We are all tired of jokes about female drivers. [9] Benz reached Pforzheim somewhat after dusk, notifying her husband of her successful journey by telegram. And thanks for reading Autoblog. Vehicle Imagery licensed from EVOX Images, Mercedes Selling Replica Of The Very First Car Ever Patented, Mercedes Reminds Us It Invented The Car Through Touching Video, https://www.motor1.com/news/263320/bertha-mercedes-benz-video/, Best Renderings Of The Week: From Hummer SUV To New Sportage, Shocking Video Captures Jeep Wrangler Tumbling Down Black Bear Pass, SSC Tuatara Set Top Speed Record On Regular Michelin Tires, Enter Now To Win This Ultra-Rare 200-MPH Cadillac CTS-V Championship Edition, Car Left In Park Towed Behind RV With Gruesome Results. The whole reason she took the trip was that she got sick of Karl’s unrelenting perfectionism and depression that was keeping him from actually doing anything with his invention, so she did something about it. Oh god, seriously? Following wagon tracks, this pioneering tour covered a one-way distance of about 106 km (66 mi).

Moreover, she identified several key areas of opportunities – such as the fuel line design – that Karl later improved. We get it.

[23][24] A trailer of the movie[25] and a "making of" special were released on YouTube. It was a globally visible signal for new automobile breakthroughs, and was only open for sustainable mobility — future-oriented vehicles with alternative drive systems, i.e., hybrid and electric, hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles, and other extremely economical vehicles. Before this historic trip, motorized drives were merely very short trials, returning to the point of origin, made with assistance of mechanics. I’m just not certain why they made it feel so, um, creepy. Berta Takes the Benz", "Motorradtour Pforzheim – Bertha Benz Memorial Route Rückfahrt – GPSies", https://www.mercedes-benz.com/en/mercedes-benz/classic/history/benz-patent-motor-car/.

Bravely and resolutely she set the new sails of hope." With Felicitas Woll, Ken Duken, Hansjürgen Hürrig, Michou Friesz. Almost everyone stares at her with a mix of fear, contempt, and anger. And despite all the misery, she never left his side. Now it is possible to follow the 194 km of signs indicating her route from Mannheim via Heidelberg to Pforzheim (Black Forest) and back. It's kind of alarming how much…. There’s so much more to Bertha’s story than the troubles she encountered on her journey, too. [1] In doing so, she brought the Benz Patent-Motorwagen worldwide attention and got the company its first sales. You still haven't turned off your adblocker or allowed our site. It had powered rear wheels with a ringed steel and solid rubber, steerable front wheel. You must have JavaScript enabled to experience the new Autoblog. From that moment on, everything Bertha and her sons encounter in the town where she had to stop to buy ligroin, a petroleum distillate the motorwagen ran on, is hostile and aggressive.
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[19][20], On 25 January 2011 Deutsche Welle (DW-TV) broadcast worldwide in its series, Made in Germany, a TV documentary on the invention of the automobile by Karl Benz, highlighting the very important role of his wife, Bertha Benz. "It was important to my team to depict Bertha Benz as a strong woman and timeless role model" explained Bettina Fetzer, Vice President Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars. info), née Cäcilie Bertha Ringer; 3 May 1849 – 5 May 1944) was a German automotive pioneer. She wanted to prove her husband that the automobile, in which they both had invested a large amount of money, is a significant invention and, if marketed, it would become a financial success. The motto is Bertha Benz Challenge – Sustainable Mobility on the World's Oldest Automobile Road!.

She’s amazing. ©2020 Verizon Media. Senior Editor, Jalopnik • Running: 1973 VW Beetle, 2006 Scion xB, 1990 Nissan Pao, 1991 Yugo GV Plus, 2020 Changli EV • Not-so-running: 1977 Dodge Tioga RV (also, buy my book! [16] The trio added water to their supply every time they stopped. As the story goes, Bertha Benz, the wife of Karl Benz who built the first car in 1988, took her husband’s Patent-Motorwagen Model III without telling him and without the permission of the authorities for a trip from Mannheim to Pforzheim. In 2008, the Bertha Benz Memorial Route[18] was officially approved as a route of the industrial heritage of mankind, because it follows Bertha Benz's path during the world's first long-distance journey by automobile in 1888. [citation needed], In 1886, Benz presented the Patent-Motorwagen automobile to the world. She cleaned a blocked fuel line with her hat pin and used her garter as insulation material. Bertha had one very important mission. Bertha Benz became no stranger to hunger, want and social ridicule. Bertha Benz was a German automotive pioneer. The video at the top, released recently by Mercedes-Benz, features one of the most famous moments of that legendary trip. The pioneering couple introduced several improvements after Bertha's experiences. In 1925 Karl Benz wrote the following in his memoirs: "Only one person remained with me in the small ship of life when it seemed destined to sink.
Richard and Eugen even had to push the vehicle up steer roads because of the vehicle’s lack of power. Two years before her marriage to Karl Benz, she used part of her dowry to invest in his failing iron construction company.