Inferno was actually a lot better than I remembered it, although it is a genre exercise, through and through.

If you are a fan of intelligent supernatural thrillers this is a good movie. The rise of Harry Potter and fantasy in general, and the gaining popularity of Burning Man culture indicates a trend, mark my words. It is a legitimately stark, terrifying movie that grabs the viewer by the throat and never lets go. The woman has been put back in her place. An art historian receives a letter, along with an ancient urn, sealed in wax. This Arrow release should be a must for true Argento fans. I am confused by people who say this moved slowly. It has also allowed us to live in total ease and comfort, and no one wants to let that go! For the occasion, we have decided to investigate three of the most infamous Witch flicks out there: Dario Argento’s ‘The Three Mothers’ trilogy. American Horror Story: Coven plays on the FX Network at 10 pm. As the eyes and ears of the Horror cognoscenti are transfixed by the new season of American Horror Story, Coven, people will be talking about witches. They might be plant-healers or midwives. Dario Argento's Three Mothers Trilogy are three seperated films about three witches who controls major cities. It tells the story of Susie Bannion, a promising and beautiful ballerina, who transfers to Freiburg, Germany to attend a prestigious dance academy.

No, I was intrigued from the very beginning and the death scenes were epic and awesome. Soundtracks & Shows. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on July 31, 2019. Upon getting there he discovers his sister missing and finds out that the apartment building once home to a the mother of darkness. Argento‘s 3 Mothers are the most extreme version of the wicked witch. For the occasion, we have decided to investigate three of the most infamous Witch flicks out there: Dario Argento’s ‘The Three Mothers’ trilogy. It is saved from merely being a bloodbath with a sympathetic backstory for Asia Argento (the director’s daughter), who plays Sarah Mandy, whose mother was a powerful white witch. I absolutely adore Suspiria, so it's only natural that I'd be interested in sitting down and soaking up the sequel (a movie that has been bafflingly difficult to get hold of in the UK over the years). Trust me though, it all fits once you put the pieces together.

Suspiria, Inferno, and The Mother Of Tears span three decades and are beautiful, blood-soaked gems of what is called Giallo, Italian exploitation films, heavy on flesh, gore, and funky soundtracks. They are decapitated, clawed to death by cats, burned, and attacked by a knife-wielding killer. She discovers a book called The Three Mothers, about three ancient evil witches, The Mothers of Sighs, Tears and Shadows. It is one of the most truly antisocial films I’ve ever seen, and it’s easy to understand why British film censors felt that this type of Video Nasty has no redeeming qualities. Some just know of one of the films and have no idea there are two more to follow. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. The victims were nearly always women. We’ve broken down all taboos, and anything goes, letting people play out the depths of their twisted imaginations. Looking closely at the myth of Witchcraft brings up all manner of interesting insights. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on March 21, 2015.

Excellent thriller. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on March 10, 2018. The music and visuals are beautifully synced, really driving the action and adding metric tons of tension. Sonia - Head cut in half by falling glass. Frequently, the persecuted were practitioners of more ancient, earth-based religions. The only “suspense” to it was trying to figure out what was happening and why everyone was so well dressed. Sara Simms - Tangled in barbed wire and throat slit by Helena Markos. The Mother Of Tears follows Inferno‘s formula, nearly verbatim, but takes it to a whole new apocalyptic level. I wasn't planning on seeing the 3rd film in the trilogy (Mother of Tears), but now I just have to. Suspiria is probably the most accomplished of the three films. "Come closer... so I can whisper to you...", Reviewed in the United Kingdom on December 29, 2013.

