For the traditional dessert, see. This article is about the Islamic holy day. [31][32], [E]ver since the black day of Karbala, the history of this family … has been a continuous series of sufferings and persecutions. [12] Mourning for the incident began almost immediately after the battle. The event is attended by both Muslims and non-Muslims depicting an environment of mutual respect and tolerance. He left his native city and went to the east to a new territory. The tradition is named as “a water battle”. "Sunni Radicalism in the Middle East and the Iranian Revolution". [88] The repeated experience of violence at Ashura has produced an "interesting" feedback effect in Shia history. The sins made during the previous year can be expiated due to fasting on Ashura. This year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, permission for Muharram processions in India over the weekend has been refused by the Supreme Court. Husayn, to preserve the sanctity of the city and specifically that of the Kaaba, abandoned his Hajj and encouraged others around him to follow him to Kufa without knowing the situation there had taken an adverse turn. This year the Day of Ashura is on Sunday. Husayn's small group of companions and family members (in total around 72 men and the women and children)[note 1][28][29] fought against a large army under the command of Umar ibn Sa'ad and were killed near the river (Euphrates), from which they were not allowed to get water. Ashura is a day in a period of Muharram. Hussein’s people were denied to get water for a period of 3 days. One day a servant said to him, 'O son of Allah's Messenger! [82] The Torah designates the tenth day of the seventh month as holy and a fast (Lev.

In Damascus, too, she is reported to have delivered a poignant oration. How should my sorrow come to an end? Hussein was beheaded. Except his young son, Ali, who was severely ill during that battle. According to the prevailing conditions at the time of the commemoration, such reminiscences may become a framework for implicit dissent or explicit protest. According to Sunni Muslim tradition, Ibn Abbas narrated that Muhammad came to Medina and saw the Jews fasting on the tenth day of Muharram. [85], On the other hand, some governments have banned this commemoration. 1818–1820: Syed Ahmad Barelvi and Shah Ismail Dihlavi took up arms to stop Ashura commemoration in North India. He also ordered Umar ibn Sa'ad to cut off Husayn and his followers from access to the water of the Euphrates. [34], It is said that for forty years whenever food was placed before him, he would weep. Families set the degree of fasting. But I watched while my father, my brother, my uncle, and seventeen members of my family were slaughtered all around me. [79][11] According to hadith record in Sahih Bukhari, Ashura was already known as a commemorative day during which some Meccan residents used to observe customary fasting. [78], Sunnis regard fasting during Ashura as recommended, though not obligatory, having been superseded by the Ramadan fast. [61][64] In some places, such as Iran, Iraq, and the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, passion plays known as Ta'zieh[65] are performed, reenacting the Battle of Karbala and the suffering and martyrdom of Husayn at the hands of Yazid. [62] A popular Shia saying has it that "a single tear shed for Husayn washes away a hundred sins". ................................ Advertisement ................................ Muharram 2020: History, Significance And Know All About The Day Of Ashura, "Look At India, It's Filthy": Donald Trump Shifts Blame On Climate Change, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Leaked Renders Tip Hole-Punch Display, Watch: In Naval Exercises At Arabian Sea, Missile Sinks Old Ship, Chirag Paswan Touched Nitish Kumar's Feet, Did This Soon After, BJP's Free Covid Vaccine Promise Shows It's Discriminatory Nature: Sanjay Raut, BJP's Free Vaccine Promise Shows It's Discriminatory Nature: Sanjay Raut, Maharashtra Man Cuts Birthday Cakes With Sword, Arrested: Police, To Birthday Girl Malaika, With Love From BFF Kareena And Sister Amrita, "Opposition Wants Article 370 Back, Dares To Seek Votes In Bihar": PM, PM Modi In Bihar Election Rally: Top 10 Quotes, This website follows the DNPA Code of Ethics, Shia Muslims mark the ceremonial mourning on this day and it's called Ashura, On the Day of Ashura, the grandson of the Prophet, Hussain Ibn Ali (Hazrat Imam Hussain) was killed in the Battle of Karbala in 680 AD, This symbolises the suffering experienced by the Prophet's grandson before his death, Ashura also marks the day Musa (Moses) was saved from the Pharaoh of Egypt by God, The Day of Ashura is also a symbol of struggle against injustice and oppression. Thus, he turned to the left and reached Karbala, where the army forced him not to go further and stop at a location that had limited access to water.