920-994-9500; Home. Stefan Blue. Cheese tastings are available at our pop up stall at 137 Ulan Road Mudgee. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. Ok, got it! Caerphilly. Fancy running a cafe, gastropub or even a dog groomers? Golden Cenarth, a washed-rind cheese with a gorgeously smooth texture, is a past winner of the Supreme Champion accolade at the British Cheese Awards. This website uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best user experience.

Meanwhile, competing demands for milk forced a decline in traditional Caerphilly making in Wales, and gradually the memory of more interesting, tastier traditional Caerphillys faded from people’s memories. Now, thankfully, cheesemakers in Wales and the West Country have brought traditional Caerphilly cheese back to life in all its earthy, lemony glory – from young Cenarth Caerffili with its dense crumbly texture and lactic tang, to Gorwydd Caerphilly, whose complex flavours have won it many awards. also Flynn and Provenza’s plans to take the squad to a Fourth of July baseball game. Employment. Their son Carwyn runs the show these days, although Mum and Dad are still involved.

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Their generations of farming experience have allowed them to create high quality, reliable produce all year long. It was first made in Caerphilly in about 1830. In 2018 it was granted Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) for both English and Welsh spellings, highlighting the importance of Wales’ most famous cheese and its rich heritage. [1] The cheese was originally made to feed the coal miners of the area. We sell our cheese locally to many of the cafes, pubs and delicatessen in and around Pembrokeshire and further afield. ", Carwyn Adams from Caws Cenarth said: "Great care is taken at every step of the recipe. Visit Caerphilly Outdoors. Contains: unpasteurised milk, vegetarian renet and sea salt. Awards . Not so long ago, these traditional methods had pretty much died out and Caerphilly was almost entirely made in England, mostly in the West Country. Please open the link below to see the full list of stockists. Registered in England & Wales, Company No.

Our boutique factory, powered by renewable energy, is located on the outskirts of the beautiful township of Mudgee, employing locals who share our passion for cheesemaking. ‘Traditional Welsh Caerphilly/Traditional Welsh Caerffilli’ is Wales’s only native cheese. Home; About us; Contact us; Online Form; Admit Card; Results; Search Individual portions of cheese can be bought at the farm shop during the summer season. Caerphilly and Caerphilly with Leek and Garlic: This cheese is made to a traditional Caerphilly recipe. The Adams family also campaigned for EU protected status for traditional Caerphilly cheese. FAQs. Yes – traditional Caerphilly is often quite a moist cheese. All of the Caerphilly cheeses we sell are made using traditional techniques and recipes, and each one has its own very distinctive taste. 274591279. (Fetta only), For wholesale enquiries contact Grosvenor on 0429823955 or email info@highvalley.com.au. Caerfai Farm now using 100% renewable energy. From the careful hand cutting of the curds to the individual hand moulding of the cheese. Colly Blue. Once out of the mould the cheese is left in a brine bath for 24 hours. Caerphilly. Our. In the post-war years, however, English cheesemakers adopted Caerphilly as a lucrative sideline: by selling it young they were able to literally churn it out quickly. There are three maturing rooms available all running at different temperatures which allow the cheeses to develop their mould coats and to gradually develop their full flavour profile.
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Today Caws Cenarth is the longest established producer of Welsh Farmhouse Caerffili (also known as Caerphilly), probably Wales’ best known cheese. Fetta. It’s testament to the current revival in artisanal Welsh cheesemaking that the country now has enough varieties of Caerphilly … Whole Cheddar is best transported with the cloth retained. Caws Teifi Cheese is located on our organic family farm in Ceredigion where we make award-winning artisan cheeses from the finest, locally sourced organic raw milk. 10am – 4pm 7 days It’s testament to the current revival in artisanal Welsh cheesemaking that the country now has enough varieties of Caerphilly to stock an entire cheeseboard. The discovery not only jeopardizes a big-bucks wedding, but It is this technique which provides the difference to our handmade artisan cheese. Where will you visit? It’s a guarantee of its quality and authenticity, and the skill and passion involved in the making.

Two large windows that look into the make room and one each into two of the maturing rooms allow visitors to watch the milk being pasteurised, the cheeses draining and brining and the mould coats growing on the newly made cheeses. Caerphilly (No reviews yet) Write a Review We have some fantastic outdoor visitor attractions here in the county borough of Caerphilly, all delighted to welcome visitors back.