Then the Emperor began to question the monk saying, “How are you and others like yourself doing here in the desert?” The monk replied, “They all pray for your health.” Then the Emperor looked around the tiny room and saw nothing except a small basket containing bread, and the monk said to him, “Eat.” Then the monk dipped the bread in water, poured oil and salt on it, and gave it to the Emperor, who ate it. David hid in the cave, his secret cave, and made it his stronghold until he could see what God would do with him. If David adopted a motto while in the cave, it was probably something like this: Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape. But David enters the cave with a lot of blood on his hands. He was a fighter, and even in his teenage years was not afraid to fight a bear, a lion, or the giant. If we leave our cave (responsibilities) we might find ourselves flirting with the world and/or infidelity. Phone: 1-877-805-2132 These men were the outcasts of society, black sheep no one wanted, and didn’t meet the standards or expectations of society or the religious establishment. After he denied Christ “he went outside” and was sorrowful. Then the Emperor asked, “Do you know who I am?” The monk replied, “God knows who you are.” The Emperor then identified himself, and the monk bowed at the waist in homage. Staying faithful as a father and parent provides those around us with a safe, loving, and caring cave of our own to find refuge from life’s storms. A Christian husband and father cannot lead where he has not tread. Without these characteristics, he would have ultimately broken under the pressures of life and leadership like Saul did. David Caves is a Northern Irish actor who is known for his role as Jack Hodgson in the BBC drama series Silent Witness. While in the cave, David took time to be alone with God by engaging in quiet time, worshipping, and playing his harp before the Lord. We have way too many absentee fathers neglecting their families today. It's always great to film. I have felt like David and his men in my own life. Plus, it’s so integral to who Jack is. Honourable Julia Montague MP, Rory Haines and Sohrab Noshirvani (Creators & Writers), Nicolas Brown and Julie Pastor (Executive Producers), Part one: November - December 2018 (1918-36), Part two: February - March 2019 (1936-53), Part four: June - July 2019 (1980s-Present), Classic comedy and drama from the Radio 4 Archives, An interview with Michael Gunton, Executive Producer, An interview with Rupert Barrington, Series Producer, Filming from the Savannah to the South Pole…, Interview with Matthew Rhys (Billy Winters), Interview with Allan Cubitt (Writer and Director), Interview with Simon Harper, Executive Producer of Holby City and Casualty, Holby City: 20 years, 20 facts and figures, An interview with Gemma Arterton (Clover), An interview with Freddie Fox (Captain Holly), James Prichard (CEO and Chairman of Agatha Christie Limited and Great-Grandson of Agatha Christie), Damien Timmer (Executive Producer - Mammoth Screen), Sarah Phelps (Writer and Executive Producer), About Agatha Christie and The ABC Murders, Entertainers presented by Kathleen Turner, Don Warrington (Commissioner Selwyn Patterson), BBC reveals new coming-of-age programming, Adrian Dunbar (Superintendent Ted Hastings), RuPaul and BBC Three ru-veal the first ever line-up for RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, Frank Tallis (Author of the Liebermann novels), Maria Fernandez-Ache (Palma Police Chief, Ines Villegas), Ben Donald (Executive producer and founder of Cosmopolitan Pictures), Sarah Brown (Executive Producer, STV Productions), Charlotte Riley (Lottie/The Spirit of Christmas Present), Michael McKean (Witchfinder Sergeant Shadwell), Neil Gaiman (Writer & Executive Producer), Douglas Mackinnon (Director & Executive Producer), The Greatest Dancer 2: Live Challenge Shows, Interview with Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge.