In 2012, 92 percent of Danes had internet access and 85 percent had broadband connections. Danish Festivals . Coast of Bornholm, Den., on the Baltic Sea. Denmark is an egalitarian society. In addition, great emphasis is placed on providing further education to the large proportion of the current workforce educated only to elementary level and this is one of the reasons why Danish businesses can maintain their competitiveness at a high level. In places along the northern and southwestern coasts of Jutland, salt marshes were formed by the evaporation of an inland sea that existed during the late Permian Epoch (approximately 260 to 250 million years ago). Recap of the 6th edition, Shanghai. The IT infrastructure of Denmark belongs to the world’s best. Exemptions travel ban and self-quarantine for the cultural sector during COVID-... Open call DutchCulture Database 2020 – COVID-19 adaption, DutchCulture on Tour brengt internationale ambities van Brabantse makers verder, The Flemish-Dutch theatre sector: one language, one tour, Opportunity for change - Recap of Infected Cities #8: Istanbul. In February, Denmark’s coldest month, the mean temperature is 0°C and in July the average temperature is 20°C. DutchCulture is the knowledge and network organization for international cultural cooperation. Negotiations and team work are highly prized in Danish working life and democratic processes and structures are central to the Danish mentality. However, Danes will often shy away from conversations that involve more personal topics, unless they know their colleagues well. According to a recent study, Denmark has the highest rate of Internet penetration, mobile phone penetration and e-business implementation in Europe. The society has a successful, well-organized social structure, a sound economy, a high level of education, and an acceptance of gender equality and sexual orientation. Nieuwe tendensen in de internationale culturele ambities van de vier grote steden: een verkenning van het beleid voor 2021-2024. May 17, 2011 @ 2:14 pm. Standard of living in Denmark is high and the differences between rich and poor are small. Jutland makes up more than two-thirds of the country’s total land area; at its northern tip is the island of Vendsyssel-Thy (1,809 square miles [4,685 square km]), separated from the mainland by the Lim Fjord.
In Danish culture, the family is the number one priority and the government supports that idea 100%. In recent years the temperature in summer has risen to 30°C.
Recap of the fifth edition, São Paulo. 5. Of the religions in Denmark, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark (95 % of the population) is the official state religion. DutchCulture and Pakhuis de Zwijger organised nine cross-cultural conversations about metropoles in corona times. On the southern half, sandstone and shales of the Cambrian Period (about 540 to 490 million years ago) overlie the older granites. Danes have a deep-rooted respect for democracy and equality and are extremely tolerant.

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