[Am]Itsuka min[F]na to sugoshi[G9]ta hibi [Am]Sore demo ii yasu[F]raka na kono [G9]kimochi wa

[Ab9]Atashi wa[Bb9] tatakaun[C9]da  

Nhân đây, chúng tôi xin gửi tặng bạn 1 tháng Zing MP3 VIP và chúc bạn một ngày vui vẻ! Written by series director and composer Jun Maeda, “Brave Song” tells the story of a girl that tries to be brave by hiding her tears and staying strong throughout her hardships. [Am]Sou tsubu[F]yaite [G9]miseru[C9] [G9]

The two title tracks, performed by Lia and Aoi Tada respectively, were used as opening and ending themes to the Angel Beats! Yowasa de namida wo kobosu yo. [Am]omoide no naka [F]ni ikite[G9]ku dake Aoi Tada - Brave Song (Ronnie Setiadi Remix) [Trap], Users who like Aoi Tada - Brave Song (Ronnie Setiadi Remix) [Trap], Users who reposted Aoi Tada - Brave Song (Ronnie Setiadi Remix) [Trap], Playlists containing Aoi Tada - Brave Song (Ronnie Setiadi Remix) [Trap], More tracks like Aoi Tada - Brave Song (Ronnie Setiadi Remix) [Trap].

Được tổng hợp dựa trên số liệu lượt nghe bài hát và xem MV của người dùng trên cả desktop, mobile và smart TV. Ironically, near the end of the song, her mind becomes filled with pessimistic thoughts as she ponders what would happen if her friends were to disappear, and if she were to once again become the lonely girl she sought to avoid being. Album My Soul, Your Beats! Giấy phép MXH số 499/GP-BTTTT do Bộ Thông Tin và Truyền thông cấp ngày 28/09/2015.

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Her most noted voice role is that of Cowboy Bebop's Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV. Trải nghiệm chất lượng âm thanh tương tự nghe CD gốc với tài khoản Zing MP3 VIP. Onaka ga suite kita na Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Her nickname is "Mamoru Tada". [Am]Fukitsuke[F]ru tsuyo[G9]i kaze[C9] She has performed the theme songs for Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino and Angel Beats!.

It was released as a single that also included the opening track, My Soul, Your Beats!, as well as shortened TV edits and instrumental versions of both tracks. Itsumo hitori de aruiteta Ironically, as the song draws its end, she broods over the thoughts of pessimism, the possibility of losing her friends and returning to the lonely girl she's trying to keep herself from being.

In kanji view, mouseover a kanji character for lookup information! The ending song to the 2010 anime Angel Beats.

Itsuka wasurete shimaeru nara Ikiru koto sore ha tayasui mono Sono toki ha mou tsuyoku nanka nai yo

Itsumo hitori de aruiteta Furikaeru to minna ha tooku ... Vocal: Tada Aoi View Kanji . Sore demo atashi ha aruita Tsuyosa no shoumei no tame

Itsumo hitori de aruiteta • https://instagram.com/ronniesetiad1 Some user-contributed text on this page is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. » beatmaps » Tada Aoi - Brave Song (TV Size) beatmap info Toggle navigation.

Khi bật tính năng Autoplay, Bài hát được đề xuất sẽ tự động phát tiếp. [C/E]Furikae[G9]ru to min[Am]na wa too[C9]ku Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. I hope to hear more songs from her in the future. Minna ga matte ita A new version of Last.fm is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site.

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