Is It College Yet? Trent appeared oblivious to her crush for most of its duration, but according to Anne D. Bernstein, Trent had noticed the crush around the time of "That Was Then, This is Dumb" "but he would never lead her on too much". He has been seen trying to sneak his way out of the former (he never seems to pull off sneaking from the latter), and generally prefers to laze around at home most of the time instead. Unlike Daria (and more like Jane), he is more open and friendly to new experiences and people. Full Ep. (It turned out Trent found them amusing.) Trent is usually enthusiastic (as much as Trent can be enthusiastic) about his music and the band, and will make grand statements about their future and their artistic merit. A little spoiled, a hair smug, a trifle egotistical, but a smart, funny guy who's basically very caring and sensitive in the not-pukey way". Many were disgruntled he wasn't Trent, who was seen as better. He shows little interest in social events of his own class, such as not being interested in going to the dance in Is It Fall Yet?

His family background puts him at risk for hyper-exclusivity.". MTV's "It Takes Two to Tangle" stated the couple are "compatible in many ways in terms of lifestyle and temperament, they may have trouble bonding due to their both being too cool for words". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He later apologised and admitted he didn't think that really: he was upset that she was leaving home and worried he might lose her. Usually, the two would hang out at his house or hers, making sarcastic comments about things. Gender When Trent asks Daria for help finding a birthday gift for Jane, the two find themselves at a piercing parlor, and Quinn and Helen team up for a fashion show.

During his non-waking hours he likes to practice. In both cases, this can be faster than others might find comfortable: he quite quickly became attached to Jane and part of her intimate circle of friends/family (disorienting and frustrating Daria) and grew increasingly involved with the Lawndale High crowd; he then moved rapidly from the break-up with Jane to dating Daria, despite the obvious tensions this was causing. It is not clear how far Daria and Tom went physically in their relationship, just that no intercourse was had. The final resolution of which is handled excellently when Trent agrees to contribute music to a school project Daria is working on, then flakes out and doesn't come through in time (or at all). Trent Morgan Lane is the older brother of Jane Lane and the former love interest of Daria Morgendorffer.

Daria has a crush on Trent during the first few years of high school (aka the first three seasons of the show). Things are no longer awkward between the two of them, & they've put the past behind them in order to embrace a new adult friendship. In "My Night at Daria's", it came out that Tom and Daria had discussed sex before and that Tom had backed off early on after Daria said she wasn't ready; he still carries condoms with him 'just in case', and was annoyed when Daria got in a dig at him for it, pointing out he was being responsible. Trent's band Mysic Spiral was originally slated to get their own spinoff but never got past the pilot episode, matching Trent's own inability to get ahead in life!

Despite his laziness, Trent does care about and loves his little sister Jane and often wishes to help her in any way. It can be seen as a clear attempt by Tom to escape or at least not be associated with his family's immense wealth. He accepts that he’ll probably end up a townie playing Doors covers but at least he’s doing what he loves now and that’s all that matters. Gender This page was last edited on 10 June 2019, at 23:55. ("Lucky Strike") According to Is It College Yet?, Trent missed his own graduation. He takes weird things in stride, like being in a band with physical holidays or strangers in his house.

"They decide to turn electric when they realized that it would be louder.".

He later tried to make it up to her by trying to use his influence to get her into Bromwell, something she initially found off-putting ("some crappy romance novel where the troubled young viscount decides the lowly stable girl is good enough for him after all", as she put it to Jane). Between its clashes, the relationship was shown to be quite laid back and not traditionally romantic: in "Sappy Anniversary", Tom said he liked this about the relationship, that neither was going in for big gestures and they were happy to be lazy.

Whenever Trent was seen or mentioned, she'd go from deadpan to timid in a flash. Ocupation (Also a more tongue-in-cheek answer of "maybe the writers wanted to make the storyline more interesting"), Guy Moore, director of most of the Daria/Tom/Jane love triangle stories, said in 2014 "I never much understood why anyone found Tom appealing, as his personality was fairly bland, and he didn’t seem to have any chemistry with either Jane or Daria. Despite knowing that he was flaky, Daria had a crush on Trent for a few years in high school (first three seasons of the show). Outside of the crush, Daria is still someone whose advice and views Trent respects. During his time Lawndale High School, Trent was scheduled for some classes alongside Tommy Sherman, though like the football player he "may have missed a few classes". Despite this, Trent greatly respects Daria's opinion & advice. They never qualified "reacting well" or "reacting poorly" I assumed it was well. His speech is laid back and he often coughs when he tries to laugh. Daria questions her relationship with Tom as their six-month anniversary approaches, and Jake pursues a new career with an internet start-up.

He has certain characteristics in common with Daria: he is intelligent, well-read, and cynical, and he is not afraid to show it. The two of them used to be in a band together.

His song "Psychic refugee" came out naturally as an out poor of his emotions. View the profiles of people named Daria Trent. Musician His interest in this wealth and power varies considerably. Tom is the only character we meet to have actually "dated" Daria, in the sense of having a mutually-understood, ongoing, romantic relationship. Despite his lethargic tendencies, Trent can be somewhat insightful.

Monique (on-and-off girlfriend) This is first mentioned in "Partner's Complaint", followed by Jane saying Tom's parents "make him go there". In one episode he jokingly mentioned taking Daria out if she were older. In the off-canon canon IIFY Post-Movie Chat, when asked if he had a crush on Daria, Trent simply said "no". Tom continued as Daria's boyfriend throughout the final season. This too is another bad habit he has while driving, and in conversation (he once started doing a song about betrayal right after he'd tried to reassure Daria that she hadn't betrayed Jane). Sometimes, as with "Reunited", these are post-show to get around the age gap. Last appearance 20:35. Trent had some financial success with Mystik Spiral's one-hit wonder, "Freakin' Friends," but since then has been making ends meet as a bartender.

07/27/1998. She fears embarrassing herself in front of Trent, which causes Jane Lane to deliberately leave them alone together multiple times. MTV AND ALL RELATED TITLES AND LOGOS ARE TRADEMARKS OF VIACOM INTERNATIONAL INC. After Lawndale High gets roped into a marketing scheme as a result of school budget cuts, Ms. Li gets in over her head, and Daria takes a stand. In general his behavior is quite laid back, Trent speaks with a soft voice.