And Favreau, who is moving to Los Angeles for Crooked Media, said the group’s ambitions have changed dramatically since November. After surviving childhood in the Steve King district of Iowa and five years in D.C.—where he became as comfortable producing an animated short about civil service reform as he was being shoved into a broom closet with Oliva Newton-John by secret service escorting Laura Bush through the Kennedy Center—he escaped to Los Angeles, where he spent the next five years at Buzzfeed trying on rompers, convincing Rob Lowe to be a TV court judge, and traveling the world meeting Olympians and eating ridiculously expensive food. newsletter, What we know about Iran and the threatening “Proud Boys” emails. Olivia worked on ad strategy teams for major movie studios on some small titles you may have never heard of like Dunkirk, Wonder Woman, It and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood that earned over $2B in the box office. She came to the west coast after a 4-year stint in New York working in fashion at companies like Kate Spade & EJ is a native of Rochester in the great state of Upstate New York and in her free time enjoys yoga, spinning, theater and other activities where you’re not allowed to have your phone out. Narineh Melkonian is a video producer who has worked on everything from mini docs to comedy webseries. Crooked believes that we need a better conversation about politics, culture, and the world around us—one that doesn’t just focus on what’s broken, but what we can do to fix it. And in case you were wondering, she would much rather animate this bio than write it. Facebook’s independent oversight board is finally up and running. What does that entail, exactly? She was also born and raised in Atlanta (Respectfully, the hip hop capital of the world and not interchangeable with ‘Hotlanta’). Lucca believes in belly rubs, trips to the dog park and preserving the liberal international order. He has two sisters and one brother. Sometimes Lovett needs a graphic. The Crooked Media co-founder and his wife, Emily Black, have settled in SoCal, where they purchased a Spanish-style bungalow in L.A. for $1.9 million in early August. It was no Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Coordinator, Creative Development and Production, Alison joins Crooked as penance for 3 years spent between Fox and Amazon. Sometimes Tanya needs a graphic. In college, he was a legal intern at Harvard Law School’s Immigration and Refugee Clinic, and worked for a summer as an Arabic interpreter for refugees entering Europe at a health clinic in Athens. When she’s not knee deep in her fifteenth read of Helter Skelter, she likes to unwind by hate watching Sean Hannity. A Compton Native who refuses to say she’s straight out of it, MJ is a content queen, or you know, an Associate Producer for tax purposes. Not an Obama White House alum, but by golly she voted for the man–twice. One time Dan Pfeiffer said she was the best tweeter at this company and that’s honestly all you need to know. (with Elizabeth Warren, Candace Valenzuela and Caroline Rose Giuliani). She doesn’t know which one is the evil twin. He was a senior congressional reporter for the news site TPM for five years, where he covered all the major reforms of the Obama era, and the conservative backlash that ultimately gave rise to Donald Trump. If you like this show, you should also sample our other podcasts: If you like what we’re doing, please write a review on iTunes — and if you don’t, just tweet-strafe Kara. Priyanka went from writing Crooked’s daily newsletter to overseeing Crooked’s #brand. If you see him with his dog Griffin (his insta is @pupgriffin) feel free to say hi and expect to be greeted with a warm hello. He is an avid consumer of: news, plane tickets, sneakers, hoodies, HBO, and fine foods. He spends his days scrolling twitter and his nights rewatching the West Wing and perfecting his brisket recipe. Jon Millstein is a guy who’s written for Funny Or Die, Clickhole, and the show “Buddy System” on YouTube Red. Crooked I is a rapper from Los Angeles, California, USA. She’s probably emailed you, texted you, or tweeted at you at some point during her time at EMILY’s List, the Democratic National Committee, or working with various congressional, gubernatorial, and mayoral campaigns. Don’t sing that song. When the story first dropped, Favreau disgustedly tweeted out the paragraph about the smears, seemingly without realizing it was his buddy who had propagated them. Sydney is also one of the first people Pundit runs to when arriving in the office and she takes a lot of pride in that. Her interests are totally normal and not all weird. Jon Lovett is a former presidential speechwriter, as well as a TV writer, podcast host, and straight shooter WIDELY respected on both sides.