Originally, there was only one group, the Sartan. The highest level of magic takes the form of this Patryn and Sartan "rune magic," which alters reality based on possibility and whose operation is influenced by the aforementioned theories. The Death Gate Cycle Series As a highly ambitious counter-part to the Dragonlance series that came before, this is extremely epic in its scope. And if they’re not what you’re looking for – click again! Humans are of standard height and physical prowess, and a small subset possess magical capability.

Finally, as in both Dragonlance and the Darksword series, they explored the effects of sweeping changes to the fundamental nature of a world (in this case worlds) on both the day-to-day life and the fate of nations. She is captain of the Barkbarians Flyball team and lives with her flyball racing dogs in Wisconsin. They are presented in contrast to other Sartan as having less magical talent, using much of their strength to survive. Elves are generally taller and more slender than humans and have a greatly extended lifespan. But the use of necromancy had an even worse result, one far more disastrous for the Sartan: For every life brought back, every soul prevented from passing on, another life ends untimely. One by one I purchased the hard-copy books from a local book store with my measly high-school paycheck at the time. The Sartan believed in community, unity, and family, the basis of Order. He learned how to access the other worlds and dreamed of freeing all his people from the Labyrinth and conquering the other worlds.

The Sartan use of runes is portrayed as more elegant than the Patryn, involving singing and dancing in prescribed tones and movements to affect the Wave. [7], As to the actual nature of Zifnab within the world of the Death Gate Cycle, Hickman wrote: "Zifnab was actually a Sartan wizard who opposed the council's decision to sunder the world.

Hickman, Tracy, Denise Little and Margaret Weis (1999). From the treetops the aristocratic elves sell weapons to the other races, whose incessant warfare sends a steady steam of profits and essential resources skyward. Elven star was the first book I ever read when i was a young lad. In some instances, Sartan inscribe runes, mainly to permanently enchant an object or location, such as when creating barred gateways or magical weapons that can then be used by mensch. After uncounted generations of struggle, Lord Xar became the first Patryn to escape from the Labyrinth. There, Lord Xar discovered a wealth of books (written by Zifnab in the Sartan language) that detailed events preceding and following the Sundering.

However, strange serpents, creatures of great power and corruption - that the Sartan had not created - began to appear. Along a similar line, the authors continued to explore the theme of men becoming gods—in this case with the entire Patryn and Sartan races clamoring for that throne. "[6] A human of sufficient magical talent can perform a variety of feats, including the manipulation of the elements, creating illusions, healing, compelling other life-forms, transforming shape and size, translocation and overcoming physical limitations such as gravity. Cut off from communication with the other worlds (Chelestra specifically and the Council), the Sartan were slowly dying of some unknown cause, quickly becoming vastly outnumbered by the mensch.

. [3], As in their previous works, the authors continued to explore the theme of balance, and how the universe naturally works to correct imbalances.[4]. The dwarves, known on this world as Gegs, not truly understanding its purpose, effectively became slaves to the machine, worshiping it after a fashion as an artifact of their gods, the Mangers, (known to others as the Sartans) who had placed them there as its caretakers. Death Gate is a cycle of seven fantasy novels by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. The more unlikely the possibility, however, the more difficult to conjure. I read this series 20 years ago as a teenager and thoroughly enjoyed them. Finally, and most desperately, Abarrach was a huge volcanic asteroid-like world. The name "Haplo" is said to mean "single" in the Patryn language, and "haplo-" is a Greek root word with the same meaning. Following a career in publishing, she became an editor with TSR in 1983. Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman had finished their Dragonlance and Darksword series prior to The Death Gate Cycle, which may be considered their most ambitious work yet,[1][2] as they created multiple fully realized and distinct worlds. The main conflict is between two powerful races, the Sartan and the Patryns, which branched off from humans following a nuclear/anti-matter holocaust. Prior to the main timeline of the series, life on Earth was nearly wiped out. The Kicksey-winsey, a grand machine intended to align the floating continents and provide them with water (water being a direct byproduct of its production cycle), as well as manufacture all the processed goods desired by the other worlds, never became properly active.

The Plan of the Council of Seven was the grand construction of interconnected worlds, each with a specific function that fed into the whole. While at the start it seemed a logical (if desperate) move that would help, it proved to be the most critical and tragic mistake of the whole Sartan race, as the dead eventually escaped from Sartan control.

In the meantime, the mensch lost all knowledge of their past; the lost Sartan of Arianus and Pryan became mythical god figures to the dwarves, elves and humans of those worlds.