ballot but the AIP should consider having another nomination convention and change the ballot line to Kanye West for president. This was NOT the intention of the law, and the historic record proves this. The 2nd paragraph is correct. Brandon Lyon being a citizen at birth is not the same as a natural born citizen. “your statement about McCain and Obama having been deemed to be natural born citizen, into active voice. Moreover, contribution limits to parties are MUCH higher than for candidates. Talking about your body parts is disgusting. This is why you are not a gentleman. Mr. wolfefan I will not discuss AIP intelligence, although I must say it is definitely above ape intelligence. I imagine Mark Seidenberg and Markham Robinson and a few other party officers decided whom to list. Cite of the case of WATTS v. UNITED STATES is However the iPhone got it down But, since you brought up Mr. Kraut’s name, according to the site, these are the CP candidates who are known to be running (listed in bold): Charles Kraut (Virginia) -> LinkedIn © 2020 EHM PRODUCTIONS,INC. If the AIP really wanted to sabotage Biden in California, they should have nominated Bernie Sanders. Brandon Lyon, my guess you have not heard of an Act of Collective Naturalization or special bills of Congress granting Naturalization at birth. William Saturn is right. Rocky De La Fuente 67,468 0.22, Fourth Place in the CALIFORNIA Presidential Primary. I’ve checked with Mark Seidenberg & he says he’s done no work for de la Fuente for President. 649, anyone born on U.S. soil and subject to its jurisdiction is a natural born citizen, regardless of parental citizenship. SEE LAST PARA. There are 3 possible outcomes in CA for Presidential Tickets: 1. The niece surname is also Harris and that got me concerned. “Charles, I’d say the AIP has struck a nerve here, as was our intent.” Okay but most people commenting here are frequent visitors to Ballot Access News and Third Party Political Report. I expected to see Charles Kraut on the ballot. Back then the AIP was the California affiliate of the Constitution Party. If Obama was legal under the law (right or wrong) then de la Fuente and Harris are too. Mark, thanks for letting us know how seriously you should be taken. Rocky is a total joke who couldn’t get elected dog-catcher and nominating Kanye is a desperation move when nobody asked him if he wanted to run with the AIP. The vote was unanimous, except for one abstention. That’s a matter of public record. The Senate chooses from between the top two candidates for VP if no candidate has a majority of electoral votes, so West won’t qualify because you would need at least 135 electoral votes to finish second in a race with no majority winner.