Are you interested in buying a gas power chainsaw but can not make it happen due to some negative reports and doubts? And you can tell when it is sharp by listening to the sound it makes when using a chainsaw sharpening file. It weighs 16.6lbs and comes with a two year warranty. The video below gives a more detailed overview of what to look for if you are buying a gas chainsaw: I hope you love the products that I recommend here! Unless your chainsaw is used regularly, the gas in the tank is probably due for replacement. If your saw produces more sawdust than wood chips or if it jumps when pressed to the wood, it is likely due for sharpening. Your email address will not be published. Every year thousands of emergency room cases are registered because of injuries caused by chainsaws. Motor size is one of the most important considerations when shopping for a chainsaw. Best Chainsaw 2019 – Detailed Gas Chainsaw Review. This is the Rolls Royce of all the gas chainsaws on the list – the Husqvarna Rancher 460 has lots and lots of power and top notch build quality. As long as your trees are over around 20 inches in diameter this will be plenty good enough. Everything, from the housing to the gas cap to the chain tensioner and the bar itself is made of very high quality materials, with a lot of attention to detail. The Echo CS-310 is a lightweight machine that starts quickly making it easier for use for both new and experienced owners. Are WORX chainsaw’s one of the best in the market? It has a 20 inch bar and a 58 cc engine that outputs 3.5HP. You get all of this at reasonable price when you compare it to similar sized gas chainsaws.

This can cause a reverse reaction that ‘kicks back’ the guide bar towards the operator, and the force of the kick back can vary. Make sure your kids or pets are not on site while you are using the saw. You can’t fail to be impressed by what you get at this cut price cost. Additionally, electric chainsaws are more environmentally friendly than gas chainsaws.Be sure to read the complete chainsaw review and buying guide before you choose the best model for your needs. Although some chainsaws have an overfill protection feature that reduces spillage, it is still advisable to refuel your saw away from where you will be starting it to reduce fire risk. While in the lower price bracket the absolute winner is BLACK+DECKER LCS1020B. The powerful engine also significantly reduces the use of fuel and consequently emissions. Well it certainly does in the case of a chainsaw! This Poulan is a standard household chainsaw that is elevated above its competitors thanks to the reverse sprocket which offers excellent tool-less chain adjustment. Remington RM4216 16 inch Gas Powered Chainsaw with Carrying Case.

However you wouldn’t want to make a habit of cutting larger trees with a smaller bar length – if it was going to be a regular thing then you would want a more heavy duty chainsaw.

I had no idea that you can purchase anti vibration accessory and many other nice things to make sawing more enjoyable. Also it is not that easy to take apart should you ever need to – this makes maintaining it unnecessarily finickety. It uses felt filter blocks rather than traditional foam filters, this makes a great deal of difference when it comes to keeping debris and dust out of the carburetor and engine. The engine itself also starts easily – the pull starting system works flawlessly and you should very rarely have problems with it, even from cold. Once you have a chainsaw sorted out make to also have the best cordless string trimmer. It has a 9.9 fl oz fuel tank and a 6.0 fl oz oil tank.

To conclude, there are many great chainsaws ranging from thousands of dollars to a few hundred dollars. You can then use a sharpening file on the teeth, pushing it horizontally across the blade. Thanks James. Don’t go for a very heavy and a large chainsaw if you are not confident about handling it safely as you might lose control of the equipment. I can see your passion and expertise and I love it! Also the build of this chainsaw just screams quality. Modern chainsaws range in size from small devices that can be operated with one hand to large machines designed for heavy-duty work. I say “fortunate” because the garden is large enough to be a kind of forest for the kids…but there’s work to be done to maintain it. Once upon a time I was a complete gardening newbie, but over the last few years I have learnt a lot about yard care – all stemming from taking over a mess of a garden when I started at university! Despite its small size it cut through tree trunks off up to 20 inches as if they weren’t there – the power to weight ratio really is fantastic and I don’t think can be bettered in this respect. The good news is that chainsaw maintenance is fairly straightforward, so you can pick up the basics pretty quickly and get really good at it in no time.

For the majority of home users, a smaller cordless chainsaw will be sufficient for most tasks. The 455 packs a 55.5cc gas-driven motor that drives the 18-inch guide bar and chain mechanism. The only reason to buy a gas chainsaw in 2019 is if you have a NEED to cut thick wood, fast or large-volumes of wood. It has an automatic, gear drive, chain oiler that works well and keeps the bar lubed constantly.

Those wanting an unbeatable power to weight ratio. Being as I’m clueless on chainsaws, the improvements  and tech going into them is quite something. In fact, it would probably be best to check the oil more frequently as it tends to dry up quickly, especially if you use your chainsaw a lot. You might be looking for the best gas chainsaw for the money. The bar is narrow, it takes a small chain and allows for no slack in it at all or it will come off. Overall this should be your go to choice if you have a lot of big trees to cut back and strip. It is sturdy and well built with a very strong plastic frame and a metal handle bar.

They are mainly used by professionals, farmers, and ranchers. Any sign of kickback and the bar kicks in and the chain brake is locked.

