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A suave jewel thief, it's revealed at the end of Money Heist season 2 that Berlin (Pedro Alonso) is actually the Professor's older brother. Often mistaken for a mute because he likes to keep quiet, Marseille (Luka Peroš) is a cool-headed operator who is recruited for the Bank of Spain heist, working on the outside to manage communications between the Professor and the police. Namely, Verdadero Oeste, Porno and Noches de amor efímero. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Palermo (Rodrigo de la Serna) masterminded the plan for the Bank of Spain heist alongside Berlin. His main talent is for digging through walls, so the Professor recruits him to be in charge of digging the tunnel out of the Royal Mint. But instead of stealing existing money, the crew, all of whom have changed their names to that of a different international city, will don matching outfits (red jumpsuits and plastic Salvador Dalí masks), break in, and print their own — more than $2 billion of it. RELATED: Trust Me: Tiger King Is Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen, and You'll Love It. Now follow your favourite television celebs and telly updates. Like, to the point where it gets stressful to keep up with everything. That, my friends, is dedication. All Rights Reserved. As seen on Kerry Washington, 2020's bob has textured, softer edges, and looks amazing whether you part it down the middle or off to the side. The youngest member of the team, Rio (Miguel Herrán) was still a teenager during the Royal Mint heist. Like their mother, he suffers from Helmer's myopathy. The tense action of the heist will make you forget about the current anxiety-inducing news cycle, though the anti-capitalism undertones will probably hit a little close to home as the economy continues its rapid decline. And Kim Kardashian West almost looked modest in comparison in her sheer Roberto Cavalli dress, because no one’s getting naked without KKW joining in. To help you figure out how to wear your hair in the new year, we've rounded up the five biggest haircut trends of 2020, so you'll be sure of what you want before you head to the salon in January. In Money Heist season 1 Nairobi's plan is to get rich and then take Axel back, but she later accepts that he's better off in his new home and sets her sights on becoming a mother for a second time, so that she can do things right. Palermo was hopelessly in love with Berlin, who considered him a soulmate but declined to enter a romantic relationship with him, saying that he loved women too much and did not want to spoil their friendship. Click through to see the best naked dresses of all time. Denver spent most of his childhood getting into fights with anyone who tried to mess with him, and as he entered adulthood he soon fell into the same criminal lifestyle as his parents. Instead of despairing at his fate, Berlin chooses to live like a man with nothing to lose, chasing thrills and riches. After Nairobi left him alone for a few minutes to go and collect some pills, Axel went onto the balcony to call for her. He has seven children with different woman all around the world and keeps photos of them with him, but only visits them roughly once every six months. While details of some of the gang members' past lives have yet to be revealed, here's what we know about the people behind the Dalí masks - including their real names. Afterwards, she and Denver got married and raised a son together, called Cincinnati. Later, he was introduced to the theatre world by his aunt. Kissing Booth to Money Heist; can you ace this web show quiz based on the lead's dilemmas. In a media interaction, the makers of the crime drama also revealed that La Casa de Papel part five will introduce a new villain character with Miguel Ángel Silvestre joining the show. Then, there was the year 2015, when the Met Gala saw not one nor two but three naked dresses on the red carpet, all worn by Hollywood’s hottest A-listers. After the war ended Marseille began to regularly drown his sorrows in a bar, with his dog waiting faithfully outside - until one day it was killed by local children playing at war. It will not matter. She has lived and studied in New York and Toronto, but ultimately returned home so that she could get a decent cup of tea. They also revealed a new member added to the team. This decade's first big hair trends include looks at every length that can be tailored to your hair texture and personal style. An unusual group of robbers attempt to carry out the most perfect robbery in Spanish history - stealing 2.4 billion euros from the Royal Mint of Spain. Season 4 of 'La Case del Papel', "Money Heist," will be released on Netflix in April 2020. At that point she reported him for the abuse and got a restraining order against him, but few on the police force believed her. He also won the Mister Castelló 2002 pageant. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Recruited for the Bank of Spain heist due to his expertise in metallurgy, Bogotá (Hovik Keuchkerian) has apparently had an active love life. Money Heist was renewed for two more seasons by Netflix, with a bigger budget and a new target for the gang: the Bank of Spain in Madrid. The fourth season of the sexy Spanish series, titled La Casa de Papel [The House of Paper] in its native language, drops on Netflix today, and should be on the top of your watch list ASAP. His mother died of a degenerative disease called Helmer's myopathy, and his father was killed during an attempted bank robbery. She's now a features writer and editor, covering the hottest topics in the world of nerddom from her home base in Oxford, UK. But before you succumb to Netflix paralysis and just watch another episode of Parks and Recreation as we approach what feels like day 431 of coronavirus quarantine, I humbly present to you the perfect binge for right now: Money Heist. Upgrade your lingerie drawer with these top-rated body shapers. There are multiple hostages who embark on romantic relationships with their captors, plus a particularly steamy hookup between the two youngest (and hottest) members of the crew: Tokyo and Rio, played by Úrsula Corberó and Miguel Herrán. Hotheaded and daring, Tokyo has a tendency to be a ticking time bomb during robberies. Marseille refuses to harm animals, to the extent that he will not even practice surgery on a pig carcass. Beyoncé was nearly naked in Givenchy. Tokyo's mother died during the preparation for the Royal Mint heist. Let's not forget Rihanna’s infamous CFDA dress either. Hannah enjoys weird horror movies, weirder sci-fi movies, and also the movie adaptation of Need for Speed - the greatest video game movie of all time. (Both are prone to posting plenty of Instagram thirst traps, if you, uh, want to check them out.). I love this show so much that I even I went on a Netflix podcast to talk about it. He's a skilled hacker who got started in the world of crime committing cyber attacks, and was recruited by the Professor for his talent with computers. On the film front, the actor was first seen in Vida y color in 2005. He has been popular in the Spanish industry for his roles in Velvet and … 'Money Heist' 5 release date: When will Money Heist's last season be released? Click the button below to start this article in quick view. The first episode of Money Heist Part 3 starts with an ominous countdown to something called “D-Day.” However as Episode 2 “Aikido” explains, D-Day isn’t really as bad as it sounds. Imagine a Spanish Ocean's 11-style robbery story with a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. But don't just take my word for it: Money Heist the most-watched non-English Netflix series ever, and it has a perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. Her mother took part in a sting operation in the hopes that she would be brought in unscathed by the police, but the Professor intervened, telling Tokyo that the cops planned to shoot her on sight.