"I'm one quarter Coca-Cola," the 89-year-old investor told Fortune in 2015, explaining the drink accounts for 25% of his daily calorie intake. Read more – View How To Make Cherry Coke mixed drink. He agreed to have a cartoon of himself slapped on cans of the drink when it launched in China in 2017, and declined to charge a fee, he told Yahoo Finance. "I didn't have it, but I could've borrowed it from my father. "After 48 years of allegiance to another soft drink, your Chairman, in an unprecedented display of behavioral flexibility, has converted to the new Cherry Coke. Recipes Where to Buy. Cherry Coke Alcohol Drink Recipes. 1.5 oz Smirnoff Cherry; 4 oz Cola; How to Prepare. Keough's company was ultimately bought by Coca-Cola in 1964, and he rose through the ranks to become the group's president and chief operating officer in 1981. Ingredients:4 oz Malibu® coconut rum1 oz Everclear® alcohol4 oz Coca-Cola® Cherry Coke Method:Pour the Malibu coconut rum and Everclear into a cup. Buffett switched to Coke because of Don Keough, a coffee salesman who lived across the street from him in Omaha, Arnold wrote. Boozy Cherry Coke Floats Cooking is Messy. vanilla ice cream, cherry coke, whiskey. However, Buffett isn't a lifetime loyalist. In 1960, Buffett dropped by Keough's house to inform him that he was starting a partnership, adding, "If you give me $10,000 I might be able to do something with it.". A delicious recipe for Cherry Paradise, with Malibu® coconut rum, Everclear® alcohol and Coca-Cola® Cherry Coke. However, he drank Pepsi for nearly 50 years, and only switched sodas because an old neighbor intervened, Glen Arnold wrote in "The Deals of Warren Buffett Volume 2: The Making of a Billionaire.". Made In NYC | The Best Cherry Coke Alcohol Drink Recipes on Yummly | Cherry Coke Float, Cherry Coke And Jack Shake, Cherry Bourbon Smash He swiftly wrote to his former neighbor, offering to send him some samples of the still-in-development Cherry Coke, which he described as "nectar of the gods.". Ready to Drink. After learning that Buffett drank Pepsi-Cola Cherry, Keough sent him samples of the upcoming Cherry Coke, spurring Buffett to switch brands and pronounce Cherry Coke as the official … But can you imagine giving $10,000 to a guy who doesn't get up and go to work in the morning?" Commerce Policy | His leadership of Coca-Cola — combined with the stock-market crash in October 1987, and the company's resilient growth and strong fundamentals — led to Buffett buying $1.3 billion worth of its stock between 1988 and 1994, Arnold wrote. 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