This album came 1997 so obviously before 9/11 artist: "Michael Jackson",

The line that says ‘she got your baby, how does it feel? / Can't stop the tickles / They call me Dr. Giggles / It's o-o-o-off the chizzle / Fo' shizzle document.write('

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It is about the devil(jayy)who needs hearts to stay alive. I believe "seven inches in" refers to the knife she used to kill him, leaving blood on the dance floor. Blood is on the dance floor Blood is on the knife Susie got your number And Susie says it's right She got your number How does it feel To know the stranger Is out to kill She got your baby It happened fast If you could only Erase the past Every night stance is like taking a chance It's not about love and romance And now you're gonna get it The necklace allows him to control whoever he puts it on. Blood On The Dance Floor song meanings and interpretations with user discussion. Also look at his hand positions it is pointing to the directions of 9/11 and also close to the time it had happened which was around 8:50. So he probably knew it would happen, Blood on the Dance floor is about a girl name Susie that seduce Michael and then tried to kill him with a knife look it up and then with the video the knife comes in at the first part and last part of the video I think. So, I'm more basing this off the the music video. Blood On The Dance Floor Lyrics "Rise & Shine!" Blood is on the dance floor. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. When the time comes she refuses to give the devil the guys heart. Susie is a woman who is much like a man, where she loves to be with different men and then breaks it off to go with another. / Oh no! All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. Susie says its right. "Scream For My Ice Cream". My interpretation of this is that at one point the devil tells here to use him and steal his heart but instead they fall in love.

This song is basically about Susie, who takes advantage of this famous guy, she pretends she loves him and wants to be with him, but actually just wants to get her name in the papers. No, really it's about Sexting, why'd you even look this up? as you can see, there's a line where there is written "seven inches in".well maybe for me, but to be true, not mixed with malice, the man's genital enters Susie's genital seven inches in. Sext, sext, sext me. All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. Sext, sext, sext me. })(); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I think that "candyland" means that you are going to get raped behind the curtain.. Dahvie said in an interview that he wrote this song about when he had sex with lots of groupies. (function() { So when Jayy comes back and asks for dahvies heart she says no and Jayy makes her get the trailer dudes heart but it fails and dahvie ends up getting killed in the end and Jayy gets dahvies heart. "Blood on the Dance Floor" is a song by American singer Michael Jackson. Susie is just a normal average girl who is dancing then she sees michael and michael recognizes she has the number 666 and then shes got a knife which means the knife is used to kill all those she sees who are to go to hell so michal is tryin to say that he knows that hes goin to hell. Michael wasn't stupid look at the album cover do you see what I see. He take control of a girl (lady Nogrady) with a necklace that he put on her at the beginning of the video. ... All lyrics … Well Michael is obviously a Iconic legendary dancer and explaining he was gonna get hurt or something by the title is clever.

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(function() { Susie got your number. Which is good to work with lol. lol i just listened to that song, it's soo weird !!!

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oh yeah I forget to say I LOVE YOU MJ!!!!!!!!!!!! }; But to him, she is just any woman, just someone to dance with, & he is not particularly impressed by her & doesn't even ask her name. This fuels her obsession in her thinking she has a chance with him.

Well a second option pulled up (literally) and the devil is ok with it and tells her to do it. He also did "They don't really care about us" and while he was dancing on the stairs, you see on the wall "the all seeing eye" which represents the illuminati. (function() { and he got a child that is not expected or do we say "accidentally made" and now she got your number and the man feared that maybe someone can know about it by the use of his cellphone. })(); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); My interpretation of this is that at one point the devil tells here to use him and steal his heart but instead they fall in love. Non-lyrical content copyright 1999-2020 SongMeanings, Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display. This song is about the guy being deceived by a woman.

Blood on the Dance Floor Lyrics: She got your number, ah / She know your game, ah / She put you under, ah / It's so insane, ah / Since you seduced her, ah / How does it feel? Look who took you under.

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It sends the message that there are people out there who are out to use famous people so they can be in the magazines. that's the one what comes in my mind. div_id: "cf_async_" + Math.floor((Math.random() * 999999999)) ***IF YOU ARE GONNA BE INNCONSIDERATE JERKS AND COMMENT JUST TO HATE ON THE GROUP JUST GO SOMEWHERE ELSE******, ____________________________________________________________, Here are some songs by BOTDF, with some heart felt lyrics, Rise and Shine -, Death to your heart -, I refuse to sink - song: "Bewitched", (function() {

this band is all about just having fun, expressing yourself and being who you are. It's Hard To Be A Diamond In A Rhinestone World. Look at album cove his arms are pointed towards 9/11 the skyline is nyc without twin towers and there is smoke in the backround.

Party like a birthday, artist: "Blood On The Dance Floor", Blood On The Dance Floor – It's On Like Donkey Kong. Song meanings ©2003-2020, More Blood On The Dance Floor song meanings ».

He uses a sexual reference saying "Look who took you under with seven inches in" meaning that susie uses sex as a weapon to get what she wants from the men. It's a perfect prediction of it. "Blood on the Dance Floor X Dangerous [The White Panda Mash-Up]" as written by Edward Theodore Riley Michael Joe Jackson. div_id: "cf_async_" + Math.floor((Math.random() * 999999999)) End of story. To know that woman is out to kill.” Is the line that says she got pregnant from the ordeal and plans to exploit that as well. He's running out of New York City with buildings burning in the background. var opts = { The band started out with Garrett Ecstacy as the lead screamer but he was then kicked from the band after dahvie caught him stealing from him and then Jayy joined. /* TFP - lyricinterpretations */ It's about suicide Interested in the deeper meanings of Blood On The Dance Floor songs? Guys this is just a theory I know it wasn't just those buildings that got hit. }; I agree with most, but also... Suzie is the Illuminati, that M.J. no longer wanted to play "their" game in entertainment. })(); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The song is about fame and fame's betrayal.