Sara Simms - Tangled in barbed wire and throat slit by Helena Markos. ... Inferno is the second feature in Argento's Three Mothers trilogy, which are all focused around a coven of ancient witches. But this really holds your interest. Daniel - Throat eaten by his own dog. Cool mythology,. Afficianadoes of Italian horror have long relished the claustraphobic and ultra-creepy underwater scenes at the start where the heroine dives into a flooded … Video availability outside of United States varies. There’s no shortage of broken glass and since we expected it to be a horror movie and it really wasn’t it gets 2.5-stars rounded up to 3-stars for adding some attractive women to take your mind off what wasn’t happening. She writes to her brother Mark, a musicology student in Rome, begging him to come. Quickly browse titles in our catalog based on the ones you have picked. You have entered an incorrect email address! The acting is good.

Rose is brutally stabbed to death before he arrives. She is a timeless female protagonist, strong but still vulnerable. Just like Suspiria Argento fills his shots with great colors, this time he favors purples and blues. someone gets attacked by cats and another by rats. A follow up to the original Suspiria.

Marta Colussi - Neck snapped, penetrated with a spear. Mater Lachrymarum is the baddest of the wicked witches, with some true black magick caught on film. Even so, it appears that 'Inferno' was held back for several years in USA over the violent content of the film, and when it was eventually released went straight to home video, losing out on the more lucrative cinema release. In Suspiria, you will see maggots fall into girls’ hair, someone is hung by the neck from a stained-glass ceiling, some other unfortunate more or less drowns in barbed wire. Every action and scene takes 10 times as long as it should, as if in slow motion—occurrences that should be over after 3 seconds last 30 seconds to a minute. Pat Hingle - Stabbed in the heart and hung on a wire by Helena Markos. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

Reviewed in the United States on August 27, 2017. The tenants of a Manhattan apartment are terrorized by deadly spirits. In The Mother Of Tears you see a woman get skewered, tons of bared breasts, lesbian make-out scenes, rape, riots, a woman eating afterbirth, and countless other atrocities. Stage & Screen. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Check it out, Surrealism and Expressionism's Journey to Hell, Reviewed in the United States on May 1, 2007. The negative side is that it is often at the expense of atmosphere and subtlety, although this seems to be improving since this movie’s release in 2007. 3 Witches: Reading into Dario Argento’s ‘The Three Mothers’ Trilogy, The Escape Pod: Listen to your Science Fiction, Book Review: Johnny Alucard by Kim Newman. It is Dario Argento so you know it is going to have that odd Italian feel to it.

It allowed us to separate ourselves from Nature, and rape the land for fun and profit. 'Inferno' plays out as more of a mystery film, rather than a horror, albeit it does have a number of brutal killings but, in my opinion, slightly less graphic in nature compared to 'Suspiria' or 'Profondo Rosso.' Dario Argento’s Inferno (1980) - A brilliant Spellbinding Sequel, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on May 16, 2019. I'm a little bit of an Argento fan, so I freely admit going into this with bias. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I remembered the film as an endless series of tormented individuals, lumpingly pursued by shambolic humanoids, in the style of John Carpenter‘s Prince Of Darkness. There’s some hokey seance effects, but it’s almost a relief, as a respite from the carnage. The supernatural feel is well tempered and not overbearing.

As you are watching it you are going to wonder what the hell is going on. The stereotype of the Big Bad Witch will always linger, but it is fading, as we sink further and further into what I have been calling the atavistic return, the fusion of logic and Ancient Wisdom. The Arrow release of Inferno has given me a slice of Argento's chromatic nightmare pie for Christmas - one that has proved to be a lot better than I expected. They unseal the urn, and the massacre begins immediately. It’s full of screeching incantations and scraping strings. 1 Suspiria 2 Inferno 3 The Mother of Tears 4 Deaths Pat Hingle - Stabbed in the heart and hung on a wire by Helena Markos. I will admit Inferno does has some questionable acting in it, but it makes up for it with great atmosphere and great set pieces. Shots of the corner of a wooden bench or other inconsequential things are forced on the viewer for extended periods. I like the disco-like style of the filmmaking. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. The soundtrack from Keith Emerson, of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, which integrated several themes from Verdi‘s Nabucco, used prominently throughout the film, gives the film a classical edge. The outcasts, the disfigured, fringe-dwellers of society were scapegoated and persecuted.