As California Goes, So Goes the Nation?

Gender and Family in the Ivory Tower, we related the experiences of women like Sherry Towers, a postdoctoral particle physicist.

I prepared my 34 slides and a killer talk. It orders higher education to comply with Title IX’s regulations prohibiting discrimination against pregnant graduate students and offers protections beyond that, too.

It is federal law. In facing the mandate of this new law in California, colleges and universities should understand that Title IX’s pregnancy-discrimination protection applies to all students.

''I think Gray Davis is the issue there,'' said Michael K. Deaver, the former aide to Ronald Reagan. Now they will have a voice if they are willing to use it.

We also find that California and non-California firms with higher sensitivity to policy uncertainty react more negatively to the quota’s adoption.

Anyone who thought the 2000 presidential recount was a once-in-a-lifetime experience may well have been wrong, as the courts re-enacted the topsy-turvy election last week. She is the author of Title IX and Pregnancy Discrimination in Higher Education, published this year in the NYU Review of Law and Social Change. Jerry Brown signed two bills that could greatly improve the lives of women in California higher education, and serve as a model for the nation.

But with its particularly broad powers of referendum, California provides the rest of the country with examples of what can happen when voters get their way, unfiltered by politicians or legislators. Now, the state budget faces a steadily growing deficit that Republicans accused Mr. Davis of failing to acknowledge as he campaigned.

We show that these effects are not explained by frictions in the director labor market and propose a novel explanation: Shareholders’ disapproval of the government’s attempt to legislate non-economic values. Many graduate students work as researchers or teaching assistants, but they are not considered “employees” because they are part-time or contingent workers or trainees (and therefore are not protected under Title VII of the FMLA). Lou Cannon, the California journalist and biographer of Ronald Reagan, sees at least some rays of hope in the recall, even though he opposes it. What does pregnancy discrimination against graduate students look like? von Meyerinck, Felix and Niessen-Ruenzi, Alexandra and Schmid, Markus and Davidoff Solomon, Steven, As California Goes, So Goes the Nation? The new law directly quotes our research: “Women who are married with children in the sciences are 35 percent less likely to enter a tenure-track position after receipt of their Ph.D. than married men with children, and they are 27 percent less likely than their male counterparts to achieve tenure upon entering a tenure-track job.

Why did California have to pass a law to insist that academe comply with a 1972 federal law that already explicitly protected pregnant students from discrimination in such areas as admissions, hiring, and health insurance?

The electorate is very deeply and partisanly polarized, and there is a dissatisfaction with this type of politics, which yields very little but inaction on a whole series of relevant issues.''. Board Gender Quotas and the Legislation of Non-Economic Values (October 1, 2020). The new California law focuses on childbirth leave for graduate students, is more generous than Title IX, and includes fathers and partners who are not the birth parent.

''But if one probes deeper, and says, 'Are state governments becoming increasingly out of sync with the governed,' then you could look at the situation in California as yet another instance in which California gets there first, because it's larger, less disciplined, less tradition-minded, and the function that it so often seems to fill in national life is of acting out things.''. Voters, increasingly frustrated at their elected representatives' unwillingness to tackle what they see as tough problems, have passed measures that make it just that much harder for politicians to tackle tough problems.

Meanwhile, students’ only protection is Title IX but that protection has been generally ignored. Most people in academe believed that Title IX only covered athletes and, in just the past year, sexual assault on campus. Women are often in graduate school during their peak childbearing years.

It will play a key role in helping female graduate students to achieve their professional goals. On Friday, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth District in San Francisco announced that it would reconsider the decision of its three-judge panel to postpone the California recall on the grounds that the planned Oct. 7 balloting did not give several counties with large minority populations enough time to replace punch-card voting machines of the type that wrought havoc in Florida. This policy shall be made available to all graduate students attending orientation sessions at a postsecondary educational institution.”. The website for the book is See also for video presentations of their findings. This page was processed by aws-apollo1 in. A great many women, many not so young, at community colleges drop out before finishing a degree or credential when they have a baby. Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi.

Sarah Brady, a legislative staff member and recent Ph.D. in chemistry, emailed me, saying that her boss, Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla, knew of our research on Title IX and wanted to do something for pregnant graduate students. ''There is a national dissatisfaction,'' said Curtis B. Gans, the director of the Committee for the Study of the American Electorate in Washington. University of St. Gallen - School of Finance. The most important impact of this new law, to my mind, is its insistence that all postsecondary institutions are required to develop a written policy “on pregnancy discrimination and procedures for addressing pregnancy discrimination complaints under Title IX or this section. And Californians -- like the rest of the country, only maybe a little bit more so -- want it all, all the time: lower taxes and smaller classrooms; tighter pollution controls and bigger S.U.V. ''I see it most clearly in things like registration figures, in which over the last 30 years, Democratic Party registration has declined from the mid-40's of the eligible electorate down to the low 30's, and Republican registration has increased in the South but declined elsewhere.

Because almost no one in higher education recognized those protections—not even the students. Carolien Dekeersmaeker / Creative Commons. Proposition 13, which capped property taxes in 1978, helped inspire similar tax-cutting measures in more than 40 states, but few so radical.

She is also the author, along with Nicholas H. Wolfinger and Marc Goulden, of Do Babies Matter?

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It is time for all states to recognize this. Title IX regulations state only that if an institution does not have a pregnancy leave policy for students (and few do), it must provide a leave for as long a period of time “as is deemed necessary by the student’s physician, at the conclusion of which a student shall be reinstated to the status she held when the leave began.” The new law states that a student may choose to take a leave of absence for childbirth according to the policies of the institution “or for a period of 12 additional months, whichever is longer” and can return in good academic standing. In 2018, California became the first U.S. state to introduce a mandatory board gender quota for all firms headquartered in the state. There it passed easily without opposition.