I hope you are wrong. But the GOP has openly admitted their fierce voter suppression campaigns will be in full swing – so the turnout may not even matter. Also Chiron the wounded healer, exalted in Virgo. This is surely a consequence of Mars and Venus in such relationship – his battles (Mars) are more genteel (Venus) than is common in the political arena. Troemper turned direct little more than a week before Bernie’s birthday, and its square to Troemper from asteroid Sanders at 18 Aries shows the conflict between them, something reinforced in the 2020 solar return by an opposition from Troemper at 0 Gemini to asteroid Bernie at 28 Scorpio.
Moon in Aries is an ideal placement for a leader, someone able to enthuse and energize others, to spearhead or champion a cause. Bernie has a shot here, but it ain’t no bed of roses.

Cancer is primarily a disease of inhibition, just as the syphilitic diseases are those of over-expression and overuse of one aspect of the mechanism of man.”23. Jobs’ rages and temper tantrums were legendary. You are cunning, quick-witted, and jovial.

He may appear serious and even grave. Mars in Scorpio is a very powerful emblem of her discipleship.
Due to this retrograde, Bernie will be in Scorpio for most of the year, from November 2019 through September 2020, one of the more difficult Signs to manage. Indecision is also a typical issue for those with this placement. Differing ray types of individuals may be more prone to certain kinds of diseases, for instance, seventh ray types to sexual diseases, first ray types to cancer: “1. Veritas turned direct the very day of his birth, and also forms a T-Square with that Venus/Mars opposition, allowing him to present the truth with vigor and certitude, but hopefully also a bit of tact. Some sources say that almost every major poll shows Sanders challenging or defeating Hillary Clinton and the Republicans.42 His policies are widely at odds with Clinton’s, his closest Democratic competition: Hillary Clinton has a stellium of planets in Scorpio: Sun, Venus, Chiron, Mercury and south node.

Sanders surge in popularity came with the following transits, some of which follow him into the Nov. 2016 election: 1. Virgo Sun Bernie Sanders is a presidential candidate for the US Elections in November 2016. So it seems we are damned if we do (nominate Bernie) and damned if we don’t. ), comparing the soul directly with moisture that gives green freshness to the earth: “The soul is the green life-force of the flesh. This is true of all forms in all kingdoms.”33.

It is important for a Virgo to have time during the day to reflect and relax from all of their mental activity, regardless their age, and they do tend to age well. Deep down you are a rather serious individual who is very steady with their emotions, keeping them well under wraps. Mars with the Sun brings an indefatigable quality to Bernie, who survived a heart attack in October 2019 and returned to the campaign trail after just a few weeks. (Nicholas Roerich, 1916. In Sanders’ case, it could be argued that this Venus-Mars tension is between what he does, how he acts – and the underlying passion and personal values that drive those actions. More details here. In addition, transits of Jupiter to that system in January would have given him an extra boost of confidence.

In 2019 Neptune was two degrees past opposition, at 17 Pisces, still a potent force; by 2020 that margin will widen to 4 degrees, with Neptune moving further away at 19 Pisces, but still a factor. The solar plexus or Manipura chakra. Esoteric Astrology: An extensive range of articles and essays, Monthly newsletters, articles, essays and videos on Esoteric Astrology and The Hidden History of Humanity. In summary, Bernie Sanders’ horoscope is not one of a typical ‘power’ player in U.S. politics. You can also subscribe without commenting.

Kozminsky Symbol: As a juvenile is grasping a beautiful woman, she turns into a skeleton within his arms. Bernie’s Sun at his birthday in 2020 still opposes Neptune, but is unassisted by any of the coterie from 2019, isolated and alone, at least by conjunction. The primary season is governed by his prior birthday, on 8 Septembers 2019, and the general election itself is governed by the 2020 birthday. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR. I love Bernie and I love how he is fearless! Nevertheless, energy follows the direction of thought, with the result that that particularly magnetic type of energy attracted an increasing number of cells and atoms to itself; therein is found the source of the tumours, growths and cancers so prevalent today.”38. Experiencing other cultures and new places appeals to you as you are able to learn much from these endeavours. Caroline Rose Giuliani: Leo/Snake – The Snake Charmer, Kamala Harris vs Mike Pence: A New Astrology Sign Comparison, Kim Cattrall: Leo/Monkey – The Inspired Imp, The Prince of Cambridge Astrological Sign. From May 2015 to November 2016. With this finished, the bright fire— blazing violently in a gentle wind— brought the whitest of flowers to this person. At the same time, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths for both men and women worldwide. Sanders made his formal announcement that he was entering the 2020 race in February 2019 when Saturn joined Pluto to trine the North Node system in his chart – that sense of a special destiny.

Viggo Mortensen (en anglais : [ˈ v i ː ɡ o ʊ ˈ m ɔ ː r t ə n s ə n] [1], en danois : [v i ː g o ˈ m ɒ ː t n̩ s n̩] [2]) est un acteur, réalisateur, scénariste, producteur, musicien, photographe, peintre et poète américano-danois, né le 20 octobre 1958 à New York.. Viggo … The flame of the fire was an airy color, and it was blazing violently in a gentle wind. What is happening on stage? Mercury is in Libra also; at 2 degrees, it conjoins the largest supermassive Black Hole of which we are aware, an invaluable asset for Bernie in drawing others into his orbit via his rhetoric and ideas. Collaborating peacefully with others does not come easily to you and you can be a bit self-centred, looking out for your own best interests with little regard to others needs; it is all about YOU. Kozminsky Symbol: Beautiful and multi-colored blends of color emit from the fire’s flame. (geeky astrological detail: transiting Uranus was triggering his natal Mars/Moon conjunction and his progressed Sun opposed natal Uranus.) STARmeter. He favors policies similar to those of social democratic parties in Europe, particularly those of the Nordic countries. Asteroid Washingtonia at 25 Leo is closely conjunct asteroid Truth at 24 Leo; Bernie’s plain speaking and “telling it like it is” are notorious in the nation’s capital, where many see him as a truth-teller. Particularly since he surprised many by drawing with Hilary Clinton in the Iowa primaries earlier this month. We’ve mentioned Truth conjunct Washingtonia, which gives Bernie the street creds to oppose DC’s malfeasance and corruption. Kindle Edition. He boasts that in 39 years of campaigning, he has never run a negative ad. “Cancer is a disease most definitely related to the centres, and it will be found that the centre in the area wherein the cancer exists is overactive, with a consequent increase of energy pouring through the related bodily substance.

Neptune can be inspiring, but also encourages false hope, unrealistic expectations, and often leads to disappointment or disillusionment. As a soul-centred healer, Hildegarde was attracted to the sense of life in everything, their ‘radiance’ or ‘greenness’ (how very Virgo!