This new and outstanding fact in the space exploration was gained brilliantly by the science and the Soviet technology. Russians, Americans or Europeans alike have great engineers. Location of Buran and it’s fuel tank for another. oh, sorry, that should be number 80, number 1 in business and government corruption, number 1 in waste, number 1 in energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. – Alexander Popov is a father of radio Although very similar by its appearance with the American shuttle, the laws of physics are the same ones for all, the space shuttle Buran ("Буран" in Russian means "Snowstorm") is entirely of Soviet design, from the mechanics to the electronics. The availability of a cargo compartment of impressive sizes on the vehicle permits to transport orbital station modules or large structures up to 17 m long and 4,5 m in diameter and not only 2-4 crew members but up to 6 passengers can be accommodated in a crew cabin. However, better to watch these and other Buran videos on youtube. All countries on the surface of the earth Spy on America with greed,jealousy and hate, for example The soviet union,China ,Japan,Korea,The Arab world and todays Russia have naturalised spies in the USA that feeds them with informations on what the President of America does with his wife in his bedroom ,talk less of meetings on programmes that takes more than a couple to hold. They had a strong military, I will grant you that. Even if as many as 100,000 of the superior ‘select elite’ were sent as colonists to space, that still leaves a huge market here behind them, to serve and gain profit from. Truth is, they were scared of the Soviets advanced technology. Forget race, nations and borders, it is all lnternational corporations now. the engines are very much superior to concorde. [ Also contractors aim for only a satisfactory result, say 80%. Russian missle technology and anti-ballistic missle technology continue to surpass US technology. But it is necessary to remember that "Buran" was created after 'Space-Shuttle' with a break of more than 5 years. As a matter of fact we all should agree what is beeing buil in military labs In US, Russia and China(remember Huangyangtan mistery?). ]The soviets aim was politicaly goal driven, not aimed at further future work. but the technology inside is different. while our earth is ruined and we suffer because we have put all our efforts into creating ‘Them’. >Nothing ironic, just the fate of all wonderful and superior in this world. A world of slaves, lesser mortals, who exist for, and work for, and worship our superior “Gods” , who dwell in space…. As for the American atomic bomb, it wasn’t stolen from the Germans the way the USSR stole it from the Americans. The BURAN was Russian first vehicle capable not only to put pay-loads into Space, but also to provide their orbit maintenance and repair as well as return to the Earth. Missile and aircraft capacity of USSR was (and sufficiently still be) located in Ukraine. Great Scott, another thing to add. You’ve lost most of your manufacturing, and your economy is in shambles. Space shuttle technology costs to US far more than “Progress” technology for russia. >The Germans, actually. I swear you’d think Shuttle was part of a vast conspiracy to bankrupt the Soviet Union. But you knew this. the way the german scientists had descided to balance quantities required tons of U-32 that simply does not exist. There is nothing brilliant about stealing other designs, hence in this case their wasn’t any ‘brilliant’ engineering to talk of and resources have nothing to do with it – get real people. The really interesting part about Buran was that the Sovs slavisly copied the gross characteristics that made Shuttle shuch an iffy vehicle. Oh and by the way I do like Russian tech for it’s ability to do what is required and leave out all the bells and whistles. Hope you’re practicing your Mandarin. Superpowers in the money stakes. All these created extra payload problems which severely affected range and operational economics – resulting in the pre-mature retirement of the aircraft. Remember, who came to the US like a big baby to tell the US about the Iron Curtain in 1947? All this nonsense about “stealing technology” is getting out of hand. And with that will come political power…..[Remember when the gas was turned off by the Ukranians, and half northern europe froze?]. To make an aerodynamically flyable model is the easiest thing out there. That led to a lot of abandoned projects in Russia because they act on tip off of new American endevour without Having the kind of foundation America lays down before embaking on such project. Russia to fill US space flights for the US Space Station completion contract because a lot of funding on NASA The Russians invited the first space shuttle, they started their program in the late 1960�s, the Americans started the mid 1970�s. Keep up the good work – an excellent collection of photos of Buran. It is not correct to say that Soviet Union was “Russia”, the same as not correct to say that EU is Germany. – “carbon-carbon” material with maximum operating temperature up to 1650 degrees C for the components with the highest thermal load -the fuselage nose and wing leading edge, The French enforced Democracy invented by the Greeks; – flexible material for surface parts with the temperature not higher than 379 degrees C. The main differences between the space aeroplane Buran and Suttle-orbiter are follows: Although the Tu-144 was delivered 2 months ahead of the Concorde, the Tu-144 was a failure because it did not achieve it s objectives – that is to carry passengers safely and economically. Getreal should really get his/her facts straight, because you really haven´t a clue. one of whcih was the first nuclear reactor that failed due to highly unbalanced Amounts of U-32. It’s in the real world where brilliant engineering happens, not on paper.