Definitely a classic. The expansion of capital in Africa enabled the US and Europe to fund both the scientific and industrial revolutions. Still, I believe it to be one of the best movies I've seen this year. The film ends with Solomon smiling at the photograph Maddy took of Archer earlier, now published in her magazine along with the complete story of their journey, before addressing a conference on blood diamonds in Kimberley, South Africa, describing his experiences. Another one of DiCaprio's greatest movies to be featured in. Set during the Sierra Leone Civil War in 1999, the film shows a country torn apart by the struggle between government soldiers and rebel forces. The film portrays many of the atrocities of that war, including the rebels' amputation of people's hands to stop them from voting in upcoming elections.The film begins with the capture of Solomon Vandy (Djimon Hounsou), a Mende fisherman, by the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels when they invade the small Sierra Leonian village of Shenge.

Intellectuals and educators are generally known for exposing the truth, so why was I so unaware about the current situation within Africa?

How about receiving a customized one? Hire a Professional to Get Your 100% Plagiarism Free Paper. Rarely does media production have the ability to both educate and entertain the audience. The expansion of capital in […] Intense, gripping and generally just awesome. Summary: Set against the backdrop of the chaos and civil war that enveloped 1990s Sierra Leone, Blood Diamond is the story of Danny Archer (DiCaprio), an ex-mercenary from Zimbabwe, and Solomon Vandy (Hounsou), a Mende fisherman. At this point Dia holds Archer and Solomon at gunpoint with a pistol, but Solomon manages to convince him to side with them.As Archer overturns a body to take equipment he realizes he has been shot, but keeps this to himself. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. He arranges for Solomon's release from prison and offers to help him find his family in exchange for the diamond.Archer and Solomon find their way to Maddy Bowen (Jennifer Connelly), an American journalist, who helps Solomon track down his family.

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Set during the Sierra Leone Civil War in 1999, the film shows a country torn apart by the struggle between government soldiers and rebel forces. Blood Diamond – Acharacter Analysis Section C Group 5 . Both men are African, but their histories and their circumstances are as different as any can be until their fates become joined in a common quest to recover a rare pink diamond, the kind of stone that can transform a life... or end it. In addition, when Apartheid began in 1948, after WWII to segregate black, white, Indian and colored people from each other, three defining systems were established: a legal system, a socioeconomic system, and a political system.

Get a list of the best movie and TV titles recently added (and coming... Film Friday: This Week's Movie News and New Trailers. Solomon was brave, selfless, and loyal and eternally dedicated to his family. Are You on a Short Deadline?

Slowly and painfully the group makes its way from the valley towards an airstrip atop a nearby ridge. We rank every film in Leonardo DiCaprio's filmography by Metascore. The story is strong; the cinematography is excellent; and overall, Blood Diamond does everything I want a movie to do (to educate, captivate, and be enjoyable). Despite political efforts by the United States to prohibit the sale of indirect and direct diamonds from combat zones, the diamond trade was readily used to purchase fire arms and finance civil war. Works Cited Khapoya, Vincent B.

Highly recommend! Archer holds off the soldiers chasing them while Solomon and Dia flee, and then makes a final phone call to Bowen, asking her to help Solomon as a last favor before looking out over the beautiful landscape of Africa once more and dying peacefully.With the help of Bowen, Solomon trades the diamond to Simmons for a large sum of money and the reunification of his family, making the exchange as Solomon's wife and children deplane from a Lear Jet at a London airport. co. uk, 16 Mar.

Solomon is also reunited with Captain Poison, who orders him to find the diamond, but the South African mercenary force, also after the diamond, dispatches the RUF rebels in a massive air strike which kills many of the RUF rebels and some of the miners.

RUF depicts the realistic social climate of Sierra Leone in the movie.It is an organization that claims to be working for people and against the existing government.Although they lack a vision to establish a sustainable government for people, they concentrate only on gaining power and controlling the diamond trade. Preachy infotainment that wants to offer thrills, too -- an uneasy hybrid.

Instead, I am more apt to believe the capitalistic nature of our economy concealed the truth from us the consumer. 2002. WARNING: Spoilers. I will never be able to answer that question, but I can no longer choose ignorance. The historical precedent had been set however, in order to get anything done in Africa the white man was needed and it was the white man who perpetuated corruption.

