One interesting passage notes that the mine was wholly owned by the railroad but was a separate company so the railroad could not be touched for damages. I am a history buff, so this fit right in my likes; however, I was unsure if a book about a mine disaster that happened so long ago could be interesting. The 224-page book contains 400 photographs of the disaster, as well as the complete story. It occurred many decades before I was born, but I am still surprised that I grew up being unaware of this tragedy. I'm truly happy that someone took the time to research and write about this event and the people invo. This book really brought the dangers of coal mining at the turn of the twentieth century to life. Published in both English and Italian One of the worst took place on November 13, 1909 in a mine near the little town of Cherry, just a few miles north of La Salle, Ill. on Illinois Highway 13. The courage and tenacity of the ... Read full review. I learned a lot about mine disasters, which seems relevant given the news of the week from West Virginia. MUST READ. Kudos! The story is a scary reminder of how destructive mining is and was for the people employed, their families, and the environment. The Triangle shirtwaist factory disaster in 1911; the Big Burn, a large forest fire in the west in 1910;The North Butte Mining Disaster of 1917; the Ludlow Massacre of 1914; to name but a few. I'm an absolute sucker for historical tragedies. So, 5 stars for content, but 3 stars for writing, hence 4 stars. Trapped is a book about one of those disasters, but it also enhances the arguments against de-regulation. nearly word for word into a narration of the events, it was choppy and redundant at times. It is was hard for me to put the book down, I read it in three days satying up late into the night to finish it. Read this one to my father in law. The Cherry Mine is where Albert—and nearly 500 other miners—spent their days, hundreds of feet underground, digging out coal from deep inside the earth. "Trapped" is specifically about the mine disaster and only touches upon its effect on the country's laws. This is a historical non-fiction book that I really enjoyed. A lot of companies are doing that to this day especially among shipping companies. nearly word for word into a narration of the events, it was choppy and redundant at times. A captivating story, but the way it's written is confusing at times, and some ends left untied. A truly tragic event.. but one that deserves to not be forgotten. Please contact me @ [email protected] reply; Re List of Survivors of Cherry Coal Mine Disastor - 1909 .