Angela Nelson: Oh, it's not a bottomless pit of emptiness, then? Violet Wilson: Are you talking about your brain? Annie Walker: My idea of heaven is doing a foxtrot on a French-chalked floor, knowing I look right. The show has had many memorable pieces of screenwriting which has continued to win it awards year after year so it must be popular. Hayley Cropper: Where did you come from? I despised round 'ere. But you can't be. Emily Nugent: I'm quite capable of deciding for myself what I can or can not do! ", "Dennis, Jenny, if there's two people here today that's certain, dead certain, that they're going to be happy, that their marriage is going to be best of all times, it's you. Kelly Crabtree: I treat my body like a temple.

Oh - it wasn't Nicole Kidman or Glenda Jackson - …

", - Alec Gilroy (making a phone call to try and get someone to book a disappearing hamster act), "You screw this deal up and you'll never clean a lavatory in this town again. But you *are* destroying me. I've seen it with my own eyes!

", "Isn't Cliff Richard a lovely chubby lad. Rita Littlewood: That must have been a great disappointment to your mother! I thought you would never come back to this horrible place! Coronation Street (also known as Corrie) is a British soap opera created by Granada Television and shown on ITV since 9 December 1960. Valerie Tatlock: What are you talking about? Only not as classy. After ten seconds he *will* be sick. When it comes to screwing money out of people, she does it very well!

I suppose that's civilisation. owner Roy Cropper whom she thinks is a bit simple]. Narrated by Denise Welch and sometimes blurring reality and fiction, the accent as much on the character as the actress, and contributors included William Roache, Chris Gascoyne, Katherine Kelly, Anne Kirkbride, Roy Hudd, writer Damon Rochefort, Jane Danson, Sue Nicholls, Malcolm Hebden and David Neilson. Thanks for your vote! Many of the characters from the street have come out with iconic one liners such as Blanche who has become famous for her hilarious quotes and reminds me very much of Hubbys Nana. ", "Yeah but they advertise parties now don't they, on facial internet sites - you never know!

Blanche Hunt: I've never heard such self-indulgent whinging in all my life. ", "I remember seeing someone on Parkinson, I think it might have been Dame Judi Dench, well she said that she vomited before every performance and had to keep a bucket in the wing. Ross: [an AA meeting]... and with God's help - or whoever it is up there whose keeping an eye on me - that's how it'll be for the rest of my life.

Karen Phillips: [holding up one of her shoes] Don't defend her, Steve, cause I've got one of these for each of you.

[Janice pays a visit to the factory the day after flashing her bosom in the pub]. You've got two teams on the field and they're both kicking in opposite directions. Danny Baldwin: Call it a day, before the pink elephants start marching in! Goodbye Blanche was a special programme that aired on 10th May 2010 on ITV1 between the two editions of Coronation Street, Episode 7336 and Episode 7337, that aired that night. Sounds like the start of a joke. Web. An' then the dance 'alls... 'Ow I come to throw meself away on a nothin' like Arnold Tanner I'll never know.