3 was mined until at the least the 1950's. Next to the mass grave is the grave of Joseph Knorsh. 51. Banning No. It ranks as the worst coal mining disaster in Pennsylvanian history. Old Industry of Southwestern Pennsylvania, The Virtual Museum Of Coal Mining In Western Pennsylvania), Salina Tunnel-Western Pennsylvania Railroad-Salina & Avonmore, PA, Manor Valley Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad - Harrison City to Jimtown, Bolivar Coal And Coke Company and Lockport, PA, 1864 Western Pennsylvania Railroad Alignment, 1931 Pittsburgh and West Virginia Railways Bridge, Alexandria Branch of The Pennsylvania Railroad, Boyer Run Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Derry-Donohoe-Jeannette Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Helen Coke Works merchant Westmoreland County, Lyons Run Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Manor Valley Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Northern Cambria Railway Company Shops and Car Barn, Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger Schedules, Pittsburgh Chartiers and Youghiogheny Railroad, Plum Creek Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Sewickley Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Turtle Creek Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Whyel Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Despite this, the miners chose to celebrate the holiday rather than work. The initial explosion occurred close to two miles from the main portal. This sign is located on Rt. At least 239 miners lost their lives in the Darr Mine Disaster. The old company store building at Jacob's Creek. On the Great Allegheny Passage, this small memorial sits just south of Van Meter near the entrance to the Darr Mine. Sections of heavy after damp gas had to be cleared before any more progress could be made. The Following is a list of the victims who perished in the Darr Mine explosion. Work was slow, there was a heavy amount of deadly after damp gasses lingering in the mine. As the larger portion of the mine was worked 981 near the Olive Branch Cemetery. Also notice the crossroads above the "B". Many more of the victims are identified. Today Lou and I headed up to Butler County to get a closer look at Winfield Furnace and the former town site o... On December 19, 1907 at approximately 11:30 AM a blast rattled windows and shook buildings in the Youghiogheny River Valley. The Darr Mine was one of the earliest mines in the area. As such, all blame was removed from the Pittsburg Coal Company (now Consol). On December 19, 1907, an explosion killed 239 men and boys, mainly Hungarian immigrants, in the Darr coal mine near Van Meter. Over 3000 miners died in December 1907, the worst month in US coal mining history. On January 30, 1908, $25,000 was donated to the widows and children of the Darr Mine victims by the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission. Yet very few people know the story. The mine stayed open until 1919, when the vein started to dry up. Inside the shanty were found five bodies including the mine foreman William S. Campbell, who had been decapitated. The official report ruled that the explosion was caused by an open flame miners light coming into contact with explosives or an accidental explosion of dynamite. December 6, in what is listed as the worst mining disaster in U.S. history, at least 362 people lost their lives when the Monongah Mine in Monongah, WV exploded. This will certainly be the last coke oven post until the leaves have fallen off the trees again.... Today we decided to head up to Lockport to look at the ruins of the Bolivar Coal & Coke Company's coke plant along the river. Meanwhile rescue work was moving slowly. This puts the initial point of the blast south of the railroad bridge on Rt. Estimates place the number of those saved from the Monongah explosion at 60 - 100. Apparently it didn't stay resealed for long. The full width of the mine, 5,400 feet, appears on the map. The explosion from this entrance was so powerful it was felt miles away. Where the remaining are buried in one mass grave. The owner of the mine, Pittburgh Coal Company, blamed it on the miners. after the explosion, each black dot representing a body. By 1910 the mine reopened as a secondary entrance for Banning #3 mine which is located just down stream from Darr Mine.