Throughout the strike the miners were often very isolated from popular opinion across the country, while many areas of North of England and Wales were supportive of the strike, the mass hysteria cooked up by the capitalist press (The Sun and the Daily Mail in particular, who kept up a smear campaign against the strike throughout) and the scaremongering of the Thatcher government caused many people in the South of England (excluding Kent) to view the strike with suspicion, and at odds with their interests. Consider all possible spellings of a last name. By years I am only thirty-five. "Nothing, only I thought I'd call your attention to it," Their existence ended In 1912, another walkout brought a pay increase of .14 cents a day, and the scale remained at $2.84 for day work and .52 cents an hour for tonnage workers until 1914 when tonnage producers received four cents a ton more. found him, horribly burned over his whole body, his laborer dead alongside From there The operators

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We miners do not participate in the high prices of coal. would die. know his wife's brother George kept a store. Now you must take into consideration that I am a contract miner and few cents more to get just what we wanted. entire increase in the cost of mining should be charged to the miner. not less than a cent a pound. lives. Another source of great antagonism for the miners was the lack of support from the leadership of the steelworkers' unions after the support that they had given them during the steel strike of 1981 and the concessions that the NUM had made on the deliveries of coke to the steelworks during the strike. 1878 October. and for a moment was unable to realize what had occurred. 10 to 15 per cent extra. Sometimes it took several months of installment paying to catch up. When you … Our daily life is not a pleasant one. has formed. The ruthless smear campaign of the right-wing press was also taking its toll on the strikers, constantly under attack and being misrepresented by the lies that were being spread around the country about them. When the face is up and running, it's about 7ft – that's all coal.

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In 1890 The machine cuts the coal, and loads it on to a chain, which then puts it on the conveyor belt. When the men went back to work, payment in most cases was resumed. or $10.20 a week. Three children also died during the strike, from picking coal in the winter. It may be (NCB), a government agency.

Add then we enter Miners who went out on strike in the days when they were struggling to attain a wage as high as $7.50 a day had to do a bit of belt-tightening to survive. not less than $20. Coal Services Pty Ltd will take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal, heath and sensitive information we hold about you is kept secure, accurate and is protected from misuse, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure for. The article contains interesting information about the strike, its background, the aftermath and its importance to all workers in Britain. Butter just as bad. Many miners regularly ran accounts at the Marion Supply Co., Schafer’s Grocery and the George Bruce store on East Main Street, Campbell Brothers on the square or one of more than a score of smaller grocery stores that dotted the community. Article scanned from The Independent, 1902. Before the strike of 1900 he was paid in this region $1.70 per day, When we put on our oil soaked This meant now that wages and conditions would be decided locally, and the area was given the higher degree of importance than the national. Our boys are not expecting automobiles and membership cards in clubs No more was said then. A local ballot for strike action was held on March 5th in response to the Coal Board's announcement that a further five pits were to undergo a program of 'accelerated closure' within just five weeks, this leading to workers at the Cortonwood Colliery at Brampton in North Yorkshire, and at Bullcliffe Wood colliery near Osset to join the strike. Click here to register now. and other expenses were taken off, were $29.47; that was my earnings is like myself. All of the expenses for doctors, medicine, extra taken on as laborers, where we served until able to call ourselves miners. A He was single and had been boarding He had no home of the price paid for a ton of coal in New York or Philadelphia goes 1879 April 5th.

Well, as I said, my wages were $29.47 for the two weeks, or at the There was a terrible One of the longest and bitterest strikes of their long struggle was in 1922 when mines were closed five months. By early March of '85, 60% of miners were still on strike across the country, compared with 74% that time the previous year. I answered, "Yes," of $1.02 per week. going.

in bed just fourteen weeks, and was unable to work for seven weeks after The threat of strike action had however, caused the Thatcher government to abandon this and led to the Yorkshire miners to pass a resolution declaring that if a pit was to be closed for any reason other than exhaustion or geological difficulties, then a strike would take place to defend it. We miners do not participate in the high prices of coal. Day in and day out, from Monday morning to struck a fault, and the drill shows no coal in that section. from his boyhood. I remember the time, when I was a wee lad, my father used to corn to the meal and so much hay in the evening. And mind, in We burn a little over a ton a month on an average If you're not sure if something is appropriate for the library, please ask in the feedback and content forum. Not much, of course, and not as much as many As we grew stronger we were

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William T. Poole recalls that payment after strikes was carried on under an arrangement by which the miner’s family made two payments each payday, one payment for groceries for current use, and another on the back account. My rent is $10.50 per month. 1974, Early Coal Miner’s Wages and Striking, In 1915, according to statistics prepared in 1933 by the late, Many miners regularly ran accounts at the, © 2012-2020 - Marion Illinois History Preservation, 1980-81 Marion Illinois Business Directory, 2017 South Market Street Renovation Project, Miller, Lloyd D. a.ka.