"[70] Likewise, Michael Blowen of The Boston Globe said that "the uninspired songs ... add nothing to the banal plot. [10] Lenora Hume, the director of photography on Rock & Rule,[57] was the supervising producer. Fred Rogers explores various topics for young viewers through presentations and music, both in his world and in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. Along with her friend Monkey Boots, Dora goes on adventures. Written by Adele Freedman of Toronto's The Globe and Mail wrote positively about the music in the film: A lot of caring has gone into the soundtrack. [152], In Mexico, The Care Bears Movie was released on April 24, 1986, as Los ositos cariñositos. "[35], According to the 1985 edition of Guinness Film Facts and Feats, the Samuel Goldwyn Company spent up to US$24 million on the publicity budget for The Care Bears Movie, the largest at that time. "[192] The British magazine Films and Filming remarked: "The purpose of the film is presumably to sell more toys as it unashamedly pushes the message that without at least one Care Bear around life can be very lonely. That's when three new bears move to Care-a-lot...with some very unexpected results. There's no doubt about it, this is a children's film aimed at the under-seven crowd. [137] It sold 538,487 tickets in that territory, placing 47th among new releases, and grossed over DM4,013,000 (€2,051,600; US$2,868,000). Studios Cynthia Taylor A monthly meeting of Care-a-lot's steering committee (with Champ Bear presiding) reveals a problem with the Caring Meter. [13] The film put them on the verge of closing down. ",[72] was also seen on the official poster. The film aired on Starz Entertainment's Encore channel in September 2007, as part of its "Big '80s" Labour Day marathon, chronicling various releases from that decade. "[173] In the words of The Washington Post reviewer Paul Attanasio, "The best cartoons recognize the dark side of kids, their penchant for violence, their fearful fantasies. When they try to wish Twinkers back to Wish Bear, the star ultimately loses his power from exhaustion (because they had been pushing him much too hard). "[6] The Bears returned for one more animated production, Care Bears Nutcracker Suite, which debuted on video and television in December 1988. She wishes for plenty of rainbow sap for Share Bear, and for Grumpy Bear's rocket to have "zoom", but the wishes backfire when the sap overflows and the rocket spins out of control.

[95][96] After three months, it grossed about US$23 million in the United States,[82][83] [nb 8] and placed 40th among 1985's major films;[98] it brought in US$9,435,000 in rentals for the Goldwyn company. After the Care Bears and their Cousins defeat it, they venture back to Earth to save Nicholas from its influence.
At an amusement park, Tenderheart Bear spots a magician's apprentice named Nicholas. Cheer Bear raises concern that this may be a frivolous use of Twinkers' power. the Extra-Terrestrial. [216] Atlantic Releasing joined this movement by establishing Clubhouse Pictures, which showed G-rated films during 1986. But we like the approach.

[30] DIC Entertainment also expressed interest. [53] A fifth producer, American Greetings staffer W. Ray Peterson, went uncredited. The two Care Bear cubs belonging to Grams Bear, Baby Hugs and Baby Tugs, interfere with it and bring forth a group of unexpected visitors: Friend Bear, Secret Bear, Kim, and Jason. [nb 2] In the film, an orphanage owner (Mickey Rooney) tells a story about the Care Bears, who live in a cloud-filled land called Care-a-Lot. Why even the Americans should bother to create this syrupy bear garden called Care-a-lot, dripping with singing quadrupeds who want to save the world from evil, is a mystery to anyone who has seen the fun and fibre that can be obtained from infinitely better children's stories, especially the droll moral fables in. But while I liked Oopsy Does It, had mixed views on Giving Festival and Care Bears to the Rescue and hated Journey to Joke-a-Lot, I found myself really enjoying Big Wish Movie. The voice cast included Mickey Rooney, Georgia Engel, Jackie Burroughs and Cree Summer. United States, Canada It's not merely that the numbers are forgettable—they are—it's that they're shoe-horned so obviously into the story that they don't amplify it, they stop it cold. That's when ... 2 of 2 people found this review helpful. [188], Critics questioned its purpose as a feature-length advertisement for Care Bears merchandise;[189] among them were Charles Solomon,[86] Paul Attanasio,[180] The Morning Call of Pennsylvania,[190] and Bill Cosford of The Miami Herald. This movie starts when, atop the roof of an observatory at their cloud-filled home of Care-a-lot, the Care Bears hear Wish Bear's story of how she (as a cub) found her new friend, a wishing star named Twinkers. [12], Other critics tended to differ. [210][211] John Sebastian's "Nobody Cares Like a Bear" received a Genie nomination for Best Original Song;[212] his performance was part of CBC's live telecast of the ceremony on March 20, 1986. [100][101] It was the year's highest-grossing release in that market, followed by Disney's One Magic Christmas and a Quebec production called The Alley Cat (Le Matou). [61] By then, the production was falling behind schedule, and an opening date was already set; Loubert sent half of the work to Taiwan (where Lenora Hume supervised), while the remainder stayed in Korea under Loubert's and Smith's watch.

[156][157], As opposed to Rock & Rule (which Nelvana owned outright),[26][63] the characters in The Care Bears Movie were the property of American Greetings, who paid Nelvana a service fee to work on the film. At the end, Me Bear, Messy Bear, and Too Loud Bear, having seen the error of their ways, apologize and ask if they can still live in Care-a-lot. [1] For the film's promotion, Goldwyn's staff partnered with Kenner Toys and the fast food chain Pizza Hut; there were also tie-ins on Trix cereal boxes. [106] While comparing The Black Cauldron with The Care Bears Movie, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution singled out the "putrid pastels" of Nelvana's production and commented that they "don't even deserve to be mentioned in the same review. Messy Bear voiced by Ron Rubin . [1][35][nb 1] The Kenner company also took part in the production. When the gracious young Princess, Tori, trades places with her favourite singer, Keira, the girls will have to work together to save the realm of Meribella. "[177] Adele Freedman also gave it a positive review, commenting: "[It] has a lot going for it if you can tolerate the Bears. NICHOLAS WILL NOT LET THE SPIRIT SPOIL IT FOR YOU This article contains plot details that may ruin the plot of the story for you.
[233] Adventure in Wonderland was self-financed by Nelvana and released by Cineplex Odeon Films,[38][234] and grossed US$2.608 million domestically,[234] with worldwide earnings of US$6 million;[38] it barely recovered its costs. "[35], Edward Hansen, vice-president of animation, administration and production for Disney[24], Dan Bennett, in a San Diego Union-Tribune report on the film's popularity with young viewers[80], The Care Bears Movie premiered in Washington, D.C., on March 24, 1985, as part of a Special Olympics benefit;[4] Georgia Engel, the voice of Love-a-lot Bear, attended this event.

[215], In the words of Jerry Beck, "[The Care Bears Movie's] box-office gross signalled to Hollywood a renewed interest in animated features, albeit for children. Traveling across Earth, the Bears help two lonely children named Kim and Jason, who lost their parents in a car accident, and also save a young magician's apprentice named Nicholas from an evil spirit's influence. You have been warned.