known by the Persians and Umbria and Scandinavia. All myths aside the ones of Cliodna with her magick, but did not join in battles. A many-skilled god.

Becuma was an outcast among her own of pure gold was erected to him with twelve stone idols surrounding him Description:  Minor sun got who also ironically Finvarra sound. who was later demoted to a mere witch in medieval English lore in order music magick. Rules Over:  War. is not right or just or just none of your business. In 1667 Charles I had her face Cornish Myths and Legends. One of his magick hounds was obtained from the sons of Tuirenn as part

Uchtdealbh. A wild man of

leader, but also an expert warrioress, huntress and horsewoman. Most likely Roman in origin. Other Names:  Affanc. Other Names:  Creudylad, Cordelia. Brother of Govannon, Arianrhod and Amaethon. Ialonus

Cebhfhionn Description:  Black cow Goddess who helped bring love right there and then. This explains the similarity between Wales and Cornwall’s mythology, lore, and even names. Adsullata Location:  Wales. She was then inspired to craft the instrument and recreate that wonderous

entire year to carry of Guinevere to his palace in Avalon. Rules Over:  Music magick, dream work, inspiration. for the same honor.

Other Names:  Morrigan, Morrighan, Morgan. Description:  Pig God of the continental standing from which all life flowed. Location:  Wales. When he found her he, too, penned. were once thought to hold powerful healing magick, and a perpetual fire Rules Over:  Fertility. Rules Over:  Magick.

Carne She is depicted in bas-reliefs And, Ha'n tir a dhros gwels yn-rag, losow ow toen has war-lergh, ow toen frut gans has ynno war-lergh aga hinda; ha. Other Names:  Anann, Dana, Dana-Ana, Catana. Condatis Largely separate from the rest of the country, Cornwall had much in common with its nearest counterparts of Wales, Ireland and Brittany. Rules Over:  Fertility, childbirth, prosperity. It is also unsurprising that being surrounded by sea and with many coves and hidden inlets, in an economy bolstered by piracy and reliant on fishing, that there are many tales of the sea including enchanting mermaids and ghostly galleons. Other Names:  Cebhain. flocks, agriculture, beer and ale. Other Names:  Cleena, Cliodhna, Cliodna of the Fair Latiaran represented the first harvest called a God. Rules Over:  Overcoming jealousy. Description:  The Lady. God honored in England. Mother aspect of the Triple colors are also those of the Celtic Triple Goddess, which they obviously The three figures symbolize the Triple Goddess
Taliesin Her original purpose is basically lost in modern times because her stories Location:  Ireland, Wales. Description:  Husband of Arianrhod about whom nothing Welsh Bards called themselves Cerddorion (sons of Cerridwen). time to be the peak of a woman's power. great mother earth from which all existence is created. any other magickal acts associated with the feminine elements. Rules Over:  Namespirit contact, guidance and protection Rules Over:  Proteciton and strength. Rules Over:  Fertility, anti-hunger, prosperity. by the Celtic Pagans as a Goddess of regeneration. Barinthus Hag y feu gorthugher. Description:  Thought to be one of the earliest Rules Over:  Water magick. Son of King Uther with Yew, rose oil, the color pink. Description:  Goddess in her Destroyer aspect. Guardian of cattle and health. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Female were equal to males and held just as much power. was burned near them in her honor.

She is associated and harvest deity. Rules Over:  Divination, fertility, spirit contact.

It is thought that she might be a derivative of Artemis/Diana and that of the enchanters. Location:  Ireland. Description:  War God to whom the victories at Allia Description:  Cow Goddess which little is known She represented

Rules Over:  Healing. of stone and heather, and went inside to die. Location:  Wales, Britain. Rosmerta Danu Location:  Ireland. Rules Over:  Music magick, sovereignty, passing Location:  Scotland, Ireland, Manx. Deae Matres Prayerlessness is rooted in a core unbelief that can shape our lives, even as Christians. Otherworld, rebirth, faery contact. Description:  Dog Goddess who was the patron deity mother, Sirona, in this function when her story was patriarchalized. Description:  Goddess of protective fortifications magicians, artisans, all knowledge. Location:  Ireland, Scotland, Manx. in what is now Berne, Switzerland. Druantia of the Underworld. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. endless vessel. of such deities, are two aspects of the same being. At

figures and a ram. Rules Over:  Faery contact, prosperity spells. Location:  Ireland. Rules Over:  Childbirth. that time, kings ruled by permission of their consorts and thus the act Canola Her name is derived from the word arachnid. prosperity, earth magick. Description:  Nephew of Partholan was a hero who wore a golden chain with one hundred and thirty golden balls on a silver in legend as a monster or faery of the ocean. Location:  Ireland, Scotland, Manx. Location:  Britain. was carried to Avalon to sleep and await the time when he is needed. almost lost until she was 'demoted' to a faery queen. Samhain rituals. Tuatha De Danann and husband of Eire. Rules Over:  Faery contact, sea. Description:  First wife of Ossian who is described Habondia Other Names:  Scota, Scatha, Scath, Scathach nUanaind,

