Suffolk acted as godfather to the new prince. Like him, she loved dancing, masques, and parties; they were also close emotionally.


The last years of his life were quite happy. He was determined to annul his marriage to Katharine, arguing that it had never been legal in the first place. Geni requires JavaScript! Now a queen dowager in a foreign country she had barely begun to settle in, she was suddenly pushed into strict seclusion for 40 days. She shared her brother Henry’s exuberance for spectacle and was the star of his court.

The Crown then sold the guardianship to the highest bidder, often the child’s own relatives who wanted to receive the property revenues until the child came of age and decide whom they would marry. But that was not to be.

In 1531, Henry banished Katharine of Aragon from court. In fact, she was now pregnant along with her sister-in-law Katharine. Suffolk was put in charge of the new queen’s coronation. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies as described in our, Looking for one of our artists or something from our Collection? Henry had no reason to distrust him. He did not want Mary wed by Henry to some Hapsburg prince. His and Mary’s son, the eighteen-year-old Henry Brandon, Earl of Lincoln, would be betrothed elsewhere easily enough.
47 mm. Mary believed her brother’s promise and married the aged Louis XII at Greenwich Palace on 13 August 1514. Francesco Bartolozzi RA,

frames. It may have begun as a child’s awe of a robust, attractive man, successful in all sports (so important at the Tudor court) and very charming. When the Duke of Gloucester seized the throne in 1483 and declared himself Richard III, William and his younger brother Thomas decided to make a stand.

All contemporary accounts remark on her great beauty, particularly her clear complexion and long red-gold hair, the Tudor trademark.

She may also have been exhibiting the first signs of the disease which eventually killed her; most historians believe it was cancer. books, The king gave his old friend the unpleasant task of persuading Katharine of Aragon to accept the break with Rome and the new title Princess Dowager.

He suggested two of his own kinsmen as husbands and then hinted that Henry was trying to marry her to Charles of Castile again. Since Charles was just two years older than Henry’s first son, Prince Arthur, it is probable that they were playmates. Mary wrote to Henry again at Calais, telling him that she was now under his jurisdiction since Calais was an English possession and that she would not sail for England until he gave permission.
He was twenty-one and knew the English-French alliance was breaking down. When, in 1517, Katharine went on a pilgrimage to pray for a son, Mary accompanied her. When William fled England, his wife was already pregnant.

Suffolk was a popular man, good-looking and charming, and few – even in Tudor England – could resist such a grand love story. Her husband met her at a carefully arranged ‘accident’ outside Abbeville and, on 9 October, they married in that city. Suffolk knew he could no longer delay confession and wrote to Wolsey, now Archbishop of York. Charles was his creation, dependent on him for everything, and also ambitious. Henry was unused to such criticism and responded by dismissing three of her favorite ladies. She had also remained in France until dismissed by Francois. His eldest daughter with Mary, the lady Frances, was engaged to Henry Grey third Marquess of Dorset, descendent of the famous Elizabeth Woodville; before Edward IV, she had been married to a Grey and had two sons by him.

Charles Brandon, 3rd Duke of Suffolk,

What was the risk for him, anyway? – of Henry’s son, Prince Edward.

In fact, Suffolk was one of the few men who could still remember the Bluff King Hal of legend.

Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk died on the 22 nd of August 1545.

In his will Brandon left the majority of his wealth and estates to his oldest son Henry, for when the boy reached his majority. When Arthur married the Spanish princess Katharine of Aragon in 1502, his court moved to Ludlow Castle in the Welsh Marches, the traditional seat of the Prince of Wales. She was thirty-eight years old.

In the new year of 1522, Mary first met Anne Boleyn. But unlike his respectable, middle-class forebears who had led exemplary and cautious lives, William had a tasste for politics. Charles did not accompany the royal couple but remained in London as companion to Arthur’s younger brother, Henry duke of York. It was none other than his best friend, Charles Brandon.