The annual ceremony in memory of the 1887 Bulli Mine Disaster on March 23 has been cancelled. An artist impression of the Bulli engine shed, at the corner of today’s Hobart Street and the Prince’s Highway, where the bodies of the victims of the Bulli Colliery explosion were prepared for burial. On November 9, 1965 four men lost their lives at Bulli Colliery on the South Coast of NSW. A number of families lost more than one member in the disaster. and the stories of those they left behind ? Change ). Maree – there will a 130th Anniversary Commemoration of the Disaster on March 23 2017, i am related to thomas harris snr, and two of his sons, thomas jnr and francis, Nell – please stay tuned for details on the 130th Anniversary of the Disaster on March 23 2017, , I’m Sarah, wandering if you or others out there can help, I have just started my journey to help my mum find family, so far I know they come from the south coast, I’ll start with names, Robert Browning’s children were Mary Ellen and Jessica Browning. 37, Agnes Mackey, mother, bonus £20. NSW Health says six coronavirus cases after Stanwell Tops wedding; Thirroul festival cancelled, Local business opportunities to engage with the Council. *5, Mary Smith, widow, 45, flvo children, bonus £4210s., annuity £80 ; Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. *15, Jane Birch, widow, 24, two children,bonus £35, annuity £20 (this woman receives £300 in lieu of her own personal annuity) ; I have lost so many of my Maternal relatives in the Bulli mines. The resulting explosion blew out supports and caved in parts of the mine. Greener Brodie & William Brodie – brothers – later Ellen Brodie nee Smith widow of Greener Brodie married John Barnes  Nicholson, a political figure. Bulli colliery accident: report of Royal Commission. Alice Bouren married James lay and had 2 daughters beryl and Norma. bonus £5, annuity £20 ; Margaret Tobin, for 8 years A. Bouren’s housekeeper, bonus £10. There is a memorial monument near Bulli Anglican church where names of the victims are listed on the memorial monument in gold lettering. Jane Bouren-married William Booth, they had 2 boys William and Henry booth, Ruth Bouren married Amos Plummer had a son geffrey and 2 daughters I believe Thomas Harris Snr, and his 2 sons Thomas Harris Jnr and Francis Henry Harris, George Ralph – brother of Evangelina Keen nee Ralph and cousin by marriage to William Walker – cousin to George Commbs and Henry Commbs. 6d. The services will be followed by wreath laying at the memorial monument. The blame was placed on the heads of mine management and the miners themselves, citing their laid-back approach to safety as the predominant cause of the explosion. Hours on re-opening Sundays : 1pm - 4pm. Change ). UPDATED March 16 2020: This year’s memorial service has been. 24/7/91 – SOUTH BULLI – 3 killed by asphyxiation. Fifteen years previously, MacCabe had played a vital part in the rescue efforts at the Bulli Mine disaster, and would do so again this day. I have replied to you privately by email From here the bodies were taken by horse and carriage to graveyards belonging to the Church of England in Park Road Bulli, the Presbyterians in Grey Street Woonona…. 16, Edwin Knight, guardian of late Wm. If you would like to support my work, you can leave a small tip here of $2, or several small tips, just increase the amount as you like. 23, Jane Cope, mother of lad blown out of pit and slightly hurt, special grant, £25; So that the information Iv collected so far, if anyone can help, I would appreciate it, feel free to comment or inbox A fourth son, David Bouren,  died in the Old Bulli Mine due to natural causes about 40 years later  in 1928. Sydney Bouren married Sybill and had a son David 6, Marv Ann Westwood, widow, 33, four children, bonus £50, annuity £70; annuity £20; 8, Elizabeth Newton, widow, 41, bonus £30, annuity £30; ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Who were the men and boys killed in the 1887 Bulli Mine Disaster of 1887 ? Bulli colliery accident: report of Royal Commission. 27, Eliza Stevens, widow, 25, one child, bonus £32 10s., annuity, £40 ; 4 talk about their experience of the disaster – from the film Blood on the Coal. Watch survivors of Moura No. Hi, Henry Greenslade Dean – part of the Downie family of Woonona and of Museum volunteer Graeme Stewart. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. hi Ross An artist impression of the Bulli engine shed, at the corner of today’s Hobart Street and the Prince’s Highway, where the bodies of the victims of the Bulli Colliery explosion were prepared for burial. ( Log Out /  This incident claimed the lives of 81 people. A list of payments to the Widows and Orphans was published in The Sydney Morning Herald on September 19 1887. I do have a lot of information on all these relatives who died in the mines. Our Black Diamond Museum Heritage Centre is a, Bulli Black Diamond Museum & Heritage Centre, Black Diamond Villages of the old Bulli Shire, Parkinson – Henry William (Constable) family, Land – How Woonona Grew : Housing & Real Estate, Butchers of Bulli-Woonona and the Black Diamond Districts. Others believed that the miners, forced back to work at the end of the strike in February, were coerced into signing agreements that penalised workers for complaints about safety. We often hear that 81 men and boys were killed in the Bulli Mine Disaster of 1887 – but who were they – what were their stories ? My Great Great Grandfather and his two sons were killed in the diaster.