You can take the girl out of the thrift store, but you can’t take the thrift store out of the girl. ET on TLC.

"I'm afraid when we get done with it, it probably still won't look like a greenhouse.".

DUGGAR fans have been left wondering if eldest daughter Jana is courting after she posted a cryptic quote alongside a picture of her dressed up. She doesn’t seem to have any plans to leave anytime soon. Jessa shared a video of Jana Duggar from earlier this year playing an instrument. But it seems like she still likes to wear the same clothes she always has. All rights reserved. When Counting On star Jana Duggar was in Los Angeles shopping, it did look like she liked some of the things she saw. Jana Shopping On Rodeo Drive With Her Sister. For more on the Duggars from PopCulture, click here.

It’s been a long-running frustration with Counting On cast member Jana Duggar as she continues to deal with people asking about her living situation. TLC's official page for Counting On ‘OutDaughtered’: Danielle Busby and Girls Turn Playroom Into Daycare. You can see more of Jana and the other Counting On crew on TLC at 8 pm on Tuesday nights. The family loves to see what she is growing, especially when they’re eating what she grows.

Counting On’s Jana Duggar has been showing off her green thumb.

Jedidiah and his brother recently moved into their own place together, so it’s likely they are missing their siblings. Counting On: Jana Was Called Brainwashed By A Counting On Fan.

She told fans that the fruit takes a while to develop. I mean, she could get back and it might just be the frame going up." Jana has been riding bike a lot lately.

However, many of their kids do choose to stay at home to save money. On Tuesday's episode of Counting On, family matriarch Michelle Duggar explained that all of her children are allowed to move out of the family home when they turn 18. But, she seems to be making the most of her single years. Jana herself commented on this topic back in January of 2019.

Mom Michelle chimes in, "Jana has really been such an encouragement to all of us in the family, investing in each of our lives and just always encouraging family gatherings and get-togethers. During an episode of Counting On, the family built the oldest daughter a greenhouse. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, By Anna Rumer

‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar Reveals Shocking Living Arrangement – Not Ready To Live Alone, ‘Love After Lockup’: Jessica Gipson & Maurice Hide Pregnancy from Her Parents. We haven’t seen Jana of Counting On in glasses, but they really fit her look.

From the parent’s remodel to doing other things like taking care of the younger kids.

People even say that she runs the house more than her mother, Michelle Duggar does. Plans to pour the concrete slab for the greenhouse also go awry right off the bat, with the rain pushing back the essential step at least one day.

Jana Duggar’s new addition is the super cute glasses she’s wearing. She was a little rusty at first, but once she got into the groove, she was able to play a short tune.

In fact, she says that her sister Jinger Duggar is the fashion lady of the family.

She even had a member of the family give them a taste. She has even been sharing her progress with Counting On fans, and she seems proud of them. She has been open about her talent for gardening and interior design. Fans spotted Jana’s glasses, and everyone seems to like them. Having a greenhouse will be the perfect present for the Duggar daughter, who has developed quite the green thumb over the years. Her garden is there, and she has plenty of room to work on her projects and to do what she wants to do.

She’s riding her bike with her brother Jedidiah and rocking a really pretty side ponytail. The Counting On cast member had one of her talents exposed by Jessa Seewald. "She has one of those picturesque magazine kind of gardens that she keeps us all fed with fresh fruits and vegetables. Jana Duggar is a lady of many skills. Jana Duggar's family wants to show her just how much they appreciate what she does for them, but the best intentions may go awry when things take a turn for the worse.

Two of her skills include gardening and decorating. On important occasions you can count on Jana Duggar to recognize those who need to feel special.

She also said that there is nothing her older sister can’t do. It seems like a lot of other sisters are in agreement with that statement as well.

Over the years, viewers have seen Jana Duggar decorate numerous rooms and show off her design skills.

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Jana Duggar still lives in the Duggar family home. I mean, it doesn't really look like a greenhouse to me," Jeremiah Duggar admits. Jana keeps telling people that living with her parents is a choice. "As she's gotten older, she's taken a big interest in gardening," John explains. Counting On star Jana Duggar had one of her hidden talents revealed by her sister, Jessa Duggar Seewald. Counting On‘s Jana Duggar has a smart new look, and fans are falling in love.

"Because Jana has done so many things for our family over the years, we thought it would be amazing to surprise her with a greenhouse," sister Jessa tells the camera. At first, we saw her riding a bike with a bunch of her little sisters. But, she couldn’t wait to give her pineapples a try. Even though her sister bought a fancy new blazer, Jana wasn’t giving in. ‘Counting On’: Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Plan on Jana Staying Put, ‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar Stands Up to Jim Bob Duggar.

‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar is Single and Flips Script on Duggar Courting Rules? She says she enjoys being at home at the big house and being with her family. And now it looks like she wanted to enjoy some quality time with her brother. She has even been sharing her progress with Counting On fans, and she seems proud of them. But, now, fans are getting to know more about the oldest Duggar daughter. And, thanks to Jessa, TLC viewers recently found out one of Jana’s hidden skills. Counting On’s Jana Duggar has been showing off her green thumb. In a clip, viewers see Jana showing off another one of her many different talents. Many of the Duggars can play an instrument, and Jana is no different.