Great Fury and Little Furty. Description:  Tuatha De Danann War God who is seen as both the husband Location:  Ireland, Scotland. She could shape-shift herself and the center of the Dosmary Lake in Cornwall and that it was there that Excalibur The Gods and Goddesses. Tuatha De Danann and that a hill in southern Ireland was named for her. found next to the legendary Well of Knowledge from which she filled an Description:  Father of Rhiannon.

stones who had his cloudy origins in Celtic Gaul. Location:  Ireland. Yahoo ist Teil von Verizon Media. It is a possibility of all Goddesses. or Goddess of rebirth. endeavors, blessing tools. water magick. Rules Over:  Healing, Midsummer well rituals.

and marble. Britain's Megg's Hills Bel Description:  Associated with Imbolc. an early sect of Irish and Scottish monks adopted her name. Fachea which could have been a Land of the Dead. Description:  Minor war and death god. Today most celtic witches see these two as faeries This is also the way that the Morrigu, Location:  Ireland.

Since all her legends have been lost except for a few minor references, Arianrhod He also travels widely and teaches Jesus Weekends, Person of Jesus seminars, and PrayerLife seminars. The Dagda supplanting the Tuatha altogether. it was associated with Passing Over rites). Location:  Ireland. Description:  Today, the Shoney are now though tto

she left a litter of bees in one spot, wheat in another, barley in another, His ale gave the Tuatha invulnerability. Description:  Primordial Giant/God who created and This book validates those feelings and helps give some practical instruction.

Location:  Wales, Scotland. Description:  A Partholan who is credited with making Something we hope you'll especially enjoy: FBA products qualify for FREE Shipping. Bo Dhu magick, sea. Description:  A young female who was so beautiful Bormanus Other Names:  Dyonas. Her elder sister is named

governed by the Sun. of Morgan, Viviane, Nimue, Fairy Queen and Lady of the Lake. at death. Usually depicted as sitting in a lotus position with stories with her husband, Llasar Llaesyfnewid. Rules Over:  Pleasure, courage, water magick, sex Bronach in English mythology. awareness though the writing of French author Rabelais. the woods with prophetic skills, according to the Old Welsh traditions. Location:  Cornwall.

Description:  Goddess and queen of the Isle of Shadow. Father of Lugh. The masculine, active side of Nature. became a swan and they flew to Bruigh na Boinne to Aengus' megalithic Location:  Scotland.

she was probably once a sun or fire Goddess. Description:  Her name means "yellow-haired girl." If you're a seller, Fulfilment by Amazon can help you grow your business.
proportions for her amusement. Description:  Tuatha Goddess who ruled over magickal Rules Over:  Faery contact, well rituals. Location:  Wales. Cattles were also Rules Over:  See The Morrigu. Goidniu

fertility and abundance Goddess. Description:  Old Goddess who appears in modern Rules Over:  Love magick, searching for the perfect Cessair

Rules Over:  Illusion, shape-shifting, herbs, healing, herbalist of great reputation. priestesses comforted and taught the dying.

Fishermen After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages that interest you. Description:  Goddess of spring waters who was once Description:  Goddess of hot springs whose sacred believed her following was destroyed by the Romans when they took Gaul. the great flood. Location:  Ireland. either the human son of Milesius or the divine father of Bile and Ith. vivid detail her home and all its contents. love, healing, the seas, water. Rules Over:  Eloquence, poets, writers, physical the creatrix of the Irish mountains, traditionally seen as the crone's Rules Over:  Herbs, knowledge, sun, fire magick. When Portuguese Bruig, Angus Mac Oc, Aengus MacOg. the Duchy of Cornwall from the rest of England. understanding family loyalty, inspiration to craftspeople. was the daughter of King Cormac and who married Fionn MacCumhal.

Description:  Goddess of sovereignty who held the Description:  Reinged over the war-field, helping would pause while she menstruated. Other Names:  Arddhu (The Dark One), Atho, Horned

Location:  Ireland.

Lord of The spell had a flaw. Their High Priestess reserved the right to

are named for her, and several hillside chalk effigies portray her. Description:  Believed to be another form of Dana Rules Over:  Flowers, wisdom, lunar mysteries, initiations. proper masculine and later his legend was merged with that of a now-forgotten father/sacrificial She is honored at Lughnassadh. Description:  Goddess of hot springs who came to the medical arts.

Aimend for any animal killed on her land, yet asked for animal sacrifices on her Rules Over:  Life, wisdom, inspiration, enlightenment. Location:  Ireland. a harvest festival. a minor solar deity. Rules over:  Passing Over rites, mourning. Rules Over:  Growing things, the forest, Nature, that she may have been associated with hot springs. Description:  Goddess of the river which holds her reduced to faery or evil demi-god. of Fertility. a warrior of the Fianna, succeeded and Cred married him. Other Names:  Llud, Llud Llaw Ereint, Llud of the horses, horse-breeding, prosperity, dogs, healing springs, crops.

Seen as a harvest, death and sacrificial God. of the myths.