Of course the film is based on the novels that recount the tall tales of the real man in question so I'm guessing that what we see is actually the real Munchausen's imagination and Gilliam has just recreated it, with some artistic license I'm sure. A heavily character driven movie with each little venture being hosted by new outlandish people. The tale of the enchanting adventures of Baron von Munchausen on his journey to save a town from defeat. “The Baron” stages an escape from a sea monster by making him sneeze him out with some snuff in a way that I’m positive will not come back into play much later in the film (and also because movie logic dictates that snuff is just instant allergy powder). Quickly! It seemed really fun, but it was sad. All it took was one man to brave enough to exclaim the emperor’s wearing no clothes to get everyone to realize they were being duped. Blast! Also why can’t I use your twist meme again? “You wouldn’t happen to know anything about what’s happened to my Pokemon, would you?”, “Yes, well, I was experimenting with some of the ones you were keeping at the lab to see if I could combine different species into one. He runs straight into the fray and OH DEAR GOD!! And, for me, the idea of him really anchored the film. A lavish fairy tale for bright children of all ages. But first a bit of background about the man behind this movie. Menu. La statue représente le baron sur un boulet de canon. Is there really anyone out there better for the part? This resulted in the film bombing at the box office, and from there, it all went downhill. Ok, I admit, it’s been so long since we last saw them that I completely forgot what their names were. On peut percevoir les traces du baron de Münchhausen dans le conte d'Italo Calvino : Le Vicomte pourfendu (1952). I really do love this film. So I feel like we respond to that in prickly ways, because we kind of want there to be a hero and a villain. Terry Gilliam – three things usually come to mind when you hear his name: that one guy from Monty Python, weird-ass director/animator, or, as Hollywood tends to peg him, the Director With the Worst Luck In the Universe. For all the fiascoes behind the scenes, you could never tell by how well they pulled it off. [Laughs] That would have been amazing. Her myths tend to revolve around who she bangs behinds Vulcan’s back and how he gets his revenge. I think Berthold sums it up best: Then, something in the air changes. So it appears as though the battle that was just fought has been won in the real world. You do believe me, don't you? The films plot starts off in the present day of the film and then briefly as a short story told by Munchausen himself. Then we get the Munchausen Waltz, and ohhhh…. …the ruins of the huge battle that happened previously. I know love at first sight may not exactly be real, but this movie proved to me without a doubt that love at first sound exists, because if it wasn’t for this piece of the score, I may still have been one of those poor souls doomed to remain blind to this film’s existence. Thank you for reading. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! : All of them. The Baron is upset that this little moppet keeps interrupting his attempts to quietly die, but then they’re alerted to another presence on the ship making its way to them and sending Death off once more –. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen: Official Clip - Victory! There was constant fighting between Gilliam, the producers and the studio, the production went tremendously over budget, I’m certain almost every actor involved got PTSD (Eric Idle flat out said no one in their right minds should ever be in a Terry Gilliam film unless they want to be driven insane. ), The Baron and Sally sail through a cardboard town filled with invisible cheering people…and unfortunately, this is where I have to point out when the budget restrictions start to show. Still, all things considered, these effects still hold up very well, and even when they don’t, just the way the sets and models look give it a lot of charm. He looks at her, smiles a little, hopefully, and quietly asks, “You really want to know?”. Mike Ryan is senior entertainment writer for The Huffington Post. So that's something that's really trivial about the film that nobody else has. He likes being small and dainty compared to the other giants. I’m also sure that those of you who haven’t are scratching your heads in confusion. Gilliam must be the king of fantasy films, his filmography lists some true cults and this tale of tall stories is no exception. The king is completely out-of-control, and so was Gilliam in making this film. So come on, what do you have to say in your defense, Baron? Was it difficult to disassociate yourself from the Disney films that you were in? The film is a dazzling visual delight, but where the narrative is concerned, it's rather shallow. Baron Munchausen The Sultan starts the countdown, but just as the last bead goes through the hourglass, Berthold rushes in with the wine. For a start the makeup is brilliant and really captures those typical aristocratic features, they really nail the real life caricature of Munchausen. All rights reserved. I bring all this up because the film we’re looking at today, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, is practically a textbook example of Murphy’s Law, in that everything that could go wrong during filming did. Infuriated, he asks if the Baron thinks he can just pop back in after years of imprisonment and expect him to follow him to the ends of the earth, to which the Baron simply answers yes…and Berthold just shrugs and says ok. “Fine? You could write a book on the problems that occurred; in fact, they have! Baron Munchausen isn't real, he's only in stories. This 10-digit number is your confirmation number. Let me take it out and check…. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Shut up and enjoy the ride!!”. Coming Soon. This film has it all with the added bonus of some lovely period costumes and that wonderful theatre set opening. I was not interested in anything big, studio, lots of money, ever again. Unmistakably from the imagination of Terry Gilliam, this is a high-spirited whimsical fantasy adventure about an eccentric aristocrat who presents tall tales of his exploits as fact. All '80s songs are kind of like that. In classic Gilliam style, it’s grimy, slathered in dirt and impoverished. That was my friend Dustin. The Queen’s head arrives shortly after, having left her body behind with the king. ( Log Out /  I know Terry Gilliam looks back on this film with less fondness than his previous ones because of the hell he was put through (and I can understand where he’s coming from; I’ve made things in the past that I thought weren’t good but people I showed it to liked), but if you can’t already tell, I adore this film, regardless of its past or flaws. ), please allow me to continue with the review, because I have a theory pertaining to this and how the movie ends that manages to make it work. “Yo Merv, I think those guys you swallowed made you sneeze so they could escape. So people can be really upset with her leaving Lou. It really is quite incredible how he actually resembles some real historic images from the era. I see we're in a not-very-helpful frame of mind... Sally Almost. Queen Ariadne It says "And son". : Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Its a bit odd how his age keeps changing from time to time depending on the specific escapade they are on but every time Neville looks terrific. So it seems the Baron is now stuck bringing Sally along for the ride. Superbly photographed and marvelously lighted, this remarkable set piece of art direction and stunning decor cures many of its own ills, including a screenplay that meanders grandly. A cult favorite today, but reviled back then. And she had an affair with my dad and left for my dad. I do not claim ownership of this material.) You know, Michael Kamen is one of those film composers who’s done work for a lot of great movies (Lethal Weapon and The Iron Giant, to name a few), but he himself has never become as widely known as someone like John Williams or Danny Elfman. With that, he materializes a cage out of thin air and locks them both up just in time for his body to return and forcibly reattach his head back on. : The one thing that calms him down is the sight of some of the more comely actresses, and he immediately turns his charms (and also activates something in his coat that produces endless fresh flowers to give to them). For me though, I was really taken by the image of Uma Thurman reenacting Botticelli's Birth of Venus. They fall into each others’ embrace and kiss passionately while the cyclopes hum a love song. Baron Munchausen / Blog Plans for the Year / Poorly Explained Movie Plots | Up On The Shelf. Needless to say, he doesn’t take it well. Like, I didn't really want to act at that point. Just below that it reads "Ticket Confirmation#:" followed by a 10-digit number. I feel like for me, Lou is probably the character I connect the most to in terms of when I wrote the film. Can they live together? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you this movie’s interpretation of Death. Against all odds, they’ve won. And Dustin's really into being naked on camera, and he was so mad that I made him put his clothes on.