The guide bar should be around 2 inches longer than the wood you want to cute, so for instance if you have a 16 inch diameter tree to cut then an 18 inch guide bar is perfect. To conclude this 10 inches bar, 7.2 lbs weighing chainsaw with a 20-volt lithium battery which gives it a longer run time is one of the best buys in its category and price range. According to different budgets and needs, chainsaws come in different sizes and types.
This is the cheapest gas chainsaw in its range and it is certainly hard to imagine there is a better price to power/effectiveness ratio when it comes to larger gas chainsaws. Also you can’t alter the carb settings – I mean you can adjust the idle setting, that is accessible, but you can’t adjust the high setting which you might need to do. It will last you not just for years, but decades. The best gas chainsaws are up-to-date with at least basic maintenance, this is one of the most important aspects of ensuring the safe and efficient operation of your chainsaw for years to come. So if you live on a tree filled property, need a lot of firewood and are regularly tackling heavy duty tasks then go gas. I’m glad that I found this list and I will share to my husband to check it out! Although most of the gas chainsaws have it, not all electric chainsaws have it. One of our favorite part of Stihl chainsaws is that they came with brilliant safety features. Steve thank you for the excellent review format. The Oregon low kickback bar and chain gives you a smoother cutting experience. It’s just good practice and will undoubtedly save you from injury in the future. It starts really easily – mainly due to the combined choke and stop control, which has the added benefit of reducing the likelihood of the engine flooding. When it sounds smooth and more high pitch the tooth is sharp and you can move to the next one. The 20 inch bar and full-complement chain is really good and along with the 50cc engine it can cut through really thick logs, The price point for the size engine and chain is great. To conclude, do not take undue advantage of this machine and limit your use to small and medium weight work. In fact, its small size makes it relatively easier to maintain, low on emission and noise levels. Choosing the right bar size for your needs is essential for getting the most out of your chainsaw. Below, we’ll examine each of the key elements to consider when shopping for a gas chainsaw: motor, bar, and operation. An average gas powered chainsaw can deliver, If you have a large yard a gas chainsaw offers you the ultimate in. The Oregon chain with sprocket nose bar provides greater control for easier cuts. You may also mix a bit of fuel additive into the gas. This is when you are cutting something and the guide bar hits another object or when it gets pinched by the wood it is cutting through. This will easily take down, and cut up, multiple trees in a short period of time – not just small trees but it can deal with up to 32 inch calipers without any issues. The Remington RM4216 is one of the most affordable chainsaws you can buy, but it delivers power and performance that measure up to the best of them.

It has all the power you need to cut even the hardest of hardwoods and will cut stuff even the best consumer chainsaws will struggle with. Oh and it is powerful!

The Jonsered CS2245 has an 18-inch bar and a 45cc, 2.8hp engine. The 3.62HP engine is an absolute beast. Try to go for a saw with a bar length that isn’t too long or too short. This was all thanks to going to University where a two year stint spent transforming the previously horrific garden of the student house he lived in left him addicted to all things horticultural! The X-Torq engine is great. So how many ccs does your chainsaw motor have to be to provide acceptable performance? The modern chainsaw traces its roots to the “endless chainsaw”. BEST FOR…Those looking for a chainsaw with a quality chain. Banging-Toolbox is dedicated to providing professional DIY, and building advice, at trade quality. The Husqvarna 455 Rancher is a really powerful, medium sized, gas chainsaw – great for cutting big trees. Along with this, it comes with a 1-year guarantee on workmanship and material defects. Well, the Remington RM4214 Rebel is capable of dismiss all your doubts and misconceptions. So it’s really important that you go through important features of various models and make an informed buying decision. Gas chainsaws can also be extremely dangerous which means that the operator has to know what they are doing and be very careful. Hope this helps, but any other questions just shout. The 20 inch bar cuts through anything up to medium sized trees like butter. Everything has been designed with the user in mind and the saw is really easy to handle as a result. Thanks Jay – glad you found this useful. THe Husqvarna 460 is indeed a beast! I’m going to go into more detail about this aspect of chainsaw care later on. They are pretty vague and the illustrations are indecipherable. There are some really good battery powered chainsaws about though. The chassis – it is professional grade and die cast, you really feel it will stand the test of time and weather prolonged cutting tasks without a problem. The gas chainsaw is an extremely useful tool that many people own and use often. I have an old McCulloch, which is basically a knock off of a Husqvana. Your runtime is also only limited by your gas supply. The Poulan Pro PP5020AV has much to like, the 50cc DuraLife engine being just one of them. Its centrifugal air cleaning system reduces wear and tear and also allows longer operating time between filter cleaning. It comes with a two year warranty. Because of its lightweight, it can be used easily by beginners.

Glad to hear this helped you! It depends on the size of your yard and the amount of work you intend on doing. This is best done by clamping the tool to a vice, using a hard guard if necessary. It is the perfect saw for a homeowner with a regular need to cut firewood who is looking for a chainsaw that will require little maintenance and last a long time.