It is a sub-bituminous surface coal mine located about 10 kilometres (six miles) northeast of the city of Centralia, in Washington State. He took his job very seriously and he made several recommendations (at least fifteen reports) to the Director to make corrections at this mine. This was very apparent with the mine owners and the agencies that were supposed to regulate the mines. In this case, public administration failed on many levels. ...CASE ANALYSIS: "THE BLAST IN CENTRALIA NO. 5 Mine Explosion: A Failure in Public Administration. 31-45. Inspector Scanlan sent report after report to his superiors. Centralia Coal Co.'s Mine No. Public officials are in place for the people. On February 7, 1942, Scanlan wrote his first report on Centralia and found numerous violations and made recommendations. The people in position of leadership in government were easily bought by business trying to push their agendas. ), pp. Also, the Department of Mines and Minerals received several letters of complaint and reports stating that the mine was very dangerous and the dust was very concerning to a lot of the workers, the managers, and the inspectors. In R. J. Stillman, Public administration concepts and cases (7th ed. According to the text most inspectors would visit the mines and party with the owners. View Description. The Centralia Number 5 explosion was definitely an incident that occurred but could have been prevented with the guidance and persistence of public officials such as Scanlan. The blast in Centralia No. First, political interference in the work of governmental organizations can lead to dysfunction and mission failure. 5: What Scanlan should have done as soon as he found out was to report Mr. Schull to the Mining Board immediately, and if they don’t do anything then Scanlan needed to go to someone in a higher authority. Essay, Use multiple resourses when assembling your essay, Get help form professional writers when not sure you can do it yourself, Use Plagiarism Checker to double check your essay, Do not copy and paste free to download essays. Therefore, in my opinion, it is all right in certain instances to make the public aware of potential dangers that may affect them and/or their loved ones. Centralia Number 5: Disaster Approaches 1082 Words | 5 Pages. Inspector Scanlan worked during a period where corruption was seen as the norm. The most powerful lessons that ought to be learned by the case study are twofold. He should have done this to ensure someone will know that the miners would be in serious trouble. As the nspector Scanlan could have had this mine shut down on several occasions, as he told the director of the state mining board. A Dictionary of the English Language by Samuel Johnson, The Yellow Wallpaper, by Charlotte Gilman. Assistant Director Robert Weir was the first to see... ...mine | In one aspect it may have looked like he was doing all that he could with reaching out to the director but persistence was very pertinent in this instance. As the public official and inspector, it was Scanlan’s job to ensure that safety procedures and policies were being followed. New York: Houghton Mifflin Stillman, R. J. III (2010). ...The Blast in Centralia No. Copyright © 2000-2020. 5: A mine disaster no one stopped. History Every three months through 1942 to 1944, Scanlan inspected the mine while adding new recommendations. The special commissions did their investigation, and they found that there should be “no more than a hundred men working on a single split, or current, of air” (Stillman, 2010). C Blue | Many things come to mind when trying to ascertain why the tragedy occurred and how it could have been prevented. The Mine was there to provide coal during World War II. The Centralia Mine is one of three TransAlta-owned surface coal mines. In March 25, 1947, the Centralia No. Identify and explain four logistical alternatives Scanlan could have addressed. Various officials of mine safety agencies and the mine company were notified on more than one occasion. Clearly, there was a very politically changed climate operating in Illinois during this time, as evidenced in political/patronage appointments. Scanlan worked at The Centralia Mine No. The blast in Centralia No. If these hazards had not been corrected then to possibly try to assess fines or penalties. The third thing that Scanlan could have addressed was the fact that special commission... ...Centralia No. Last Survivor of the Centralia Number Five Coal Mine Disaster Dies at 83 2/22/10 @ 1:43:38 pm. 5 by John Bartlow Martin highlights multiple failures in public administration. Question 1 | In this analysis, I will examine the possible roles and responsibilities of Driscoll O. Scanlan, the mine inspector, given the "corruption of modern administrative enterprises" prior to the accident. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. (1948, March). During the same year, Governor Green appointed Driscoll Scanlan to become the Illinois state mine inspector. Home Oral Histories of Centralia Number 5 Mine Disaster, side 1 Reference URL To link to this object, paste this link in email, IM or document To embed this object, paste this HTML in website. Retrieved from, This is just a sample. According to … there hadn't been many deaths compared to other coal mines, but that No.5 was always dusty and dry. According to the investigative findings of the U.S. Bureau of Mines and Mine Safety and Health Administration, a build-up of charge ignited coal dust caused the explosion (Martin, 2000). The mine owners made friends in the government by putting money in the pockets of those in leadership. A PUBLIC ADMINSTRATION CRITIQUE | Joseph McCue How about make it original at only $13.9/page? com/repository/category/mine_emergency/Strategies_for_Escape_and_Rescue. Another letter was sent from the CMA asking for details in March of 1947. The Problem 5. The Mine Safety and Health Administration of the United States Department of Labor reported the explosion was caused when an under burdened shot or blown-out shot ignited coal dust. One of the workers reported the dust covering their shoes and another stated he would cough up chunks of coal once he left work (Stillman, 2010). 