This feature helps you understand the expectations of UPSC and prepare accordingly. This Test series will start in first week of August 2019 and will conclude in May 2020. The nature of questions, composition of papers and the number of tests are designed to take you towards the zone of certainty in your quest to clear the upsc prelims test. upsc prelims preparation. Kannada Optional Mains Test Series 2020; PSIR Optional Mains Test Series 2020; Pub-Admin Optional Mains Test Series 2020; Courses.

All online G.S and CSAT tests would be provided with solution and detailed explanations. 1B, Second Floor,Pusa Road, Karol Bagh,New Delhi - 110005(Beside Karol Bagh Metro Station Gate No. This helps you read and revise current affairs from the beginning. GKToday will conduct a Mock Test Series – 2020 based on Current Affairs from May 2018 to May 2020 for aspirants appearing in UPSC Prelims 2020. © Copyright 2009-2019 GKToday | All Rights Reserved, Summits and Conferences in Current Affairs MCQs, Science & Technology Current Affairs MCQs, Important Days and Events Current Affairs MCQs, Awards, Honours & Persons in News Current Affairs MCQs, Environment & Biodiversity Current Affairs MCQs, Business, Economy & Banking Current Affairs MCQs, Government Schemes [India & States] Current Affairs MCQs, India Current Affairs [Nation & States] MCQs. web of complexities the Exam can throw at you, we are striving to keep For any further query/doubts email us at with the subject titled “PT Online June to August 2020”. Join Us on Telegram!

Student Portal 2018-19 Students and Test Series. mix of questions ranging from epistemological understanding of important initiatives like current affairs-based mobile App, online student portal, The Test Series will also include ample number of practice tests for GS Paper II (CSAT) to leave no stone unturned. While the GS 1 paper from 2010-2014 focused like Google tax, AI, Blockchain technology, UPI etc. GKToday will conduct a Mock Test Series – 2020 based on Current Affairs from May 2018 to May 2020 for aspirants appearing in UPSC Prelims 2020. performance improvement through tests is the next important stage which Students can choose the take the tests anytime between June to August 2020.

Comprehensive coverage of Current Affairs from October 2019 to 15th September 2020. All online G.S and CSAT tests would be provided with solution and detailed explanations.

Proportional presence of questions of every nature ranging from factual to applied one (taking clue from the 2019 exam and intention of commission to raise its level). Course period to attempt the Prelims Test is June to August 2020. This gives you ample scope to work on the strategy, identify strengths and weaknesses, apply and re- apply new mantras of success, irrespective of the nature of paper. It will now be conducted on 4th October 2020.

only those who appear and submit the test on the day of the test would be included for ranking among all the mock test participants. The Test Series programme for 2020 will be held from October 2019 till May 2020.

Since, due to the Corona virus emergency the exam has been postponed, Vajiram & Ravi has formulated another Online Prelim Test Series between May and August 2020 to support students’ learning during the lockdown. After GS Paper 2 - CSAT was made qualifying in 2015, the GS Paper- The provision of both Classroom and Online mode with an All-India rank list will help you to fairly assess your position in the competition. In addition to changes in the pattern of Preliminary Test, GS Online Prelim Test Series would be conducted on the students' portal.

Current affairs test series are very important in competitive exams as importance of current affairs are increasing day by day.Here we are Providing you dedicated Test series for UPSC IAS,Bank Test ,PSC and more.Get fully dedicated 20 Quality test Series.Covers Current affairs,YOJANA,PIB,HINDU & much more.. This year the Prelim Test was scheduled to be held on 31 st May 2020, but postponed due to the medical emergency caused by Corona virus. completes the full circle of your upsc prelims preparation.

While being competitive is the only way to win a competition, continuous improvement is the only path to stay competitive, which is sole focus of Vajiram and Ravi Preliminary Test Series 2020. Vajiram

from entering the Main Examination. This Test series will start in first week of August 2019 and will conclude in May 2020. 1B, Second Floor,Pusa Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi - 110005 (Beside Karol Bagh Metro Station Gate No. Get Study Material on Mobile. Shubhra Ranjan Current Affairs Test Series 2020 PDF.

The Preliminary Test is by far the most challenging stage of the Civil

All tests will cover previous year question papers of UPSC civil services. The Vajiram and Ravi mock tests are so designed to simulate the Preliminary test conducted by the UPSC. On the students’ portal apart from Prelim Tests, students would also receive announcements and Daily Current Affairs articles. Download free UPSC books, daily updated IAS Current Affairs and get all the information about Civil Services Exam. in the Preliminary Test which seeks to eliminate non-serious candidates political underpinnings like liberty, equality etc to most contemporary issues The initial stages involve concept building and syllabus coverage followed by organizing the study material and revision.

STEP 1 – click on BUY COURSE button , STEP 2 – At new window click on ENROLL button STEP 3 – If you are new user choose SIGN UP […] Continuous assessment and exam-focused

year. Disclaimer: is a legal website . additional support for continuous updation of the study material. the emphasis was on factual current events. Current Affairs Test series for Civil Services Prelim 2020 How join ? Paper 1 is subjected to frequent changes in terms of the nature of the Also the explanatory notes to the questions are provided to help you make amends you may need to make in your thought process along with additional information you may have missed in the preparatory phase.

General studies & CSAT tests would be uploaded by 10:30 AM on Sundays as per the mentioned schedule and test explanation will follow after the test at 8:00 PM.

on the conceptual understanding in conventional areas, in 2015 and 2016 11 Tests of GS, Current Affairs and CSAT according to the latest UPSC pattern. However, Services Examination with nearly 5 lakh candidates taking the test each skills of the candidates.

The test series will support the candidates, through long months of preparation, to check their progress and improve their performance consistently. Held on Sundays, the OMR-based mock tests will be a simulation of exam-like conditions to train you to react and respond to challenges the exam throws at you. the last Sunday of May or the first week of June.

& publications and yellow books (study material). The tests are designed and developed by a coterie of experts with a keen eye on the examination pattern.

For simplicity, preparation for the upsc preliminary test can be divided into number of stages. With mere 100 questions deciding

The number of practice tests is designed to cover various patterns of question papers in line with the UPSC Prelims Test conducted by UPSC in addition to timely coverage and revision of the syllabus. Kick start your IAS Exam Preparation today with BYJU'S.

1 has assumed greater significance in deciding the success of a candidate 8) monthly recitals, summaries of magazines etc provide year-round

your entry into the Main Examination, the room for error in this stage is However,