What is Jana M Duggar’s current residential address? Will she be looking for a less strict man so she can keep her income? She might still be a dependent for them as a qualifying relative. Money means power and moreover, money is JB's main weapon of choice for having power. Jana Duggar is taking a major step away from her family and toward her independence. 100% Upvoted. JANA Duggar is helping her brother James renovate his new $72,000 Arkansas home as fans suspect he’s entered a courtship. I think Jana gets to keep it, they don’t really need her income. I’d guess JB has been paying for all of her travels, hobbies, cars, etc till now, so she probably wouldn’t think twice about giving that money back to him. That’s the sad reality! Jana's Arbor Acres and finance. share. The website reports that Jana filed on April 11 to launch a company called Arbor Acres Group LLC, and that she is the only agent listed on the paperwork. Lets say, Jana's business takes off and is successful enough to give Jana her own income. Jana is a business owner. More posts from the DuggarsSnark community. JESSA Duggar shared an inside look at sister Jana's huge garden as fans continue to fear she has being forced to stay home. I bet it goes to Jana for tax purposes. Also it may be in Jana’s name On paper, but daddy is really getting the cash. It’s called Arbor Acres Group LLC. JANA'S FAILURE TO LAUNCH. Jana and John take a woodworking class. There are two current phone numbers associated with Jana M Duggar. Jana and John take a woodworking class. Jana, 30, posted a series of photos and videos of her helping to tile James’ new bathroom. I think they’re looking for her Chip Gaines/Chad Paine, I wonder if he'll do this by telling her that with a steady income means she needs to pay rent. She is a regular on a tv show and should earn money with it. We all know they try to avoid taxes like the plague. 14 “Over the years, Jana has done a lot of home renovation projects,” says John. Welcome to r/DuggarsSnark, a board where you can snark on, make fun of, and criticize the Duggar Family, the far right, ultra-conservative, fundamentalist Christian family behind TLC's Counting On and 19 Kids and Counting. No way is he giving that to Jana. If she has no other income but that, she will remain in the lowest tax bracket. Assuming they are hauling in some dough, he’s most likely in a higher bracket. Hope she can be smart enought to save some and get out there. Going to JB means it has to show up on his tax return. Although there's not yet an active website for Arbor Acres, it appears Jana set up an Instagram account for the business. According to The Hollywood Gossip Jana Duggar may be starting her own business. Her last project was renovating an old schoolhouse. A quick search on the internet would of informed you of this. Jana Duggar apparently has entrepreneurial aspirations and filed paperwork to start a business in Arkansas, Radar Online reported on April 23. The Springdale, AR, home of Mary Duggar, matriarch of the well-known reality TV family, is on the market for $489,000. They don’t have personal exemptions anymore. It is called Arbor Acres Group LLC. Jana Duggar filed paperwork last year in April to start a business in Arkansas. Jana, 30, is the eldest female Duggar who … JB’s record isn’t that great on matches, and Jana said her standards have changed. Jana makes a classy sign that says “Home, Springdale, AR” with the Arkansas state outline. It's not money given back. To put it bluntly. Jana is rebranding herself for the type of husband she wants. If anything I could see encouraging tithes, maybe reduce her budget for projects and have her use her income. Grandma Duggar passed away in June. their church, she needs to tithe, She has no independent bank account for sure, it’ll just go to JB. Even if he told her to keep it, what’s she going to do with 10k? You can try calling Jana’s landline at (479) 361-9108 or reach Jana M Duggar at (479) 799-5701. Honestly... she doesn’t have any expenses. The latter is a mobile phone number. Jana is starting an online business called Arbor Acres and is hoping to sell home items. It is in good standing in Arkansas. A quick search on the internet would of informed you of this. As Jim Bob is still Jana's 'headship' will he be getting all this money? save hide report. Press J to jump to the feed. Jana Duggar filed paperwork last year in April to start a business in Arkansas. Back in April, Jana Duggar filed the paperwork to start her own business. She’d make more money with her business by selling a tell-all as a Duggar defector than she ever will staying. Again, she has no expenses and isn’t smart enough to save up and leave. This subreddit is NOT for fans of the Duggars, and is all in good fun. Jana's parents and her twin brother, John David Duggar, weighed in on her new business venture on Counting On — and it seems she's made Duggar daughter history. The latter is a mobile phone number. It's called Arbor Acres Group LLC, and Jana appears to be the only person involved with the startup. Cookies help us deliver our Services. But she won't. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. “Over the years, Jana has done a lot of home renovation projects,” says John. Jana has been living at Arbor Acres Ave in Springdale, Arkansas, 72762-6256 where she moved in 2013.