Discuss and share your Solo Adventure successes, failures, feedback, and ideas here! His content has previously appeared on HearthstonePlayers and Tempo/Storm's site. This page was last edited on 19 August 2020, at 13:25. With unique encounters and bosses which weren’t seen in the normal encounters, the path to unlocking your copy of a Golden Kael’thas is riddled with pitfalls. During the current expansion (Ashes of Outland), the Return of the Hero Quest now has the player playing as a mage variant of Illidan Stormrage. Note: All three decks i used without any alteration as how i use them in ladder. Dr. Boom's Scheme can also save your life in this encounter. The Return of the Hero challenge cannot be skipped and must be completed by players before they can return to the regular game. priest is good cz has many area removal n big removal. i use more big minions n some small minion with ressurect priest for 5th deck, use paladin is hard to play. i logged into my abandoned EU account because of this comment and i saw that i had some gold so i opened a pack to fuck arround and opened this http://imgur.com/ZkzuuJg FML, the achievements are apparently for players who haven't played for a long time to come back to, I got it on my us and asia accounts that i used last to redeem the free old gods packs. Ive only done the first 4 so far, but they all went at first try using: People just dont read, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the hearthstone community, For fans of Blizzard Entertainment's digital card game, Hearthstone, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Once the player has defeated all three opponents, they are returned to the main menu, from where they are able to continue playing the game normally. Set within an interface similar to that used for Class Challenges, the challenge comprises a series of three special matches between the player and the AI-controlled Innkeeper. Return of the Hero 3 Packs Defeat the 3 challengers! by Rushin. With Illidan’s slate of powerful weapons and strong removal options, you need something special to take over the board. 8:08 [Hearthstone Challenges] #110 - Fatigue a Pirate Warrior! i edit from this deck to my budget deck. Return of the Hero is a series of special matches featured as part of the returning player experience, designed to help players who have been away from Hearthstone return to the game. Mother Shahraz encounter is quite tricky because of a simple reason: Mother Shahraz is essentially immune to fatigue due to her passive hero power. This quest is offered to people who have been away for a while. They coudlve mentioned that. by Rushin. You’ll have to carefully plan out using these resources over the course of the game, replaying them with Youthful Brewmaster, Ancient Brewmaster and Barista Lynchen to generate additional resources. Just be careful with potential Doomsayer resurrects from that point on! Though you can’t exhaust Kael’thas’ deck, you can certainly do so with his hand: in the ultra-late game, he essentially topdecks a hard removal each turn, which you can push past with a strong enough board. (Though Alexstrasza is available, these opponents do a good enough job pressuring you that it’s not actually relevant to complete the challenges: weather the storm and you should be able to win without the cheese.). ... Logging into my Asia account which was last used a few weeks after the release of WoG, I received the 'defeat the 3 challengers' quest. The same deck should also get you through the Supremus and Teron Gorefiend encounters. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Beat Illidan first try with the Libram Pally, didnt have Replicatotron but replaced with Underbelly Ooze and was able to fill my board with them on Turn 9 comboing with Wild Pyromancer. 3 Packs Deal 100 damage to enemy heroes. 10+ tries without getting close… Discuss Hearthstone multiplayer gameplay, card strategies, and your latest and greatest deck ideas here! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Also, while deck#3 works for sharaz, remove all weapon removal for vashj, those cards have no place there. Impossible, you say? We’ve adjusted the Priest deck for this encounter by adding a set of weapon removal cards. Oooh boy this is a nasty encounter. ), the endgame should be comfortable enough. Does the 100 dmg to enemy heroes work in brawl if not do i also have to do it in play mode? Lady Vashj encounter is pitifully simple as long as you don’t allow her to make use of her Evolve shenanigans. Be careful: you can only rely on your Standard collection to get past your opponents! i mostly use ressurect/galak priest. Fortunately, earning Free Hearthstone Card Packs is possible using both in-game and third-party options. Sul’thraze is the star of the show so try to hold back your Kobold Stickyfinger for that – don’t get too greedy though or you’ll get your head bashed in. The challengers are Alleria, Morgl and Magni and you play them with a mage, the UI is like the class challenge one. Eventually, Mother Shahraz will be stuck with a hand of nothing but removal spells, plus a passive Hero Power which will necessitate having at least two minions on the board at all times so that you can push damage with one of them. Anything over half a year should certainly be … New Player Tavern. The utter garbage Paladin deck in the article isn’t one of them though. Mother Shahraz: 60 HP, 3 mana crystals, Passive Hero Power: The first time you are damaged each turn, prevent it and counterattack. Fatigue is the name of the game here against the former, and as long as you keep the board clear and your health total high by efficiently removing the individual large threats and locking the opponent out from the board with Reborn Doomsayers (watch out for Lava Bursts though! 14:32 I would have apreciated if cheaper decks were posted, lots of the epics recommended you could do without. I don't have brawl unlocked on those but I suppose you can do them there too because you can finish the starting "play 3 games in play mode" in arena, you need to not play in a while,i assume 1 month and yes somehow i did the 3 pack quest for 3 cards in brawl but the normal one for 40g that is literally the exact same won't work in brawl,still 9 packs after you haven't plyed in a while is crazy, The challengers are just the hero skins of which i forgot their names,its mage/hunter/pala and their retardedly easy to beat, it's not one month - my alt accounts havent been used since end of august, still dont qualify for this, I see so its for returning players.