Until watching the movie, however, I had no idea the exploitation continued. ” For some, it seemed, the only choice was to either be a victim or an oppressor. Archer is desperate for a way to repay Colonel Coetzee for the diamonds taken from him when he was arrested and thrown in jail, in the same prison as the fisherman. Archer gives Bowen the information that she wants and gets access to use the press convoy to travel to Kono to find the diamond.The convoy is attacked and Archer, Solomon and Bowen escape and find their way to the South African mercenary force under Colonel Coetzee.

Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? Yet, the box office viewing is evidence of what America does to Africa on a general level (turning a blind eye) that it's no surprise it never earned a #1 spot. Given that the movie doesn't have a single narrative surprise--you always know where it's going and why, commercially speaking, it's going there--it's amazing how good Blood Diamond is. Captain Poison is injured in the attack before he can get the stone, and both he and Solomon are taken to prison in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone.Danny Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio), an Anglo ex-mercenary from Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), trades arms for diamonds with an RUF commander. Indeed a beautiful and courageous attempt. Separated from his family, Solomon is enslaved to work in the diamond fields under the command of Captain Poison (David Harewood) while his son Dia is conscripted into the rebel forces, the brainwashing eventually turning him into a hardened killer. ” Editorial. The RUF use the diamonds to fund their war effort, often trading them directly for arms. I LOVE this movie it was THE BEST i love you Leonardo Dicaprio *kisses*.

Blood Diamond attempt to be such a movie.

After an arduous overnight trek, the men reach the mining camp in a river valley, still under RUF control, where Solomon discovered and buried the large diamond. Retrieved October 13, 2020, from, Save Time On Research and Writing. Blood Diamond Reaction Paper One of the greatest ills, committed by the United States on the African people, was the exploitation of African labor. Disenfranchised, the African people sought opportunities for economic and political freedom offered by the diamond trade.

Children were coerced into soldiers of war, families were separated, townships were destroyed and hundreds of thousands of Africans lost their lives. The result is a rip-snorting adventure set against the backdrop of African misery.

Leonardo is excellent.

Someone once said, “Ignorance is bliss,” and it’s quite possible I am just that blissful, but I’m not entirely convinced. Notable Video Game Releases: New and Upcoming. Web.

In one memorable dialogue he stated, “People killing each other is the way of life.

Essentially a romantic adventure story with politics in the background--an old-fashioned movie, I suppose, but exciting and stunningly well made. 4 Aug. 2011. Director Edward Zwick tried to make a great movie, but somewhere in the process he forgot to make a good one. (2017, Mar 21). Coetzee is Archer's former commander in 32 Battalion, the most decorated unit of the South African Border War, made up of Angolan and Rhodesian soldiers and white South African officers.
Leonardo DiCaprio, similar to his performance in The Departed, is believable, strong, and convincing.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. The year 1868, marked the beginning of the diamond trade, when astounding amounts of diamonds were unexpectedly discovered in the inland area now known as Kimberly, South Africa. All rights reserved, Blood Diamond Review.

Print. Blood diamond, also called conflict diamond, as defined by the United Nations (UN), any diamond that is mined in areas controlled by forces opposed to the legitimate, internationally recognized government of a country and that is sold to fund military action against that government.

Having arranged in advance for a plane to pick him up, he radios to the pilot, Benjamin Kapanay (Basil Wallace), who demands that Archer dump Solomon and Dia. Edward Zwick brings unimpeachable good intentions to his film about the bloody underbelly of the international diamond trade, but when social conscience jockeys for attention with movie-star glamour, glamour always wins. Poverty In The Film Blood Diamond 1564 Words | 7 Pages. (Warner Bros.), Rarely does media production have the ability to both educate and entertain the audience.

If you loved CRASH, you'll love this stinker. Blood Diamond Reaction Paper One of the greatest ills, committed by the United States on the African people, was the exploitation of African labor. The African Experience: an Introduction.

Archer collapses, unable to climb, and Solomon carries him a little ways before Archer has him put him down. The two men leave the camp on foot while Bowen boards a plane carrying foreigners out of the conflict zone.

But the rushing camerawork, breakneck editing, …