War Is Stupid. ... Just wanted to shamelessly self-promote my own Star Trek based mod for the small nice Windows/Android RTS called Rusted Warfare. Two players can participate simultaneously. Chase a mischievous dog through a treacherous neighborhood. You can then escape in the truck. Video. For instance there's a bombs and explosives expert, and a marine who specialises in sea operations, able to swim, dive and handle all kinds of boats. Get the sniper to climb up and take out the machine-gunners in the turrets. Once you have it, use your spy to kill as many guards as possible without setting off the alarm. Kill the guard in the compound with the Green Beret and move his body out of sight of the guards outside the compound. Send the sapper out and plant the explosives next to the headquarters. The control system and interface could have been a lot more user friendly and less fiddly, saving thousands of lives (or the same ones over and over) in the process. You need to kill some guards on the top island to get the boat. You need to kill the enemy sappers simultaneously, so start by killing the two on the centre island with the diver, then use the spy to kill the west-side sapper, and as the east-side sapper approaches his detonator, shoot him with the sniper before he reaches it. From here you can kill the General in the garden below. These commandos are specially trained to take on the most crucial and risky missions. Move your men next to the crane outside the camp and then close the bridge to block off any guards. You may find it helpful to kill the patrol that is guarding your escape truck before you blow up the HQ. Whatever, the moral issues aren't qyr primary concern here. The almighty tank 'Metal Slug' was plundered. The difficulty level is by now almost legendary, and you'll experience a fair share of frustration as you play each mission 87 times, saving every time you take a step and stay alive. It's then just a matter of gunning down any guards and reinforcements that are left so the sapper can set the bombs. It is late 1940, to be precise, and the Axis armies have overwhelmed the whole of Western Europe. Save at least two bullets for the dogs in the lower sections, and another two bullets for the gunners on the river banks. Clever strategy has never been so furiously action-packed. The alarm then goes off and you need to get into a few gunfights to reach the enemy HQ on the east side. No virus. However, with the advent of Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, bitter, resentful xenophobes are offered a unique opportunity for revenge, provided they can forget that it's only a game, or indeed a 'sick virtual reality computer game', as the less informed tabloids would probably have it. This should secure your escape. Firstly get your driver to hit the deck, then head the Green Beret around the back of those broken walls, being careful to avoid the guard patrolling the road. The demo allows you to play the first two missions of the game. Syndicate and even the X:COM series. To destroy the tank just to the south you will need to set a bomb at the tanks' westernmost patrol point. However, every small success is made infinitely more satisfying because of it and, while you may question your sanity after a couple of hours play, you won't question the desire to play it further. This leaves the camp fairly unguarded - but still exercise caution. The Green Beret is the best choice for this, but you can use the sniper to kill a few of the guards. All you need to do then is use the barrels and your bombs to destroy the guns. The occasional newsreel clips sit somewhat uneasily with the game though, which while not quite as flippant as Cannon Fodder, is nevertheless vaguely cartoony, featuring larger-than-life characters and exaggerated shrieks of pain. You can then release the prisoners and escape. You really need to worry about stealth now. Once you have them you can blow up the bridge and escape in the truck. Study the enemy's movements, develop a careful plan, synchronize your men, and launch them on a swift and fierce attack using all your power and skill. His plan is to create a special unit with a fistful of exceptional men: men skillful enough to deal with all kinds of equipment and weaponry; men able to strike at the enemy on the most dangerous missions; men able to k change the course of the war. You can then use the sniper to kill some of the guards on the topmost wall, but save one bullet for the man on the large cannon. Go to the installed location of Commandos Behind the Enemy Lines; Right click on the “Commandos.exe” Click on “Properties” Click on the “Compatibility” tab. Send them behind enemy lines on a series of hazardous missions, and bring them back alive. Carefully take out all of the guards to the west of the barbed wire barrier. Next, move your spy behind the enemy sapper on the west side of the bridge, and swim your diver next to the small island in the middle of the river under the bridge. Look out for the patrols outside. The alarm then goes off, so use your sapper to blow up the fuel tanks quickly. For filling that awkward gap between Jerry Springer anti Countdown, there are few better activities; except, of course, those involving a buttered hoover. Avoiding detection is paramount - simply embarking on a gung-ho attack with all guns blazing will not work. A Military coup d'etat broke out! Among the characters, you could find an expert driver, a green beret, a spy and a sapper. The solitary sentries near the water aren't a major problem for the marine. Once you have the uniform, get your sniper onto the flat area on the roof. The spy's uniform is located on the washing line in the southern camp, and the boat is located just outside the walls of the southern camp. There's usually only one way to do it, and it can be quite tricky to figure out. Try to save as many sniper bullets as possible, especially one for the guard standing on top of the barracks. You then need to use the cable car, kill the guard on the upper platform and leave the spy there. Your commandos aren't heavily armed, and they're badly outnumbered, so you'll have to rely on stealth and tactical thinking rather than on blowing the bad guys away. In the missions you had to face various soldiers from the Nazi army, what's more, the game also offered the possibility to handle various vehicles, something that provided the game with more dynamism. It's a laugh though, innit? Once there you can use the nearby house to hide while you wait for the patrols to pass. For slower readers, Commandos is essentially toy soldiers taken to the nth degree; although to kids playing with plastic figurines in the sand 20 years ago, it is the stuff of a madman's dream. Before you release the prisoners you may want to clear the top area. Commandos BEL … Carefully dispose of the guard on the western entrance, and use the Green Beret to climb the top-left corner of the wall to gain quiet access to the camp. You will need to kill any guards on and near the bridge to clear your escape route, and once you've blown the fuel tanks be ready to run for your lives to reach the escape jeep. Playing this sleeper hit from 1998 now, you realise how true the statement that Hidden & Dangerous is a 3D version of Commandos really is. The conveyor belt will now have changed direction, so the rest of your team can use it to get into the base. Commandos Behind the Enemy Lines is the first title of the commandos game series, was developed by EDIOS in 1998. Capture, upgrade, and defend floating production platforms and oil rigs.