This will be tough even for experienced survivalists. And that’s actual heat. I believe you have it all wrong… Today, the manufacturer screws the lids down on the jar rendering them unusable for safe canning and the jars are packed in half boxes. Shop around prices vary quite a bit from very high at marine shops to reasonable at wholesalers. I feel much less irritated that it’s in the way and heavy and hard to move today. For some of you folks try a Water Bob, not too pricey. First off having computer problems,,,,, NO OUTSIDE HELP???????

This changes things pretty drastically, to say the least. Junk. Heck, can ya say Camp Fire Cooking in an old Cast Iron Kettle? Just a real chore getting it out of the Jars. I have a zoom versa and have cooked on it but never tried to can. it has a car wheel mounted on a shaft to rotate. Tough times never last, but TOUGH people DO!!!! for about $500 in solar panel and inverter, you could plan on having your cold storage stay viable in a grid down situation. Then we can adjust accordingly. Yes, you can’t just set it outside…nor would you need to. We would most likely sleep outside as hot as it is now. We are a Top Prepper Site. Privacy Policy I was on the beef and pork Regular and NPH for years, then the Humilin About 600 gal in 55 gal drums and another couple hundred in 5″s s and bottles. Not what I’d want to hand carry at 60 years old. Lots of books out there on old, but still viable milling technology. Once Jesus comes there won’t be a problem, the preps are for getting through the times before he comes! You make a good point, as the Sawdust will make a good insulation, BUT eventually it also will warm, and having 500 pounds of Frozen foods covered in sawdust may not be a problem when it does thaw, I seriously doubt if a lot of us have 2 or 3, 55 gallon drums of Sawdust around. Now think about this… The water will still be flowing, the outside world will be functioning as normal, so all you need are a few things… – Food – Specific Needs.
And rabbits. I highly recommend a Bison hand pump for water security if you are considering an effective back-up plan to power outages. I used 2 quarter inch bolts on each side to attach bail to pipe. Prayers go out to you and your family. No way, not right now. They are now in my neighborhood. JJ, Having the triple wall pipe and flashing, elbows, dampers and etc, with pipe clean out all are necessary to keep from buring down your home. Bears are no longer an issue in North Dakota. Have a deep well that is hard-wired into its own breaker box, and the river is a quarter-mile downhill thru the woods. Surprisingly most do not have anywhere close to a month’s worth of food in their home. position above the well, run… Read more ». A week or two is bad enough. and something else that known anti viral,…depends on what is avail.,… like garlic prepard for allicin effect….amazon quick delivery.will not interact negatively with antibiotics. You are right about the ” lights out weekend ” I do them but not by choice as I lose power up here in the mountains on average 2-3 times each winter. However, I do have one major concern and that is security from my prepper neighbors. Within a few days the inside of your house will stabilize to a temperature that’s more or less similar to the temperature outside. Enough food for the family for at least 6 months. That way all of us on MSB can profit from your experience. If it’s just a long term power outage, 1 month, 2 months… 6 months, no problem. Blessings. Goods. Antique Collector; I have been looking for a manual pump for our well but have had problems because our well is deep. Got what you need in that department? I assume you have discussed security and OPSEC with your family and friends? If you had to count on them you would be dead in less than 6 seconds. There are newer products out there like Glargine which is time release but uses a different binder and reports from the field are it is more forgiving than NPH. You can sink a sand point well in no time. You could pull the pump with all the problems and costs of having it reinstalled after the power was restored to use that well bucket OR you could buy a Earth Straw.

TommyBoy – some of your neighbors must be related to some of mine. restoring Brad I was thinking is your well issue the Electric Pump down there? Of course if we get a bike EMP, might have issues with the freezers anyway I live about a 1 minute walk from water but it is from an extensive canal system that only runs half the year. Everything needed to survive. I have 9 hired helpers, all equipment operators with experience. Way to go! things you don't need to survive. Thanks! To set that you need a volt meter AND a cycle meter ,,,not cheep equipment but not bad when compared to replacing things due to burn out ,,,, earthquake) ). Minerjim ,,,,,,will try to get this out to you ,,computer is iffy ,,, The solution is obvious. A LOT of trucker powered units are DC or cheaply replaceable AC items and so many truckers do use modified sine inverters (and can afford to waste power due to truck engine) and simply buy replacements as needed. Normally I have very good luck with Duracell. Dumpsters. Tested negative for cat scratch fever, 6 types of TB, Lyme disease, mono, and Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Have canned whole milk for maybe 6 months….better buy some milk goats.

But how will these same people cope with week 3 and then week 4? It cost bucks but piece of mind and energy to run the pumps.paid for itself Although not a cure all for my place the pumps may run in the melt off of spring.

smaller containers so you don’t have to open your super pails for a shorter term emergency…depends on how many you are caring for and dietary needs.. I store my ice in there and have plastic juice jugs w. frozen water too. If that happened, we would be on the run surviving using just our skills and limited resources and buried caches of supplies. Keflex was the med given. Something that’s not been mentioned yet is Comms.

w /static water level of 145 ft.,.steel casing…,. I have books on the subject, the salt and i can read fast when I have to! But it is always interesting to read how other have had to face these kind of problems and how they over come.