Zlatan Ibrahimović, Toni Kroos ou Yaya Touré figurent dans ce festival de buts. Les 16 équipes sont réparties en quatre groupes de quatre équipes. A final played between two historic clubs in the Ernst-Happel-Stadion (named after the great innovator and coach) in Vienna, Austria. Le nombre total de participants est limité à 24. Revivez les matches retour les plus fous de l'Histoire de l'UEFA Champions League. Titel) Beginn: 10.

Veja o Ferencváros empatar com o Real Madrid em 1995. De twee clubs werden voorgesteld als tegenpolen: het bijeengeraapte sterrenteam van Milan en het uit eigen jeugdspelers samengestelde Ajax. Retour sur un moment magique de la Champions League en 2018. Rijkaard simply played a short diagonal pass into Kluivert who took the ball into the box with some pressure of retreating defenders and poked in the goal at the near post. Simone would frequently drop deeper to receive the ball and help the team move up the pitch. Is it possible to be able to download the videos? When the front two of Massaro and Simone pressed the Ajax back line they would press the two nearest Ajax central defenders. Elle oppose l'Ajax Amsterdam à l'AC Milan. Van Gaal admitted this wasnt one of their better games and he might have been referring to the lack of dynamic interaction from the players to break through AC Milan – though this seems to be a common problem in his teams. La compétition s'est terminée le 24 mai 1995 par la finale au Stade Ernst Happel à Vienne.

Your email address will not be published. L'issue de cette 40e finale allait s'écrire à la 85e minute, le jeune Patrick Kluivert 18 ans entré en cours de jeu poussait en bout de course dans le but adverse un ballon glissé par son coéquipier Frank Rijkaard, une réalisation tardive scellant un 4e titre de champion d'Europe pour le club néerlandais. It's hard to say. In the following table, finals until 1992 were in the European Cup era, since 1993 were in the UEFA Champions League era. Simone was a bright spot in regards to the offense as he used his excellent dribbling to beat players down the wing (where he shifted most often to breakthrough) and cross or moved into the center to attempt combinations or diagonal through passes. Rijkaard, Davids, or Seedorf would occasionally make runs past midfield if they played a vertical ball into a forward and sought to receive a return pass – the use of such lay-offs proved successful for the small amount of times they were used. The 1995 UEFA Champions League Final was the 40th edition and took place in Vienna between Ajax and Milan.It was Milan's third consecutive UEFA Champions League final, a feat which has since been matched in the Champions League era by Juventus between 1996 and 1998 and Real Madrid between 2016 and 2018, Milan was also aiming to tie Real Madrid's record of having won the European … La finale de la Ligue des champions de l'UEFA 1994-1995 est la 40 e de l'histoire de la compétition. Simone would try to play a wall-pass combination with Massaro but Massaro would’ve already turned his back and started running once the pass was played. Alle anzeigen, Ernie Berenbroek January 25, 2019 um 6:51 pm. Milan relied on one of their two strikers to backwards press and not allow Rijkaard too much time on the ball while the midfield focused on protecting the defensive line instead of pressing as a unit. The tournament was won by Juventus, who beat defending champions Ajax on penalties in the final for their first European Cup since 1985, and their second overall. Though in this match there wasnt as much focus on collectively pressing the area of the ball and the offside traps werent performed as cleanly as under Sacchi. L'utilisation de la plate-forme UEFA.com implique que vous acceptez les Conditions générales et les Dispositions en matière de vie privée. C'est la deuxième fois dans la compétition que les 2 clubs se rencontrent en finale après l'édition de 1973. Many passes attempted through the defense to Massaro were easily intercepted as he was quite isolated and didn’t look to maintain possession and bring the team up the pitch. In the defensive midfield, Desailly and Albertini must are confused. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 15 octobre 2020 à 16:56. The biggest holes opened up when Litmanen dragged Desailly to the far side so that the area around the ball was not as pressurized and the holes in the center could be exploited by his teammates. Though combinations like this which involved more movement and more players were rare throughout the game and AC Milan ultimately didnt have too difficult a time defending. UEFA Champions League 6 Liverpool 3-3 … La compétition s'est terminée le 22 mai 1996 par la finale au Stadio Olimpico à Rome. Ze namen het op tegen AFC Ajax. Sergio Ramos, son but en finale de la Champions League 2014 Bayern 2012/13, un chemin vers la gloire Les meilleurs moments de la grande saison du Bayern en 2012/13. Though both teams were dominant on their road to the final, neither team played well enough to create more than a few chances – which resulted in the only goal coming in the 85th minute. This resulted in easy breakthroughs as Maldini was able to play some very dangerous short crosses into the box which resulted in some good chances.

Absolutely love this! Ze namen het op tegen AFC Ajax.. Bij het Ajax van trainer Louis van Gaal stonden negen Nederlanders in de basis. After 85 minutes, the deadlock was broken when Patrick Kluivert,[2] aged 18 years and 327 days, became the youngest player to score in a UEFA Champions League final.[3]. Damon Staenglen: Both Massaro and Simone stayed on their men on the far side of the field. Le club néerlandais remporte une quatrième C1, sa dernière pour ce qui constitue le XXe siècle.Vingt deux ans après son dernier succès dans cette compétition le club batave triomphe avec une génération dorée, Patrick Kluivert qui n'a à l'époque que 18 ans sera l'unique réalisateur de cette rencontre. I do wonder if this would be revisited now that Flick has shown it can be done with the same players. He was very present in possession and attempted long diagonals towards the far post with many runners often – which was the main strategy for AC Milan. See my graphics of all Champions League finals and other international competitions on: Marco van Basten maakte geen deel uit van de selectie van Milan door een blessure. Massaro had a very poor performance in regards to movement as he mostly looked to make runs in behind the defense with improper timing. Le nombre total de participants est limité à 24. La Ligue des Champions 1995-1996 a vu la victoire de la Juventus.

La finale della 40ª edizione di UEFA Champions League è stata disputata il 24 maggio 1995 all'Ernst Happel Stadion di Vienna tra Ajax e Milan.All'incontro hanno assistito circa 50 000 spettatori. Hij zou enkele maanden later een punt achter zijn loopbaan zetten. De wedstrijd zat lange tijd op slot, maar een gewaagde wissel van Van Gaal besliste de wedstrijd. La compétition s'est terminée le 22 mai 1996 par la finale au Stadio Olimpico à Rome. UEFA Champions League 1994/95 Pokalsieger Ajax Amsterdam (4. One of Ajax’s best combinations was when Reiziger played the ball into De Boer who laid the ball off and then Seedorf played Finidi’s 3rd man run through the created space and penetrated the defensive line. Gs:

Le nombre total de participants est limité à 24. This was likely Van Gaal’s best team in his career due to the talent of the players and their ability to combine better than the other team’s he had through his career (mainly Bayern and Manchester United).

This game could’ve very easily have gone to a penalty shootout had Ajax not quickly capitalized on Milan’s mistake! August 1994 Finale: 24. La Ligue des champions 1994-1995 a vu la victoire de l'Ajax Amsterdam face à l'AC Milan. Cristiano Ronaldo, Andrés Iniesta et David Silva parmi ces bijoux. Les deux premiers de chaque groupe sont qualifiés pour les quarts de finale. Les clubs champions des championnats les plus faibles ne peuvent donc pas disputer la Ligue des champions et sont inscrits à la place en coupe UEFA.