5. The chronology of the case shows a progression of "appropriate" action within the existing law and according to organization or bureaucratic norms. The What If’s 5 | At the time of the explosion in March of 1947, Bell and Zoller's #5 mine was 630 feet deep and consisted of several miles of underground tunnels. Scanlan as an inspector should have and could have done more to prevent this tragedy. There were also union complaints and letters to state officials. The CMA received a follow up stating that everything had been corrected. The Centralia Mine began commercial operation in 1971 and was purchased by TransAlta in May 2000. On an organiza¬tional level, the players include the State of Illinois, the U.S. Government, the Centralia Coal Company, the United Mine Workers of America, and the miners themselves, who could hardly be said to have been well represented by any of the others. The Centralia Coal Mine No.5 blast was a tragic and preventable disaster that according to John Martin, “no one stopped.” With only 31 survivors a total of 111 hard working coal miners lost their lives on this dreadful day which to most of them was soon approaching. This incident was a calamity waiting to happen. ...The Blast in Centralia No. 5 was similar to so many mines that did not explode. Those alternatives included focusing on; the lack of efficient timing in responding to recommendations, the lack of follow through in holding some entity responsible when those recommendations did not get addressed, the lack of setting professional boundaries between the owners of the Centralia Coal Mine No.5 and government officials, and the lack of accountability on the managerial staff at the coal mine. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. your own paper. 5 was one of five inspections districts in Illinois. | “Scanlan was a stubborn, righteous, zealous, man of fierce integrity” (Stillman, 2010 pg 32). “Many public sector safety professionals from state and federal agencies knew of the hazards as a result of inspections, union complaints and letters to state officials” (www. Producing up to 2,000 tons per day this medium-small mine had about 250 hardworking men to get the job done. 7/21/13 I believe that they all played a role because The Centralia Coal Company should focus on the workers. 5: A mine Disaster No One Stopped is a useful lens through which to identify potential pitfalls for national security organizations. Inspector Scanlan and his boss... ...Centralia No 5 In 1941, the governor also appointed Driscoll Scanlan, recommended by his state representative, as one of the state’s 16 mine inspectors (Martin, 1948). 5 coal mine exploded near the town of Centralia, Illinois, killing 111 people. During the next several years there were several complaints made regarding the safety of the mine. Scanlan could have addressed some other issues as well, in hopes that he would get anyone to know what the dangers of what he was finding out. ...Midterm Case Analysis: The Blast in Centralia No.5- A Mine Disaster No One Stopped There were several issues that happened that could have possibly prevented the terrible incident at the Centralia Mine. Research on strategies for escape and rescue from underground coalmines. A possible path of action that Scanlan could have taken would have been to ensure that the mine was actually meeting protocol and correcting the hazards that were indicated. The Governor hired a campaign employee with no specialized experience to be the Director of... StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. If there is being push back then you must be persistent, especially if you know that you are in hazardous conditions. Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Those recommendations reported that the mine needed to be rock dusted, haul roads needed to be cleaned and sprinkled, and that tamping shots with coal dust be discontinued and replaced with clay. Inspector Scanlan experienced difficulties with communicating with those who were in a position to regulate the mining industry. Four Logistical alternatives Scanlan could have addressed are corruption, communication, time and responsibility. Topic Statement Illinois was divided into five inspection districts and a Board of Examiners for Mine Inspectors was created in 1883. However, his expert advice alone was not enough to motivate a response. Second, the failure to conduct independent oversight over a governmental organization—especially when its performance, From February 7, 1942 to the deaths of 111 miners on March 25, 1947, Centralia Number 5 was a disaster waiting to happen. So many things could have been done that were not. The federal reports reached the Illinois Department at Springfield but nothing was done. Centralia No. 5 in Wamac, Ill., a town just south of Centralia. Each time a letter would be received an inspector would be sent to investigate (I believe at some point they should have taken control and enforced the recommendations set by Scanlan. January 23, 2012 The explosion of this mine should not have been a surprise to anyone. Scanlan as well as the mine’s union had also pushed to have the hazards corrected. Harper’s Magazine, 1-38. He became very active with voicing his concerns, which faced the workers safety, and made several reports for there to be corrections done to the mine. I will explain alternative methods that could have been implemented to create change in a period when corruption and lack of oversight was widespread.