One of them is a playa character in Cars Race-O-Rama's Guido Kart races. Harv is a character in Cars. She had to steal her racing number to get her first chance on the track.

In the movie, "Midnight" explains to McQueen how he discovered how to draft in racing. Philip soon drove away thanking him. Their names combine as a pun on "minivan".

Fillmore was re-cast due to George Carlin's death, and was voiced by Lloyd Sherr. The character's name is a reference to the Oldsmobile Cutlass. During the film, Tubbs and the other main heads of the three lemon families (Gremlin, Trunkov, Hugo) attend a meeting with Professor Z in Porto Corsa to discuss their evil plans about discrediting the Allinol by using the radiation disguised camera to crash out the racers in the World Grand Prix that use the gas, and ensure that all cars keep using conventional fuel to secure the profits of their "lemon" organization who managed to secure the largest unexplored oil resources in the world.

He is Lightning McQueen's biggest racing fan who inspired him to be a racer himself while watching Lightning's races in his home country of Italy. He and his Gremlins work with Professor Zündapp. Before the Bumper Save: Gears and Glory 450, he was replaced by Chris Roamin' after he got fired.

In Cars 2, Luigi is a part of Lightning's pit crew, in charge of the racer's tires.

I did-- I didn't see it, but, I heard you were great. He also has two more paint job: Russian Star and ICE.

Giulia was left out of the completed movie, and replaced by Holley Shiftwell. [18] He is a Scuderia Ferrari fan, and has followed racing his entire life. He is a playable character in. During the film, Vladimir and the other main heads of the three lemon families (Gremlin, Pacer, Hugo) attend a meeting with Professor Z in Porto Corsa. Like Fillmore he became suspicious of the fuel after the incidents in Japan and Italy. In a deleted scene that told the story of how Ramone and Flo fell in love, the only customer Ramone has refused to paint was his future wife Flo. When he says "Yeah, that's great, kid, playtime is over, pal." In the Cars Race-O-Rama video game, he seeks revenge by attempting to close down McQueen's racing academy to start his own in Radiator Springs, he also gets himself modified in the final Race-O-Rama race after seeing Lightning McQueen modified from Santa Carberera, Autopia, Motoropolis and later Radiator Springs.

Hicks cheats his way through all of his races by ramming other cars or sideswiping them via the PIT maneuver in an attempt to cause racing incidents for his own benefit.

The resulting vibration causes Mack's trailer door to open and a sleeping McQueen to roll out of the trailer. It's the Hudson Hornet!" and plays with it with his friend until they get tired and Bubba tosses it into a tree (which Red recovers it for Mater by spraying it with his hose). His exhaust pipes are also at the back giving a high pitch stock car racing roar.

Though at first Professor Zündapp appears to be the main villain, he is eventually revealed to be a subordinate to Miles Axlerod. He made his debut in the Florida 500. They didn't win the towing racing series, but they made a new friend (since their names Tater rhymes with Mater's name) and decide to stay a while in Radiator Springs. Get in the trailer! During the cruising scene, "Motorama 1957" appears above her license plate.

He was fired and replaced by Flip Dover before the Bumper Save: Gears and Glory 450.

", a blatant rip-off of McQueen's catchphrase "KA-CHOW!". A pair of helicopters with searchlights (as the first of a large group of reporters in Radiator Springs) are not listed in the film's credits but identified elsewhere in the franchise.
Lightning McQueen Tommy Joe, or TJ for short as seen on his license plate, is painted cream with the number 83 on his sides and number boards. After narrowly avoided each other, Lightning asked the traveler why was he driving on the wrong side of the road, which he replied his name is Philip and was still new to America since he is from England who usually drives on the left side of the road as composed to United States regulation say they must drive on the right side.

Sage was a Piston Cup racer who was the youngest winner of the Junior Piston Cup Pro Series and joined the Piston Cup in 2004.