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Comments (0) Send Inquiry. For more info about the Lower Black River click here. Others, maybe not. The rocks of the river are a great place to relax and enjoy the area. Crawfish are the most sought after food in the river and make up a majority of the fish’s diet. This trail connects the Bright Angel Trail at its western terminus with Phantom Ranch and the Bright Angel Campground via the silver suspension bridge. The bass fishing remains productive through the summer and even into the early fall here. After the beauty of the Thompson Trail, this was less spectacular.

In Eastern Arizona, it’s different. Watch out for cattle on the trail.

The trail becomes more rocky as it drops all the way down to the river. Continuing past the West Fork of the Black River, after 0.2 miles, turn left onto 25H.

0.6 Junction with Fish Creek and Fish Creek Trail.

Beverly Canyon Trailhead Loop (South Mountain), Templeton trail and Cathedral Rock (Sedona), Box Canyon (Christopher Creek- *Technical), San Tan Regional Park - San Tan trail loops, Petrified Forest National Part and North Eastern AZ, Petrified Forest National Park and North Eastern AZ. Stay left at 2.7 miles. Never used top water lures before? The best times to go to the Black River are really dependent on the water level, water temperature, and water clarity. The merged streams form the Salt River, a major tributary of the Gila River.

5 miles from the split, the trail picks back up the main trail at F.R. Return to Alpine Trails …

The trail offers gorgeous scenery as it passes through Wallow Fire damage before ending at an overlook of the Black River. Here you will find good bass fishing in late spring after the river has receded from its swollen snowmelt fueled state. 24 continues to the left and is easier, wider, and has a good overlook of more fire damage.

through narrow canyons, steep cliffs and spectacular scenery.

5.5 Confluence of Fish Creek and Black River. The best times to go to the Black River are really dependent on the water level, water temperature, and water clarity. Overgrown with thorn bushes and rock slides, and washed up debris. We managed in a high clearance, 2WD SUV. One of the easiest to get to is the Black Canyon City Trailhead. Continuing to the left on F.R. Other forms of food for these fish are small fish, worms, lizards, frogs, hellgrammites, and other aquatic bugs/invertebrates. At 5.5 miles the trail splits and you have an option for an alternate route. The road is a wide graded dirt road. The merged streams form the Salt River, a major tributary of the Gila River. Another good time to head up to the Black is when the Monsoon Season starts to slow down, usually around the end of August or beginning of September, until it starts cooling way down in late October or November. [6] The three letter code indicates the park's use area designation: Use permits are available on a first-come, first-served basis from the park's Backcountry Information Center. Even something that's just shiny is often enough to incentive for the fish to strike. While the water can look tempting for a drink, be sure to bring a filter if you plan on drinking it or refilling your pack. But if you purchase a permit you can go a little further on to White Mountain Tribal Lands and there are several campgrounds in the area. Desert bighorn sheep and other wildlife are often seen on the cliffs along the river. This information provided by Ted Standage author of The lower Black River; An Outdoor Guide. Combined this trail with the West Fork Black River trail to create a 9.6 mile round trip hike.

Staying on F.R. Use of the campground overnight is regulated by the National Park Service, and they call for a maximum number of groups (7 to 11 people) and parties (1 to 6 people), as well as a maximum total number of persons.[6]. A tribal permit is required in order to visit, fish or recreate on this river. 4.4 Old cattle camp. Easily extend your trip by camping and exploring the surrounding mountains and rivers.

This trail had not been maintained and is essentially impassible at places.

The trail, which dates to the mid-1960s, runs for more than 80 miles from the Carefree Highway in Phoenix to the boundary of the Prescott National Forest, just beyond Mayer. Be sure to purchase a permit for the side you will be driving in through and camping on. [2], Grand Canyon National Park categorizes the River Trail as a corridor trail, and receives regular maintenance and patrols by park rangers. But make no mistake this is one of the most wild and scenic rivers on the planet boasting great fishing and wildlife encounters. This is the source for everything you need to know about Arizona Hiking. The River Trail is a hiking trail in Grand Canyon National Park, located in the U.S. state of Arizona. Well you need to - it can be some of the most exciting fishing you'll ever experience

Green and gold. To the left is the access road to Caldwell Cabin, available for rent from the USFS. At about 3/4 mile from the trailhead you run into the 1st of 2 meadows - Neck Tank. Check for latest permit costs at the Recreation & Wildlife Department in San Carlos, Permit required for fishing, hunting, or special-use, Family permits include parents and children 18 and under, Visitors to the Black and Salt Rivers or Bear Wallow Creek must have a special permit, No permit is needed for driving through on US 60, US 70, Road 800 to San Carlos, or Road 500 to Coolidge Dam, Black and Salt River permit may be used for fishing in those rivers or Bear Wallow Creek; special permit fees per day for ages 12 and up, Boat permits are issued on a daily or per calendar year basis; a combined fishing and boat permit can be purchased for a full calendar year, Water-skiing/personal watercraft permits are also available for annual access; free if under age 12 with a permit-holding adult.

4-wheel drive could come in handy if there is a lot of mud on the trail. This location is accessible from either side of the river and is suitable for two-wheel drive vehicles. We ended up taking both throughout our trip. Beautiful hike in the Arizona high country. Just south of Greer, this is an easier 4.8 mile in and out trail with a rewarding turn around point.
Consulting a map and knowing where you’re going beforehand is advised.

The trail passes above Caldwell Cabin as it makes a long right turn followed by a sharper left turn over a cattle guard and stream. The trail was briefly closed to mule traffic but remained open to hikers. If water is to be taken from the river for drinking, it must be either filtered, treated, or boiled before consuming.[5]. F.R.

Along its lower reaches, the Black River is the boundary between the Fort Apache Indian Reservation on the north and the San Carlos Indian Reservation on the south. Heading north on the South Kaibab Trail leads to the black suspension bridge and across the river to the North Kaibab Trail junction.

Thousands of dead burned trees, with a number of them lying across the trail.