Zurg's Mega-Ray subverts several planets in quick succession such as Rizone and Bathyos. When the movie was later edited into three episodes of the television show, the opening "Andy's Room" sequence was removed and Tim Allen's voice was replaced by the regular series' voice actor for Buzz, Patrick Warburton. In Andy's bedroom, Woody (Jim Hanks), Buzz (Tim Allen), Jessie, and the other toys watch a VHS copy of the movie Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. But it backfires because thanks to Zurg's touch, the Uni-Mind is now rotten to the core. Canonically, this is considered to be the show that exists within the fictional universe of the Toy Story films that inspired the existence of the Buzz Lightyear toyline. Mira Nova wrecks the circuits of level 10 training robots. Mira then decides to send Buzz into the core. Inside, the LGMs hurry forwards, eager to find their missing friends. However, a new voice objects to that, and it turns out to be none other than XR as he rolls in with an all-new attitude. A few say that it's top secret, and Buzz tells Booster it's for space rangers only before going after them. They crash-land the Alpha-One, which is mistaken by Brain Pod #13 for a weather balloon after one of the Hornets notices it crashing. Although Pixar was not involved in the production of the movie or TV show, they created the opening sequence for the film with the toys in Andy's room, as well as the main title of the series. Warp wonders how that is even possible with their mindlink and the LGMs reply that it is due to the Uni-Mind. Nebula fumes, convinced that Zurg stole the Uni-Mind to cripple Star Command, but Buzz disagrees, feeling that there is something more nefarious to Zurg's intentions, for he did not destroy the Uni-Mind, but stole it. She also turns her head around at one point, but in another shot, her head is facing another way. In this game you must match the clues to the correct villain in their rogues gallery. She becomes nervous and overwhelmed as she attempts to fight the robots. He begins to scale down the rooftop, telling XR that the enemies never see it coming, but they both freeze in shock when Agent Z appears from behind, having predicted the move. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Not willing to be defeated, Zurg tricks Buzz into thinking that "the Planet of the Widows and Orphans" is the next target. Buzz frowns, recalling that being the name of the heir to the Tangean throne and that he had met the princess once, to which Mira quips that he saved her planet once. (This sequence is skipped in the episodic version.). As Buzz tries vainly to free him, Warp presses Buzz's emergency escape button, rocketing Buzz to safety, and grins in apparent satisfaction at seeing Buzz escape as the hidden base explodes. Just as Zurg is planning out his next target, Buzz makes his attack. Zurg, still believing that Buzz is dead, feels that evil wouldn't be as much fun without his arch-nemesis. Tim Allen reprises his Toy Story role as the voice of Buzz Lightyear, as do Wallace Shawn, R. Lee Ermey, Jeff Pidgeon, and Joe Ranft as Rex, Sarge, Squeeze Toy Aliens, and Wheezy respectively. Booster then apologises as XR hits himself on the tailfin. — an oft-repeated phrase throughout the later television series. [2]. He then turns it on Star Command, enjoying the irony of watching his greatest enemies become his mouthpieces. The unity of the LGMs is restored. Mira says that a solo ranger could go to stop Zurg with the prototype Alpha-One. The LGMs sheepishly admit he doesn't know, but the Commander himself walks in at that point, and he is none too happy about XR's construction. 29 tentatively asks about the raise again, but Zurg scoffs that he won't need them anymore when it'll be "24/7 Zurgie heaven". XR and Buzz fire back and Agent Z lifts off again, flying away. Using the distraction, Zurg escapes and tells Buzz that wherever he goes in the universe, he'll hear Zurg's voice mocking him. Though they manage to fix XR's body, they begin to add a series of unusual objects into his chest compartment. Back on Planet Z, Zurg's minions hasten to set up a large gun on the top of Zurg's tower, which they will use to manipulate the Uni-Mind's powers for evil. Zurg and Warp watch in amusement at Buzz's apparently futile adherence to official procedure, but Mira, Booster and XR hear Buzz's surrender and his final entry (which includes a coded plea for help) and return to Planet Z to help him. When the movie was later edited into three parts of the TV show, the Andy's House sequence was removed, and Buzz Lightyear's dialogue was re-dubbed by Patrick Warburton, who does Buzz's voice for the series. Buzz says that as long as Zurg thinks he's dead they have a chance to get to Planet Z. Buzz pursues her in his own craft, not realizing that Booster and XR are inside it, having entered it to play make-believe. Agent Z leaves his ship and activates a jetpack and flies down to them, firing. Delighted, Zurg spins 29 in a dance. While on their search, they discover three stowaway LGMs in their lunar rover who want to help the two Space Rangers find their missing friends. Buzz too stubborn to accept any new partners. With Mira, Booster and XR, Buzz forms Team Lightyear. Back at Star Command, Booster is busy mopping the floor as an announcement goes off for all Space Rangers to gather to the Briefing Room. She gets back inside and warns Buzz, much to XR's and Booster's shock. Suddenly, the Brain Pods fire the ray with a final blast, which enslaves every last planet in the galaxy. Christmas: A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas • Disney Christmas Stories • Disney Dreams! [1], However, John Lasseter reportedly hated it, according to Tad Stones in an interview. Frustrated when the LGMs admit that he was authorized when they slipped the papers in with their vacation requests, Nebula points out that a robot can't possibly face real dangers like a Space Ranger. Warp, who is now handcuffed to a pillar, tells them to come back and release him. Buzz then makes a "final log entry", which Warp believes to be unheard by anyone else. Suddenly they hear Zurg's voice coming from the other Space Rangers, LGMs and even Commander Nebula. The DVD and VHS versions are also the only versions that feature Tim Allen portraying Buzz Lightyear. Taking advantage of Buzz's momentary confusion at this, Warp renders him unconscious and delivers him to Zurg.