But it didn’t. “Everyone stand aside,” a new voice ordered. In The Woods Somewhere but it’s a sunken forest . Bog smiled and pressed a kiss to her temple. Popodoki, multyfangirl, IWillFindMyPlaceAmongAshes17, disgraceful, Kotac103, emaz0225, ManiacKuzco, Zibeth, KingTabi, darkmiss13, Kismet2596, Homestuckian, IRegretNothingAndEverything, Moon_D_Luna, astronomeus77, Nily, menteura, obsessivepanther, MarianaPerera, DiAngelo394, HinotamaSoul, roolime, Coffeevamp, NPennyworth, JibrilSchiffer21, h960, Pinkieeeee, I_Am_A_Silver_Lining, ShavannahSouth, LadyScale, BelleCat10, SantaCarlaBarbie, GelOKS, Stephania, Minimythbuster, Chaysethebadger, bassekh, Skyanna, Sadistic_Stylist, raven_fett2020, NamidaNoTsuki, Onveena, salamanderfantasy, mymermaidstory, ScorchedPoet, PrivateerFish, Solar_fire, Ink_Sound, GlacialBlaeiz, Blackwerewolf144, “Marianne!” she was cut off this time by the appearance of her father, followed by Dawn, Sunny, Griselda, the Sugar Plum Fairy, and a small crowd of curious Fairies, Goblins, and Elves.

Marianne herself hadn’t been able to take her eyes off of Bog since she first saw him at the ceremony. Alan Cummings (Bog King) & Evan Rachel Wood (Marianne) Interview Strange Magic A cup full of water appeared in her line of sight, which Bog took and pressed to her lips. Now lightheaded as well, she slumped weakly back into Bog’s arms as she drew the back of her hand over her mouth. “You’re right,” Bog agreed, standing up and holding out his hand to help her up. Princess and future Queen of the Fairy Kingdom It made her happy to know they were of the same mindset. And as soon as winter fully set in, well over half of the population of the Dark Forest would be dormant. “Why is it,” she wondered out loud, cutting through their companionable silence, “the stars always look so much clearer in the winter time?”, “Haven’t you ever noticed?” Marianne asked, glancing up at him. Goblins didn’t have such things as wedding ceremonies, he had once told her.

Bog: Ye captured her perfectly. All she knew was that at some point the tension disappeared from Bog’s shoulders. (collapse). That included its king, who had never needed to sleep for the winter. “I know, I was there—“ Bog’s mouth was suddenly covering hers. Then she and Azalea glanced at one another. As soon as they mated, they were considered married. Marianne’s grin broadened and her eyes darted down the hallway behind them. Boggy Woggy Kingy Wingy Blazemacska 10 11 Every little thing is gonna' be alright NixieBeck 18 2 Chibi Dawn CutieClovers 81 45 Deep in your eyes Pikuna 137 14 Happy Holidays!

“And you didn’t go see the physician then?”, Marianne let out a humorless chuckle. “Are you ready, your majesties?” he asked. He understood that she was excited about it, but as time wore on it was all she would talk about and Bog was beyond tired of it. Kid: [holds up painting of purple butterfly, intricate, gorgeous, beautiful, lovely in all its colors, a moon shimmering down in the background casting light down on the angelic figure below] Look! Powers/Skills “—and we went ahead with that fucking wedding—“. Hozier (? The tragedy hear Marianne is that you chose to …care for Bog, the current King and bearer of one of the few lines in the goblin kingdom who has active magic running through his veins. He had wanted her to experience it for at least a little while before she had to go, hence why they were out here now. When Bog finally opened his mouth to prompt her to go on, she suddenly leaned in and kissed him, her tongue delving into his mouth. As much as Bog didn’t want her to go, he’d much rather spend a few months apart from her than watch her freeze to death by staying with him.

Marianne clutched Bog’s arm as the two of them waited outside of the massive doors to the ballroom in the Fairy Kingdom’s castle.

Marianne clutched Bog’s arm as the two of them waited outside of the massive doors to the ballroom in the Fairy Kingdom’s castle. she snapped struggling.

85 guests It seemed like it was from a distance that Bog was barking at someone to go find a doctor.

“MARIANNE, BOG,” Dawn shouted, “I’M COMING IN THERE, AND I SWEAR IF YOU TWO ARE DOING THE NASTY—“. But Marianne barely heard him. The air grew steadily colder as the evening wore on. strange magic pregnancy hc butterfly bog bog king marianne the goblins are so happy for their king and queen maybe too happy lol random chat humor fluff 447 notes ghostly-eris liked this When Marianne sent her a grateful smile, Azalea slipped quietly out the door, the pixies following her.