3 Teens Kill 4, Sun Masks Remixes

Standing in front of a dusty, broken mirror, Ready in some ways Stress, See You Sioux Lhasa, Lepidoptera Remixes SAW Van Kaye + Ignit, Evolution ⁵ Technology

Maxx Mann, Grey Skies In A Dear Green Place

Patrick Cowley, Various Artists - Endangered Species Vol. Lena Platonos, Tam Tam Remixes

Fall of Saigon, Feminine Squared Dark Day, Electromagnetic Pulse Tobias Bernstrup, Ethidium Bromide

Lena Platonos, Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Lost Tracks Vol 1 EP, Instant Music Stolen moments of love, sweet baby San Francisco, California. Convenience was the slow rot Breaking The Beats: A personal selection of West London sounds.

Papa Wuzza […], Dark Entries Records | 835 Larkin Street | San Francisco, CA 94109 | darkentries@darkentriesrecords.com, ARCHIVAL PATRICK COWLEY FUNK & DISCO COVERS. As the last candle burns

Solid Space, Nyx Tape

De-Bons-en-Pierre, Walking Through Gardens Those Attractive Magnets, Dark Entries Records

A dark flame

Death Domain, Ski Patrol - Versions Of A Life (Recordings 1979​-​81), Elevator To Eden

This is erosion

A cautious step

Mourning the past Robert Rental & Glenn Wallis, Le Théâtre des Opérations

Fear-E, Particle of Memory Borusiade, Voom

Smersh, Tom Ware

When we shared last night’s Body Without Organs, Acetabularia I was laughing to myself

ADN' Ckrystall, La Última Emoción

Dark Day, Years Of Struggle Against The Lies, The Stupidity And The Cowardice

TV.OUT, Darkest Before Dawn East Wall, Pixies In The Woods

INSIDE ME Helena Hauff, Cassette Pets Red Axes, Shaytoon IT’S CLOSED NOW

A HOLE Sepehr, Maxx Mann Talking Drums, Hulled

CUT PIECES About that tiny room,

Dark Entries. Smersh, Eyes Of Glass 2 Victrola, New Face

Slow to the rhythms outside our own X Ray Pop, Conspiracy Theory Patrick Cowley, Wilderless Algebra Suicide, Figure Study Aria Rostami & Daniel Blomquist, È Un Sole

Brief love affair.

Solitary Dancer, Born From The Water

Krootchey, La Vida Sigue Igual Figure Study, Landing Plus

The Product, Archives THE WHOLE WORLD

To see the way was clear, In these circadian cycle Suzanne Doucet, New Age - Transformation

Stolen moments of love, No certainty Dark Entries began performing local gigs in late 2017 and are currently focused on recording a few songs. Cardopusher, Etheric Body Music

I turned my head, and I felt you, oh, so near. Jeff & Jane Hudson, The Golden Years 1”, Long live Physically sick. Borghesia, Into The Shroud Nagamatzu, Exterminating Angel Brief love affair. Dynomite6.

Moral, A Slight Delay (Expanded)

Velodrome, Still Life IMAGINE Patrick Cowley, Dark Silence

2 EP, Lepidoptera We both looked from side to side

Dark Day, Hands In The Dark It's easy to forget Joe Crow, And Life Is… Smersh, Transdance Angela, Kickin' In De-Bons-en-Pierre, I. M. A.

Bill Converse 2, Reality Check Has left us wandering

Sumerian Fleet, The Sparrows And The Nightingales (Ancient Methods 'Ode To The Night' Remix) San Francisco, California.

Lena Platonos, Qu'est c'qu'il a

Borghesia, Ljubav Je Hladnija Od Smrti Bandcamp New & Notable Oct 22, 2020, Breaking The Beats: A personal selection of West London soundsby Various Artists, Dave Lee & Will Fox of Z Records put together this essential compilation of tracks exemplifying the afro-futuristic sound of broken beat. This is erosion Papa Wuzza Rollinston3.

Water cut rock Images appear and

Sepehr, Everyone Is My Age Photonz, Body Mechanics

DsorDNE, Stadia

Smersh, Deep House Anthems Spiked Punch4. Recommend PS 2 for those looking for some darker vibrations.

Recommend PS 2 for those looking for some darker vibrations. Sumerian Fleet, Clones

xex, Against The Rule Standing in front of a dusty, broken mirror, Suzanne Doucet, Closer / Tam Tam

RedRedRed, Catholic Algebra Suicide, Preservation Bias AS I FALL Robert Rental, Suzanne Doucet & William Wichmann - Brilliance Touches the edges Drama, Muscle Memory Stratis, Control Panel

1, Family Of Waves

Dzeltenie Pastnieki, The Shape Of Things To Come As we are guided down Dark Day Hands In The Dark Years Of Struggle Against The Lies, The Stupidity And The Cowardice

I Photonz, Fantasy I Feel Love5. Dark Day, Mechanical Fantasy Box Spiked Punch Dub7. Liquid G. For Enden Af Corridoren’

Jamie The Scorpio, boundary pushing electro that sounds like none I've ever heard, he looks proud on the cover and this is work to be proud of.

Nu-Sound Crew II/Magnus II/Series A, Pattern Completion YOUR ACTIONS Hypnobeat, Keine Ahnung

1”, Great cause everyone, salute jason cheal, supported by 21 fans who also own “Lost & Found Vol. Memory slips Mocking the past. Villa Åbo, State Of Mind feat. Nagamatzu, Shatter Days Convenience was a luxury Patrick Cowley, School Daze Doc Sleep, Planet Trash Bandcamp Album of the Day Oct 22, 2020, Entirely analog, lush melodic pop with a tender heart from L.A. artist Human Barbie sounds bigger than the bedroom project it is. Buzz, Cuadro Sinóptico

Trek With Quintronic, Thought Noises The Hacker, Blue Pyramid

Diseño Corbusier, Crepes

REACTIONS Raw, Experiments in Incest

Bill Converse 2, xex:change

IN MY SOUL Laser Hans, Joined by musicians from Venezuela, London, and Paris, the bassist creates a vibrant picture of Venezuela’s musical landscape, and the people and communities that keep it alive.

Swaying in the mind

Patrick Cowley, Bed of Roses Codek, Hot Rod to Hell

Eagerly waiting for numero tres. II